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Top 4 benefits of horsetail extract for lashes

May 10, 2023

Dr Rati Parwani

Top 4 benefits of horsetail extract for lashes

Did you know that horsetail extract is known to be a perfect lash remedy for generations with amazing properties for stimulating lash growth? Let us go ahead and discover the benefits of horsetail extract to achieve fuller, denser, and more beautiful lashes.

What is horsetail extract?

Horsetail is also known as Equisetum Arvense which is a well-known perennial fern belonging to the genus Equisetaceae.  Horsetail extract is derived from equisetum herb with its natural properties and active ingredients.

Location and origin of the horsetail extract.

This perennial herb originates from the lands of Northern Europe, and North and Central America. It is commonly seen in moist places with temperate climates. It is specifically suited to the climate from spring to fall with long, green, densely branched stems and leaves.

All you need to know about horsetail fern.

Horsetail is a well-known fern. It is a herbal remedy and known for its medicinal properties since the Greek and Roman empires. This fern has healing effects on the skin and hair. It is known as one of the best preventive solutions for overall external skin and hair health. 

Research has concluded that horsetail extract has many potential benefits, uses, and advantages. One such benefit which goes unnoticed about the horsetail extract is for boosting lash growth. Let us go ahead and explore more about this horsetail extract.

Active ingredients of the horsetail extract.

The main active ingredients of the horsetail extract are as follows- 

  • Silica - This active ingredient silica is a compound made up of silicon and oxygen which is responsible for boosting hair growth. It helps in providing a comprehensive solution for the overall health of the hair follicle along with its strands. 
  • Antioxidants - The horsetail extract contains essential antioxidants which help protect the body from oxidative stress and free radicals which may cause cellular damage. A cell is the basic functioning unit of every tissue, especially the skin and hair. 

Both these elements are prime active ingredients of horsetail extract with skin and hair health-promoting effects. 

Wondering how to incorporate horsetail extract into your daily routine for lash growth? We have some exciting ways in which you can enjoy the real essence of horsetail extract for stimulating lash growth. Let us get started!

How to incorporate horsetail extract into your daily routine for boosting lash growth?

You can start incorporating horsetail extract into your daily routine in two forms externally and internally.

  • Internally, it can be consumed in the form of herbal tea which is made by steeping the dried herb in hot water. This horsetail extract is also available in the form of supplements or tinctures.
  • Externally, you can opt for eyelash oil or serum with horsetail extracts in a pure glycerine base to stimulate lash growth. Incorporating an eyelash oil with botanical extracts can work wonders to boost lash growth.

Top 4 benefits of horsetail extract.

The top 4 benefits of horsetail extract are as follows-

Anti-inflammatory benefits.

The horsetail extract has many anti-inflammatory benefits which will help prevent inflammation due to external and internal irritants such as sun damage or stress. These irritants may damage the lash follicle causing lash fall out. Horsetail extract can protect the lashes from these irritants and accelerate lash growth.

Antimicrobial activity.

The horsetail extract has antimicrobial activity to protect the lashes against microbes such as bacteria and fungi. It prevents the lashes from turning into the breeding ground for bacteria or fungi and keeps lash infections or problems at bay especially if you love eye makeup. 

It promotes lash health by protecting against certain microbes which are Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Aspergillus, and candida albicans. Pollution or not removing makeup properly can affect the lash health and accelerate the microbial activity of the lashes. Horsetail extracts have powerful natural elements to prevent these microbes from breeding on the lashes.

Antioxidant activity.

The horsetail extract is rich in phenolic compounds, which are a group of powerful antioxidants. This helps protect the lash follicles, strands, and skin cells around the eyelids from damage due to oxidative stress and free harmful radicals.

Promotes lash growth.

Silica derived from horsetail extracts have multiple natural hair growth compounds. This silica helps in stimulating lash growth making the lashes stronger, thicker, and denser. It also strengthens the lash follicle and accelerates the lash growth naturally.

The bottom line

The dual effects of antioxidant properties and silica content in horsetail extract can help stimulate lash growth naturally with long-lasting results. It is a great lash rejuvenator to achieve beautiful lashes. One must go ahead to incorporate this eyelash herb with unique properties. Start with natural eyelash oil from Savarnas Mantra infused with all-natural botanicals rich in silica and iron for thicker, longer, and denser lashes.