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Skin care tips for work-from-home women

Jul 20, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Skin care tips for work-from-home women

Work from home is a new trend setting in after covid. The majority of working women find this a blessing, especially for new pregnant mothers and moms-to-be. Let us not forget the women who are going to the office daily with 9 to 5 jobs and also taking care of their household stuff. Well, the work-from-home women also need to attend virtual meets and conferences and stay busy after their working hours as well with household chores and looking after children. 

Many women tend to neglect their health when staying on their toes round the clock. Here, it is not only important to focus at work and give their best, but also to look confident and great. Looking confident comes with beautiful skin. Feeling special and pampering yourself is very important to feel confident and look the best in your skin. For work-for-home women, we at Savarnas Mantra have come up with some skin care tips which can work wonders for you. 

Top 4 skin care tips for work-from-home women 

Let us face the fact that for work-for-home women, it's like not commuting to the office. It’s true !! This means less pollution and less exposure to UV rays. But, this does not mean neglecting your skin and beauty. Here are some tips and tricks for working women at home ON- THE- GO.

Boosting circulation of the face is the key 

With work comes stress, you need to de-stress your skin daily by following a skincare routine regularly. This will reboot your skin with much-needed circulation. Gently massaging in cleanser or moisturizer into the skin can be a great idea to boost circulation effectively. Circulation will provide some energy to the skin cells and will boost the oxygen supply to the face. This will also increase the nutrient uptake of the cells. 

Exercising is an important thing for the skin 

It is important not to forget that you are confined to one place working from home. You need to get up in the morning to exercise or maybe just go for a walk. This will not only boost your skin cells but also help in boosting your overall mind and body. This releases the “feel good hormones” which make you feel happy and motivated. A happy mind gives happy skin. Keep your skin and mind fresh and rejuvenated. Exercising and sweating out is a great stressbuster as well. 

A healthy diet enriched with antioxidants 

Antioxidants have anti-aging benefits. Time is passing day in and out. The signs of aging may go unnoticed if you have no time to look in the mirror. We are all working and maybe busy round the clock. At such times, focusing on a diet is very important. Keep healthy foods at reach so that you grab them in between meals. Healthy munchies like dry fruits, peanuts, seeds, smoothies, fruits, and vegetables have potent antioxidants to keep skin glowing. 

You may get stressed out at work at times which is really normal. It is important to deal with stress in the right way. Avoid binge eating and too much caffeine. Switch to healthy protein foods which are natural and the best source of energy. 

Follow your skincare routine 

Ensure to follow a morning and evening routine. It is important to provide some me time to pamper and nourish your skin. Enjoy some “ME- TIME” looking at the mirror which will make you feel confident and beautiful. This will not only boost your mind but will also increase productivity levels. 

Get started right away to incorporate these healthy lifestyle habits for glowing skin and healthy overall well-being. You will be happy to see the change in your life and enjoy your work-from-home routine daily. Look forward to working daily with healthy skin, mind, and body.