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Skincare Routine for Teenagers

Apr 24, 2022

Rini Jose

Skincare Routine for Teenagers - SavarnasMantra

The body and hormones of a teenager undergo major changes as they begin to enter the teenage years, and some of those changes begin to affect her skin as well. It is when they start caring for the skin and even think of following a skincare routine. There are many things to think about regarding what we put on our skin, but there is also the question of what all products to choose and how often we should be using it too. Here are some guidelines for teens on keeping their skin looking and feeling great with just a few minutes of work every day.

Skin Condition of a Teenager:

The primary skin concerns followed by teenagers are acne, oily skin and blackheads. How does it happen? When the child attains puberty during the teenage phase, the body produces a hormone called testosterone. When this hormone is overproduced, the oil glands become enlarged, producing sebum. As a result of excess sebum production, dead skin cells block pores and lead to acne. Most teenagers have to undergo this skin condition. Still, when we look for remedies, the products or DIYs that work for our friends may not get you the desired results most times; instead, it can even worsen the skin condition.

Skin Concerns Faced by a Teenager:

The main or the most worrying skin problem for any teenager would be acne; next on the list will be oily skin and, of course, blackheads and whiteheads.

  • Acne- These are pus-filled, red bumps formed on the skin. 
  • Oily Skin: Oily skin is quite common amongst teenagers. The cause can be the variations in hormone levels, stress or genetics etc. 
  • Blackheads and Whiteheads: These are skin concerns caused by clogged pores. 

Skincare Tips to Follow for Teens:

To keep the skin healthy, it's known to all that you need to follow a systematic skincare regimen irrespective of age. But, the skincare routine for different age groups varies, so you need to be aware of the skincare products that are right for your skin type and skin condition. While planning for skincare for a teenager, there are a few things to be known beforehand; 

  • Keep your skin clean:

In most skin conditions, the major cause is not following personal hygiene. Maintaining clean skin is therefore of utmost importance. As the skin is already irritated, look for a gentle and soothing cleanser for the skin. Natural facial cleansers can be a boon to your irritated acne-prone skin.

  • Be Gentle:

Harsh scrubbing or rubbing the skin can use skin irritation or worsen the existing skin condition. The teenage skincare routine should be followed to soothe and treat the skin concerns but not aggravate them. And so, treat the skin with utmost care while washing or scrubbing it. 

  • Moisturize it:

This is the most crucial step for a teenager's skincare routine. Look for a lightweight moisturizer suitable for the skin type that can treat your skin concerns. 

  • Avoid touching the skin:

No matter how much you cleanse your skin, if you are touching the face frequently, there are chances for the bacteria on the hand to transfer to your skin. Besides, be sure that your hands are clean before starting your teenager skincare routine. 

  • Use clean stuff:

Be it to your face towels or the makeup brushes, use clean ones on your skin as they are more likely to cause infections because they accumulate bacteria quickly.

  • Avoid scrubbing:

If you face acne and irritated skin, do not scrub; it will worsen the skin condition. Instead, you only need an excellent cleanser to keep the dirt and impurities away from your skin. 

  • Don't be a pimple popper:

That pus-filled acne indeed makes you irresistible to pop. But no. This habit can even worsen the skin condition leaving an additional bonus of acne scar on your face, which is hard to stamp out from the skin. 

  • Use less makeup:

The skin is extremely delicate during the teenage phase, so it's best to avoid heavy makeup, as it can clog the pores. Added, the chemicals in the makeup products can irritate your sensitive skin.

  • Try a good face mask:

Invest in a masking time at least once a week. Natural face masks can control acne, soothe the skin and bring a natural and instant glow to your face. 

  • Night skincare is equally important. 

Just following a morning teenager skincare routine isn't enough to keep a teenager's skin problems at bay. Following a night skincare line is equally essential. 

  • Treat acne:

You get a plethora of options to control skin concerns, and so while picking the products to kick start your skincare routine, choose products made for acne-prone skin and the one that can treat acne and blemishes. In fact, bespoke creams, lotions and acne spot treatments are readily available nowadays. If you have severe acne or redness, book an appointment with your dermatologist before using any product on your skin. 

4 Step Teens Skincare Routine:

A teenager skincare routine should be minimal yet powerful. Yes, avoid using too many products on your skin as it can harm your skin than good. 

  • Cleanse the skin gently but well; using a mild facial cleanser
  • Apply acne treatment medication( if you are using any )
  • Use an oil-free moisturizer; a natural lightweight moisturizer can serve the best.
  • Apply sunscreen.

Apart from these, you may include a face mask once a week. Similarly, exfoliating the skin using a mild facial exfoliant made with natural ingredients can keep the skin free from dead skin cells, provided with soft skin. 

It’s a fact that teenage skin is more prone to breakouts because of hormonal fluctuations. However, with an effective and appropriate skincare routine and skincare tips, you can keep your skin concerns away and stay happy!