Tips for creating a paraben free natural beauty routine – SavarnasMantra

Tips for creating a paraben free natural beauty routine

Sep 14, 2020

Nooreen Naqvi

Tips for creating a paraben free natural beauty routine - SavarnasMantra

Got itchy, dry skin on your face and body that refuses to go away even if you use moisturizer? If you do, then you need to change your skincare products, as it is likely that they have parabens that are causing     your skin to dry out and age prematurely. I switched to an all natural beauty routine several years ago and got rid of cheap skin care products that were loaded with parabens. My skin has thanked me since then and I now use fewer paraben free products, as I do not have to combat allergies and dry skin. So, if you are looking to make the switch to natural products or you are creating a skin care routine in your twenties, keep reading. 

We have the secret tips, and knowledge that experts use to find the best paraben free skin care products. Making use of this expertise you can learn how to create a paraben free natural beauty routine, without overshooting your budget. Also using the expertise that I have gathered over the years and the natural products that I use; you can prevent acne breakouts, combat signs of premature aging caused by parabens and get a glowing complexion 

tips for creating natural skincare routine

Here is why you should avoid skincare products with parabens 

Major beauty brands rely on parabens to preserve the products that they create. In these products parabens prolong shelf life, prevent mold, spoilage, and degradation of active ingredients. However, parabens also cause the following problems. 

  • Allergies and adverse reactions to parabens happen when products containing them, are used on damaged skin or places where there is eczema. People with sensitive skin also tend to react adversely to parabens and they develop itching and redness. 
  • Parabens can penetrate the skin and are thought to mimic the action of estrogen in the body. This mimicking of estrogen is thought to create problems in the body. Research is also currently being undertaken on whether parabens play a role in cancer as they have been detected in tumors. 
  • Certain parabens namely methylparaben has been proven to interfere with the creation of collagen and therefore cause signs of aging to appear prematurely on the skin.  


Tips for creating a natural beauty routine without parabens 

Start by using a natural cleanser                                                                          

Among the best paraben free facial products available is a natural cleanser. Including the Savarnas Mantra® Natural Rose Cleanser in your paraben free beauty routine allows you to discover its benefits and how its action is similar to other cleansers that you are familiar with. This cleanser is formulated with vitamin rich rose hip seed oil which is combined with seaweed extract. If the cleanser is used twice daily it efficiently removes dirt, excess oil and makeup from the skin and keeps pores from getting clogged.  

Find and use a toner that suits your skin type 

Once you are comfortable with using a natural cleanser, you can include a toner in your beauty routine as it helps restore the skin’s normal pH balance and tightens pores. A major benefit of using a natural skin toner is that you can get one that is ideal for your skin type. The Savarnas Mantra® Natural CoQ10 Age Defying Toner is created to combat signs of aging and helps your skin regain it youthful tone and elasticity. The sophisticated toner has a    nanoemulsion of CoQ10, and it replenishes the level of the coenzyme that depletes as you age while the aloe leaf extract moisturizes the skin. 

If you have oily skin then choosing the Witch Hazel infused Savarnas Mantra® Natural Herbal Toner is a good option as it helps combat acne. This toner is also ideal for those with combination skin. In the case you have sensitive skin you should include the Savarnas Mantra® Natural Hydrating Seaweed Toner in your paraben free skin care routine. 

Get a potent moisturizing serum or cream 

Switching to a natural moisturizer does not mean that you have to deprive your skin. Since moisturizers come in serum form you can use the Savarnas Mantra® Natural 100% pure Hyaluronic Serum to give your skin a potent dose of long lasting hydration. If you pick the Savarnas Mantra® Natural Red Tea Anti-Oxidant Serum you can also give your skin the benefits of antioxidants which combat the action of free radicals that hasten aging. The serum created with Red Tea Extract and Hyaluronic Acid has a lightweight formula that is ideal for the summer, and only a few drops are needed daily to keep your skin hydrated and free of signs of aging 

With the Savarnas Mantra® Natural Ultimate Nourishing Hyaluronic Moisturizer that is a cream based option, you can give your skin much needed hydration during the winter. The cream is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid which absorbs moisture from the atmosphere to supply hydration for the skin. There is also Jojoba seed oil and Squalane in the cream, and they deliver multiple layers of moisturization to the skin and keep hydration locked in. 

Use eye creams and blemish treatments 

If you have been using under eye creams and think that you will not find a potent natural option, its time you stopped worrying. With the Savarnas Mantra® Natural Age Defying Eye Cream formulated with Squalane, Peptide complex, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and cucumber extract you can keep the area under your eyes from drying out. The cream also combats signs of aging and brightens the skin to get rid of dark circles.  

Treating blemishes and acne on your skin is also a vital part of a paraben free skin care routine. Using the Savarnas Mantra® Natural Blemish Treatment that is formulated with Glycolic Acid, Witch Hazel, and Salicylic Acid you can treat blemishes with ease and keep them from becoming infected. Also the natural ingredients reduce oil buildup in the area along with irritation, and helps heal blemishes faster. As a result, your skin returns to its normal complexion faster. 

Don’t forget to exfoliate and use face masks 

If you are looking for all natural paraben free skin care products you should also choose an exfoliant. Using the Savarnas Mantra® Natural Honey Exfoliant that has amber granules and honey, you can remove dead skin cells and prevent them from clogging pores. This scrub is suitable for all skin types and even leaves a pleasant vanilla scent on your skin. 

An essential element of a paraben free skin care routine is a face mask. Using a Savarnas Mantra® Natural Revitalizing Mask you can give your skin the benefits of a rich selection of natural ingredients such as seaweed and copper. When the mask is used twice or thrice per week, the ingredients rejuvenate dull skin and help reduce signs of aging quickly. 

At Savarnas Mantra® our skin care products are paraben free and fit perfectly within an all natural beauty routine. Our unique range of all natural paraben free products, are influenced by the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, and are created with plant-based and natural ingredients in a top-notch FDA-registered facility in the US.