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Is Drinking Coffee Good or Bad for the Skin? Know the Facts!

Oct 07, 2022

Rini Jose

Is Drinking Coffee Good or Bad for the Skin? Know the Facts!

Coffee is the favorite beverage for more than half of Americans. At the same time, there are times when it makes us feel guilty, thinking about its adverse effects on the skin after enjoying a hot cup of coffee. Drinking coffee does have certain downsides, especially on the skin. However, some recent studies suggest that this refreshing hot beverage isn't all bad. On the contrary, it benefits the skin in many ways when taken in moderation.  

How Does Drinking Coffee Affect Your Skin?

As known to many, caffeine dehydrates. When your body isn't adequately hydrated, it will show up on your skin. Similarly, coffee doesn't cause breakouts on your skin. However, according to certain studies, it can aggravate existing ones. 

Though coffee doesn't cause breakouts, sometimes the sweetener or the dairy can make your skin prone to acne. So, if you are a latte lover, the heavy cream milk you use in the coffee can cause acne on your skin, probably the ones that appear near the jawline and mouth area.  

If you want to enjoy your morning coffee without worrying about your skin, you may have to opt for a black coffee without sugar and dairy milk; an unsweetened coffee without dairy creamer will be the best option. However, drinking coffee more than three cups a day can cause various skin problems. Some of them include; 

  • As mentioned, dairy products or the sweeteners in coffee may increase the risk of developing acne on the skin.
  • When taken in excess, coffee can cause dehydration.
  • The high acidic levels of coffee may affect your hormones, which in turn impact the skin's oil production. 

Coffee: Benefits for the Skin

When consumed in moderation, this wonder drink can provide you with good health and, at the same time, it can offer numerous benefits to the skin. One of the major advantages of coffee is that it's an amazing natural ingredient that can be used topically on the skin. In fact, your skin benefits more from this natural ingredient when applied topically to the skin. Some of the benefits of coffee for the skin include; 

Reduces skin inflammation 

Coffee is rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce inflammation in the skin.  

Delays early aging

Coffee can help to reduce the appearance of redness, fine lines, or dark spots on the skin. Some studies also state that drinking coffee may help lessen the photoaging effects. 

Remedy for under-eye concerns

The benefits of coffee mask for the under eyes is quite popular. The caffeine in the coffee promotes blood circulation, which helps de-puff the area, reduces tissue swelling, and lightens the dark circles under the eyes. You may apply a coffee mask or try rubbing coffee ice cubes over the affected area. 

Tips to Follow While Drinking Coffee for a Healthy Skin 

  • It's wise to consume less or moderate caffeine. Ensure you don't drink more than two cups of coffee daily.
  • Choose good quality coffee beans; organic coffee beans would be a better option.
  • Avoid adding sweeteners; just add a little or no sugar to your morning coffee.
  • You may either look for an alternative to dairy creamer or whole milk or use low-fat or skimmed milk.  

Best Ways to Use Coffee Topically on Skin? 

Coffee Mask for Glowing Skin

Mix two tablespoons of ground coffee with a tablespoon of yogurt. Blend it well and apply the fine paste to your skin. After twenty minutes, wash it off using warm water for a bright and even skin tone.  

Coffee Mask for Aging Skin

Add a tablespoon of coffee powder and honey to a small bowl, and combine them well. Apply the coffee and honey mask to your face. Let the coffee mask stay on your skin for twenty minutes, and you may rinse it off. Using the mask once a week keeps your skin moisturized and reduces dryness, dark spots, and wrinkles on the skin. 

Coffee Scrub

To make the scrub, add a tablespoon of ground coffee powder, granulated sugar, and olive oil. Mix it well and massage it on your face in a circular motion to eliminate the dead skin cells. Besides, the olive oil in the scrub nourishes and moisturizes the skin, providing you with smooth and glowing skin. 

Coffee is enriched with antioxidants that are much needed for the skin. However, anything too much isn't good for your skin. And so, limit your intake of coffee to one or a maximum of two cups a day if you want to keep your skin glowing and free from acne.  

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