5 Ways To Keep Your Skin Hydrated – SavarnasMantra

5 Ways To Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Apr 24, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

5 Ways To Keep Your Skin Hydrated - SavarnasMantra

Hydration is key to beautiful skin. Summer is here and it is important to stay hydrated not only from your body perspective but also for your skin. Do not forget the winters too when it comes to dryness. Hydration for the skin is important all the time and round the clock. 

Skin hydration is not an easy job. There are many problems if the body and skin are not hydrated. The texture of the skin and hair speaks about the inside body. If your body is not well hydrated from within, there are higher chances that your skin will show signs of dehydration with a lack of moisture. A proper combination of inside and outside care is very essential for the skin. 

How to keep your skin hydrated?

“How to keep skin hydrated?” This question ticks many people’s minds, especially those struggling with dryness. Dryness of the skin can cause a lot of problems like -

  • Allergy
  • Itching
  • Dermatitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema

Just imagine taking conventional medicines for skin dryness and these problems can cause long-term side effects. So, to keep these problems at bay, it is important to keep skin hydrated and healthy.

Hydration and trapping in some moisture will add beauty to your skin. It will not only enhance your beauty but also enhance your makeup by providing perfect skin. Here are some essential ways to keep your skin hydrated all day long throughout the year.

Top 5 ways to keep skin hydrated

  • Love water -Drink 3 liters/day of water every day
  • Eat water-based fruits and veggies
  • Spritz on the go - Use face mist
  • Use natural skin products
  • Use natural oil-based moisturizers and serums

Let us take a quick glance into each one of them to bring about a hydrating glow for the face.

Love water -Drink 3 liters/day of water every day

Keeping your skin hydrated depends on many habits and lifestyle modifications. Just moisturizing is not enough. You also need to focus on drinking water regularly. The water should be well absorbed by the system. Carry your water bottle all the time. Crystal clear water can work wonders for the skin. It is advised to drink clear water for good skin health.

Copper water can also be taken in which is cooling for the body. You can store the water in a copper jug and make sure not to use stored copper water for over 8 hours. 1- 2 glasses of copper water daily can be helpful for skin tone. The benefits of the water do not end here. Splash some cold water on the face thrice a day and watch the glow. Remember, we told you to take care of your skin inside and outside too.

If you don't like gulping in water, switch to natural coconut water for skin.

Eat water-based fruits and veggies

Citrus fruits with a good amount of vitamin C have a lot of water content. Moreover, citrus fruits have good antioxidant effects which can delay the progression of aging. Try to eat wholesome natural fruits with pulp instead of juices. It has good fiber and water content which helps in maximum absorption of water.

Green tea is also great for the skin. Instead of having evening tea or coffee, grab a cup of green tea that has good water content with herbs. This is also very good for the absorption of water. Coupling up water with fruits and vegetables is good for maximum absorption of water.

Spritz on the go - Use face mist

Keep using some natural face mist which will provide you with optimum hydration. This will keep your skin refreshed and glowing every time. Just a few spritzes will add up to the natural glow. Facial mist is easy to carry and use. This can be very beneficial for hydration on the go even when you are busy traveling and exposed to the environmental sun of scorching heat. It's a great option to use some facial heat in the afternoon for good hydration.

Use natural skincare products

Conventional skincare products may contain ingredients that can dry out the skin. Using natural skin care products with botanical extract can stimulate hydration at the cellular level. Conventional skincare products may contain alcohol content which will cause excessive dryness and more harm to the skin. Let us not forget the parabens which can also be harmful to the skin. Natural skincare products are gifted with natural benefits which can help boost hydration. So, if you have been using conventional products, switching to natural skin care products can be a great option this summer to lock in hydration for the skin.

Use moisturizers and serums

Most of us forget this step of moisturizing the skin. Including serums and moisturizers with natural oils can be very effective for the skin. Serums and moisturizers are equally important. Use good quality serums and moisturizers daily for good hydration.

Follow these 5 crucial steps to achieve a dewy skin glow throughout the year for all seasons. Stay hydrated and happy for healthy skin.