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What is Glass Skin? How to Achieve This?

Aug 25, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

What is Glass Skin? How to Achieve This?

Glass Skin is one of the healthiest skin ever known. This is the skin that you can get inspired by. It is one of the most beautiful skin which every girl dreams of. Let us tell you some secrets of glowing skin which help in achieving glass skin. 

What is Glass Skin? 

Glass Skin is a luminous complexion that is crystal clear and resembles a clear glass finish. This went viral when it was 1st introduced on social media by Korean beauties. To achieve this glass skin, you need to give 360-degree skincare round the clock. Don't worry. With our tips and products at Savarnas Mantra®, you too can achieve this beautiful dream skin. 

How to achieve Glass Skin? 

“How to achieve Glass Skin?” This question keeps ticking on many people’s minds. Many of us have tried many permutations and combinations to achieve this kind of skin. But, do not get disheartened if you have tried your level best and are still not able to do so. Honestly speaking, glass skin is not easy. It's not just a cakewalk. You need to be dedicated to skincare and a healthy life. Glass skin is beyond makeup and healthy skin. It is glamorous skin which you too can achieve now and look like your favorite celebs. 

Let us get started with the steps involved in achieving glass skin 



Steps to Follow

Step #1

Hydration is the key to glass skin

Step #2

Be gentle to your skin

Step #3

Follow your skincare routine religiously

Step #4

Switch to natural skincare

Step #5

Use moisturizing serums and facial oils

Step #6

Use antioxidant-rich products

Step #7

Do not forget the under eye serum

Step #8

Always remember your sunscreen

Step #9

Keep makeup minimal

Step #10

Use a natural makeup remover always


Step#1 Hydration is the key for glass skin 

Hydration is a must for beautiful skin. It is important to take care of your skin by hydrating it well not only externally but also internally. Ensure to drink plenty of water around more than 3 liters. Having nutritious smoothies, natural fruit juices and coconut water can work best to achieve glass skin. 

Step #2 Be gentle to your skin 

Be very gentle with your skin. Ensure to use the pulp of fingers which are soft and gentle in a circular motion. Touch your face only when you are following your skincare routine. Do not frequently touch your face during the day. 

Step #3 Follow your skincare routine religiously 

“Dedication” is the key to skin care. Yes, you must be able to give yourself enough time and look after your skin. Follow your morning and evening skincare routine. You can also splash some water in the afternoon to keep your skin nourished. 

Step #4 Switch to natural skincare 

Choose natural botanical extracts which provide intense care to the skin. Avoid conventional skincare products which can harm the skin. Choose herbal extracts and check for paraben-free products. This works wonders for the skin. 

Step #5 Use moisturizing serums and facial oils 

Serums and facial oils are a must for glass skin. Moisturization along with hydration is important to keep the skin looking soft, plump, and super gorgeous. The serum has additional benefits of helping with even skin tone and flawless skin. 

Step #6 Use antioxidant-rich products 

Antioxidants help in reducing oxidative stress which has harmful free radicals. Direct antioxidants help in reactivating the skin cells. 

Step #7 Do not forget the under-eye serum 

The eye serum is great to take care of under-eye dark circles and fine lines. Using an under-eye serum with botanical extracts is important. Check for product labels for paraben-free and silicone-free serums. 

Step #8 Always remember your sunscreen 

Sunscreen should be your “MANTRA” before you step out in the sun. Ensure to apply higher SPF and absorbable sunscreen which helps in protecting the skin from UV damage. 

Step #9 Keep makeup minimal 

Just lipstick and eyeliner are enough for you to dazzle with glass skin. Make sure to practice minimal beauty. You can also indulge in eyebrow and eyelash makeup which can intensify your look and add some drama to your eyes. 

Step #10 Use a natural makeup remover always 

Always make sure to use a natural makeup remover that is rich in botanical extracts and nondrying for the skin. 

No matter how much you take care of your skin, it is important to maintain a healthy diet with healthy exercise. Following all these tips will help you achieve the glass skin which you have always dreamt of. So, get started today and indulge in skincare shopping with Savarnas Mantra® for glass skin.