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Recommended Skincare Products For Sensitive Skin

Aug 25, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Recommended Skincare Products For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin needs special attention. It is recommended to use gentle and natural skincare products for sensitive skin. Today, with this blog, we are going to unleash some of the best and recommended skincare products for sensitive skin which are worth using. Discover the most gentle products which are a must for sensitive skin. At Savarnas Mantra®, we deal with the wholesome and natural goodness of gentle skincare products which are enriched with botanical extracts and have no side effects at all. 

What is sensitive skin? 

Sensitive skin is very tender and fragile which makes it easily reactive to any harsh ingredients. Sensitive skin condition is one of the extreme skin conditions in which you are prone to easily irritated skin. 

Causes for sensitive skin 

The sensitive skin is baby-like skin. Yes, that's true.  Babies are generally considered to have sensitive skin. As we grow stronger, our immunity and skin health also tends to grow stronger. There are many potential triggers that may cause the skin to stay sensitive for a longer time. Some of the triggers for sensitive skin are as follows- 

  • Stress
  • Aging
  • Harsh chemicals like detergents, soaps, and dyes.
  • Environmental pollutants
  • Climatic changes
  • Hormonal changes
  • Lack of sleep 

These skin triggers may damage the skin barrier. The main function of the skin barrier is to protect the skin cells. 

The sensitive skin is mainly caused by the affection of the nerve endings in the top layer of the skin which may become irritated. The irritation of the nerve endings occurs when there is damage to the skin barrier. 

What are the symptoms of sensitive skin? 

Sensitive skin is not a medical diagnosis. In fact, it is considered a skin type or skin condition. The symptoms of sensitive skin may occur due to weak skin barrier and exposure of the skin to the above-mentioned triggers. This will affect skin health and will hamper the quality of life. The symptoms of sensitive skin are as follows- 

  • Dryness of skin
  • Redness of skin
  • Itchy skin
  • Flaky skin
  • Bumpy skin 

Skin sensitivity can be annoying and difficult to deal with sometimes. It may also lead to chronic skin conditions like eczema or dermatitis or maybe acne rosacea. 

Different types of sensitivity 

There are different types of skin sensitivity. It may include some allergic conditions as well where you are prone to increase reactive to certain ingredients or pollutants. Based on this, skin sensitivity can be divided into 4 types which are as follows- 

Sensitive Skin Type

Symptoms of Sensitive Skin

Genetically Sensitive

 This is especially seen in cases of chronic inflammatory autoimmune conditions which may cause eczema, rosacea and psoriasis

Environmental Sensitive

This may occur due to sun exposure or exposure to pollution and dust


Reactive Skin

 This occurs due to allergic reactions with certain chemical ingredients in skin care products which may cause stinging and burning. For example- bleaching agents

Thin skin

This may occur due to the aging of the skin and is characterized by a weak skin barrier which may lead to excessive dryness and flaking.


Recommended skin care products for sensitive skin 

The recommended skin care products for sensitive skin are natural and gentle skincare products that have no side effects. It is recommended to use paraben-free and medically tested, clinically proven products that do not irritate the skin. 

The recommended skincare products for sensitive skin are as follows- 

  • Natural Rose Cleanser 

The products for sensitive skin must be enriched with botanical elements which allow the skin to repair from within. Cleansers should be gentle in nature and not strip off natural oils and cause dryness. 

  • Natural Herbal Toner 

A herbal toner with extracts of herbs can provide instant hydrating by absorbing into the skin cells. Ensure to use nonalcoholic toners which can dry out the skin 

  • Natural Fruit-enriched exfoliants 

Fruit-enriched exfoliant is full of antioxidants that help fight aging by maintaining oxidative stress low. It is natural and does not harm the skin. Ensure to be gentle in a circular motion. Also, it is important to use the exfoliant at night which allows the skin to repair. Make sure not to step in direct sunlight after the process of exfoliation. 

  • Natural face mask with clay-infused ingredients 

Using natural clay masks infused with essential oils and botanical extracts can work wonders for the skin. A natural face mask is a must for sensitive skin which helps in repairing the skin barrier. 

  • Natural Vitamin C serum which is pure 

Using pure natural vitamin C helps in taking care of dullness and pigmented spots. It also helps to repair the skin naturally and locks in moisture in skin cells. 

  • Natural moisturizers with Vitamin E 

It is advisable to use a creamy moisturizer with vitamin E and squalene natural elements which can help in strengthening the weak skin barrier by preventing dryness 

  • Natural under eye cream 

Using under eye cream and serums will help with thinning of the skin by moisturizing it naturally. It will reduce fine lines and dark circles by preventing damage to the skin. 

These are the best-recommended products for sensitive skin. Invest in natural skin care for better skin health for sensitive skin.