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How to highlight your brows?

Dec 19, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

How to highlight your brows?

The right way to highlight your brows is to use - A BROW HIGHLIGHTER. If your brow seems flat and lifeless, just adding a touch of brow highlighter can make them look stunning. However, if you wish to showcase your brows and want to level up your brow game, just dabbing a little shimmer under your brow bones can give you a dramatic look. 

Excited to know more about how to highlight your brows, let us get started and give you some insights on creating a perfect brow look for you.

What is a Brow Highlighter?

Brow highlighter is a brow product typically used for brow makeup. This makeup product is applied typically under and above your brow bone. It can make a huge positive impact and change the overall look of your face, eyes, and personality.

Which Form of Brow HIghlighter Should I Use?

A brow highlighter is usually a light-pigmented cream shimmer in the form of a pencil or a small tipped pen. This brow product should be used minimally in the right areas to change your brow look. 

It is important to choose brow highlighters enriched with creamy formulas to avoid a flaky look. Also, pick neutral shades matching your skin tone and avoid highly colored pigments. 

Benefits of Brow Highlighter

The benefits of brow highlighter are as follows- 

  • Accentuates your brow bone
  • Defines your brow
  • Add sharpness and precision to brows
  • Brightens eyes
  • Gives youthful appearance to brows
  • Uplifts the overall brow look
  • Adds drama and beauty to your brows
  • Enhances and frames your brows 

Let us know more about the brow highlighter and find out how to use the brow highlighter.

How to Use and Apply Brow Highlighter?

If you have never used a brow highlighter, then you are on the right page with us. Here are the basic steps on how to use brow highlighter correctly.

Step 1-Start on clean brows

Before you get started with brow makeup, it is important to clean your brows. Following a brow care routine will help you with a clean and sharp brow look for perfect brow makeup. So, to have the best perfect brows, it is always important to keep them healthy and clean.

Step -2 Prep your brows with a brow brush

Before, you get started with brow highlighter, prep your brows by using a brow brush and combing it upwards and then towards the outer edge of the brows.

Step -3 Outline and fill your brows.

Grab an eyebrow pencil and outline your brow before you start with brow- makeup. This will sharpen the brow look. It is important to start at the arch of the brows for a well-defined look. 

After using a brow pencil, apply the perfect shade of eyebrow powder. Ensure to fill out the sparse areas to make them look natural and beautiful. 

Once done, brush your brows again to blend the brow makeup well into the eyebrows for a natural look. Do not forget to clean and shape your brows post-brow makeup. You can use a Q-tip to remove excess brow makeup. Gently remove the overflowing product without ruining your brow makeup

Step - 4 Add concealer

For a well-defined brow shape, apply a small amount of concealer right under your brow with a flat thin brush. This will make them look sharper and add precision to your brows. Apply the same method above your brow arch by extending to the tail. Use the same brush or your finger to blend the concealer well.

Step - 5 Applying the brow highlighter

Here comes the brow highlighter application step! Following the brow’s natural shape, apply the brow highlighter under the brow arch in one smooth stroke. It is important to make sure that you use the right amount of product and don't overdo it. 

Using the same technique as the concealer, apply the highlighter above the brow line too. This will give your face a sculpted and picture-perfect look. 

It is important to always blend your concealer and highlighter under your brow bone perfectly. This will allow you to even out your makeup and avoid creases, or harsh lines to give a natural overall makeup look. 

With a small soft, dense brush, evenly distribute the shimmer and blend it out well. You can gently pat and blend with your finger to get it right. This will allow the brow to look flawless and perfectly shaped.

Brow Highlighter- Think Beyond Brows

There is more to brow highlighter. It is way beyond brows. You can also use a brow highlighter on the cupid’s bow, tip, and bridge of the nose to enhance your facial aesthetics.

Get ready to shine with perfect brows

Brow highlighters are great brow products to provide an instant glow to the face. It brightens up your eyes instantly just with on-the-go quick touch-ups. 

Just getting the brow basics right can help you create awesome eyebrows. Grab your brow highlighter today and include it in your daily eyebrow essentials.