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The easiest way to solve your eyebrow problems

Dec 21, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

The easiest way to solve your eyebrow problems

Not everyone is blessed with the best eyebrows like celebs. But, thankfully, some eyebrow essentials can help you take care of your brows. Let us not forget the trendy salons and spas that are devoted to providing you with the best eyebrows as well. Although there are several different options out there, sometimes, it can be confusing as to which eyebrow products or treatments to use for addressing a specific issue. 

To finally put an end to all your eyebrow solutions, we have come up with some easy solutions by providing you with a breakdown of common eye problems and how to solve them correctly.

Solutions to eyebrow problems

Here are some easy and quick solutions to brow problems that can help you achieve beautiful and well-shaped brows in the right way.

Sparse brows

Are you facing a low density of eyebrows? Well, it could just be a starting point for thinning of brows. It is important not to neglect sparse brows to avoid thinning of brows in the future. 

Instant fix for sparse brows- Get hold of a brow pencil with perfect formula and soft texture to outline brows. To create a natural look, use mini-strokes to fill up sparse areas while outlining them. It is important to build up the brow product gradually as you work towards filling the brows. In case of thinning of eyebrows, reach out for eyebrow powder matching your brow shade to recreate a perfect look. Blend the product well to make it look natural and beautiful with a brow brush. 

The long-term solution for sparse brows- Start with eyebrow nourishing oil to boost eyebrow growth. Use eyebrow oil daily before hitting the bed. It is important to choose eyebrow nourishing oil with natural botanical extracts like horsetail root which helps in solving the issue of sparse brows. Doing some brow massage and facial exercises can also improve blood circulation to boost brow growth.

Light brows

Beauties with light brown or blonde eyebrow hair require more attention to make their eyebrows stand out. It is important to define your brows with darker tones and deeply pigmented shades which will add beauty to your facial aesthetics. 

Instant solution for light brows- The instant solution for light eyebrows is to opt for some tint and pigmented eyebrow gel. It is a great way to redefine and reframe eyebrows which allows them to stand out with great looks for your face. Before, using eyebrow gel, you can also outline your brows and dab in some brow powder having deep pigments enriched with natural iron oxide matching your brow shade. Ensure to brush your brows and blend them well for a dramatic look. 

Long-term solution- Ensure using eyebrow nourishing oil with root-based extracts daily at bedtime and natural eyebrow gel elements during the day to help in thicker and denser brow growth. This will darken and accentuate your light brows making you look more beautiful and naturally pigmented.

Messy and unruly brows

Messy eyebrows are normal when you wake up in the morning. It's just like messy hair which needs to be rectified and put back in place. But, for some of us messy brows can be difficult to deal with. Here is a quick solution for messy brows. 

Instant solution for messy brows- The best solution for messy brows is to always keep an eyebrow gel handy which helps in holding them right in place all day long. Savarnas Mantra Eyebrow Gel Collection offers an exclusive range of tinted shades with an amazing formulation that is specifically designed to tame brows and add color to them. 

The long-term solution for messy brows- The best solution for messy brows is to always brush the brows well. This will help them tame and improve blood circulation as well. Before you hit the bed at night, apply some brow nourishing oil and brush them well to spread the oil evenly on your brows. This will allow oil to get completely absorbed into the brow follicles. Practicing this eyebrow ritual religiously will give you promising results in 1 month. Stay assured of waking up with beautiful eyebrows the next morning with this eyebrow solution.

6 Eyebrow essentials that you must have

With the above eyebrow issues tackled by some eyebrow essentials, it is important to have an eyebrow kit consisting of the following - 

  1. Eyebrow nourishing oil
  2. Eyebrow spoolie brush
  3. Brow pencil
  4. Eyebrow powder
  5. Eyebrow gel
  6. Brow soap

Eyebrow solution to all brow issues

There is one holistic solution to all brow problems- FOLLOWING A BROW CARE ROUTINE. Yes, you got it right! Following a brow care routine with eyebrow nourishing oil can work wonders to keep brows healthy round-the-clock. 

So, get started with a healthy brow care routine and keep your eyebrow essentials always handy!