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Top 10 Tips for Holistic Brow Health

Jun 26, 2023

Bhavini Desai

Top 10 Tips for Holistic Brow Health

Everybody wants ‘em pretty, but what about healthy? Brows. We mean brows. Those arches of grace that give meaning to every expression -- every small and big feeling flitting through your heart. Those same brows that you wish looked like Kylie Jenner’s! 

Well, before you think about making them pretty or like Kylie Jenner’s, start with working on their health. Just like your scalp hair, these brow hairs need some TLC from time to time. Especially if you ply them with makeup all the time. Here are the top 10 tips for holistic brow health from Savarnas’ deepest treasures, bringing together a mix of ancient as well as modern techniques. 


The skin below your brows is also skin. In fact, it is more needy than the rest of your face because it houses those tiny hair follicles and roots that will eventually grow beautiful brows. It needs its fair share of moisture. And no, your face moisturizer is not always enough. That is why the beauty world has devised something known as the brow serum. Some oils are also recommended to hydrate your brows. While Ayurveda may have prescribed castor oil, the Greeks swore by olive oil. Currently, a mix of oils and concoctions are also available as brow oils.’ 


Yes, we are serious. Take time out every day to ensure you massage your brows and the area around them gently. This can usually be done when you do your PM skincare routine and apply your brow serum or oil. Massaging helps stimulate hair growth, warm the follicles, and ensure better blood circulation for hair health. Massaging will also help your skin absorb the serum better. 


Since brow skin needs daily moisture, by simple logic it also needs regular exfoliation. This is mainly to rid the skin of dead and damaged skin cells along with debris, dust trapped in brow hairs, and makeup particles too stubborn to go away with your makeup remover. The only difference is, brow scrubs are a lot gentler. You must spend 30-60 seconds gently exfoliating the eyebrow region at least once a week. For best results, go for the region around, not exactly inside the hairs. 


You must have heard — ‘prune ‘em to grow ‘em.’ Well, eyebrows seem to follow something similar if not exactly the same. If you want to maintain your brow hair health then it is recommended to follow a shaping routine instead of doing it whenever the mood strikes. This means, booking your threading appointments every month. And keeping them diligently. 


If you are one of those bushy brow beavers, then you may need more than monthly threading appointments. In such cases, you can use some self-cleanup options to save time and money. A pair of tweezers or eyebrow trimmers are perfect for such a job. Just make sure that you do this at least 2 weeks before your next threading appointment so that the growth is appropriate to work on. 


We did mention tweezing above, but that’s only to clean up any strays or excess growth between appointments. It should be done in moderation. If you go on a plucking rampage or think you can watch a couple of YouTube tutorials and shape your eyebrows, woe betide my friend. Over-plucking may lead to permanent loss of growth, stunted texture, and just basically shabby eyebrows. 

Makeup Removal

Aah, this one’s a no-brainer but so, so difficult to follow! Especially if you have applied only brow makeup, seen it leech away through the day, and think you don’t need remover pads. The truth is, all that goo is still stuck inside your brow hair follicles and skin pores. Remove it. Night after night, Without fail. Or aging is your new best friend, along with sad, ugly eyebrows. 

Clean Brushes

What did the wise say? Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Well, in this case, cleanliness is certainly next to brow healthiness. You may use the best brow makeup, diligently follow a brow serum routine, and even be a good girl and visit your threading artist every month. But the moment you use old and dirty brushes, you throw a bucket of water on all that effort. Ideally, you must clean your brow brushes every 7-10 days. But in lieu of busy days, you may have a grace period of 2 weeks. Nothing more. 

No-Makeup Days

Oh, these days are the most important. To maintain brow health, you need to leave it alone for a few days a week. Let the skin and hair breathe. You may pick a day like Sunday to go makeup-free, as you are anyway lounging at home. If that is difficult, then give your brows one ‘no-makeup day’ at the office. You never know, your boss may think you are down and go easy on you! 

Nutrient-Rich Makeup

Well, to round all the above 9 points up, you must use good quality, nutrient-rich brow makeup. It’s true, you will find $1 brow pencils and a bundle of brow gels at peanut prices. But these won’t nourish your eyebrows while making you look exquisite. So instead of just buying your brow makeup, invest in it. 

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