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Is Derma Rolling Good For The Skin?

Sep 28, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Is Derma Rolling Good For The Skin?

Is Dermarolling Good For The Skin?

The beauty world has witnessed incredible results for the skin with derma rollers. Now, the question arises, “Is Derma Rolling good for the skin?” The answer to this question is as follows- Derma rolling is good for skin provided the correct technique is used for the skin concern to be addressed in the right way.

Is derma rolling worth the hype on the internet?

You must have seen these fancy-looking devices called derma rollers all over the internet which are creating hype these days. While there are many claims about the fine lines, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation being diminished with regular derma rolling, it is worth giving a shot. Do you know why….?? 

Derma rolling is a scientifically proven technique to improve blood circulation by addressing skin concerns. Before we dive into the benefits, efficacy, and precautions of derma rolling, let us first tell you a little about the derma roller which you must know.

What is derma rolling?

Derma rolling is a skinning technique of puncturing the skin topically with the help of tiny needles. Derma rollers are used to carry out a process called micro-needling. 

  • Origination of derma roller - From the acupuncturists in China
  • Use of derma roller- To achieve youthful skin
  • The technique of dermaroller- Controlled injury caused to the treatment area with micro-needling to help improve the appearance of the skin.

How does derma rolling work?

A derma roller is loaded with micro-needles which are rolled onto our facial skin in a controlled motion to improve the blood circulation into the skin pores. 

Sounds frightening!!! Well, this helps in improving collagen and elastin production by allowing the skin to heal naturally. This leaves the skin tighter and prevents sagging of the skin. It also helps in giving more youthful skin than ever before.

Efficacy of derma rollers

The efficacy of derma rolling works in two ways-

1.    Synthesis of collagen

This is initiated with help of protein synthesis which gives stiffness and elasticity to the skin

2.    Improves the process of neovascularization 

This helps in the formation of new blood vessels which helps in improving the blood flow 

Both these processes make the skin more healthy and more youthful with anti-aging benefits. 

How can I improve the process of derma rolling to make the most out of it?

This is a target-based therapy for the skin which involves addressing the skin concern to provide anti-aging benefits. Here are the best ways to make the most out of the derma rolling technique- 

  • Ensure to use natural facial oils
  • Moisturize your skin well round the clock
  • Ensure serums with peptides
  • Pre massage your skin before using a facial derma roller with a good moisturizer and facial oil
  • Practice this technique at night to allow the skin to repair
  • Do not use derma rollers on dry skin
  • Be gentle with your skin
  • Ensure to use the controlled technique in an upward direction
  • Avoid stepping out in sun directly after the derma rolling procedure
  • You must take the help of a beauty expert before indulging in derma rolling at home
  • Keep it light, stable and put minimal or no pressure
  • Focus on the T zone
  • Ensure to use the technique of derma rolling on clean skin
  • Exclude around the eye area
  • Glide the roller gently for 2-3 minutes
  • Some redness after the process is normal
  • Apply hyaluronic serum and moisturizer at the end of the process and allow to heal

Precautions for Derma- Rolling

  • Derma rolling should not be used on the face at home or on my own
  • It is advisable to use it under a beauty expert under supervision
  • The medical clinic must be considered with sterilized environment and types of equipment to handle derma rolling
  • Carrying out dermarolling without understanding facial aesthetics can lead to long-lasting injuries and side effects. 

Should I try derma rolling on my own?

If you have been thinking of trying derma rolling on your own, it is advisable to do it under the supervision of a beauty expert and a controlled professional setup. This is one of the safest solutions to get trained initially with experts and then go ahead with the technique at home. A professional expert will guide you in choosing the best suitable equipment for derma rollers with good natural-based botanical serums and moisturizers.