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Skincare Mistakes For Acne Prone Skin

Aug 29, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Skincare Mistakes For Acne Prone Skin

Acne-prone skin needs special care and attention. Those who have been dealing with acne-prone skin know the ups and downs they have to go through. Many may achieve flawless skin after acne-prone skin and might have to deal with a sudden flare of acne. Acne flare-ups are common and quite difficult to deal with. Some people also turn helpless when it comes to an acne flare. Touching the skin during acne flare-ups may make skin conditions even worse. We often tend to make skincare care mistakes which lead to these acne flare-ups. 

Today, with this blog, we will tell you about the common skincare mistakes that are made with acne-prone skin which cause acne flare-ups. Avoiding these mistakes will help you deal with the skin in the right way. 

Why should skincare mistakes be avoided with acne-prone skin? 

It is important to avoid skincare mistakes in case of acne-prone skin. If the skincare mistakes are not avoided in acne-prone skin, it may lead to frequent flare-ups of acne which may be an obstacle to healing and completely recovering from acne. No matter how good skincare treatments you follow, the skincare routine will not show any results if you continue with the skincare mistakes. We all put in extra effort right from the diet to the best creams and ointments to get rid of acne. But did you ever know which step went wrong? Well, it could be just a SKINCARE MISTAKE that might have caused an acne flare-up. 

Read this blog to know which skincare mistakes you should avoid in case of acne-prone skin. 

Top Skincare Mistakes in Acne Prone Skin 

An anti-acne skincare regime is quite different from the normal skincare routine.  Following an anti-acne skincare routine is the best way to get clear healthy skin. If you have been following an anti-acne skincare regime and still have not been able to achieve clear skin, it's time to take action and check where you are going wrong. It could be just a SKINCARE MISTAKE that you are ignoring while following an anti-acne skincare routine. Here is a list of skincare care mistakes that you need to avoid in acne-prone skin. 

Popping skin habitually 

You might have a strong urge to pop the pimple which has suddenly cropped up on your clear skin and kill the bacteria. This may backfire and cause more harm. This damages the deeper layers of the skin and damages the skin in the long run. To make it worse, it may also leave a post-acne stubborn scar which may be difficult to get rid of. 

Touching your face frequently 

Touching your face frequently is not a good idea. It is advisable to touch your face only when you are following a skincare routine after disinfecting your hands. Touching the face with active acne may cause the bacteria to spread to the unaffected areas of the skin. Ensure to follow a timely sanitization of hands correctly. 

Skipping face moisturizers fearing oiliness 

Skipping moisturizer can cause a major outbreak. Dry skin may lead to damage to the skin barrier. Dehydrated skin causes more sebum production with a negative feedback mechanism which may lead to more acne flare-ups. It is advisable to follow the CTM procedure regularly. 

Avoiding sunscreen 

UV damage can cause more harm to acne. Make sure to wear sunscreen with good SPF even though you have an acne flare-up. Unprotected sun exposure may cause drying of the skin and may damage the skin barrier causing more acne flare-ups. 

Applying too many different acne products 

Acne may take time to heal. Using too many products may cause interaction of the molecules and cause more harm to the skin barrier. 

Washing your face many times a day to keep oiliness away 

Acne-prone skin is difficult to handle with too much oiliness. In such cases, we may tend to over-cleanse our face multiple times to get rid of acne and avoid bacteria. The misconception is washing your face multiple times will help keep acne at bay. But, this is not true. You need to be careful and not over-cleanse your face. This may trigger skin irritation and may harm the skin barrier eventually making it more prone to damage. 

Without any further ado, let's take care and follow the rules to avoid these skincare mistakes not just while having active acne but also in case you are suffering from acne-prone skin.