7 Ways to Increase Skincare Penetration – SavarnasMantra

7 Ways to Increase Skincare Penetration

Apr 28, 2022

Rini Jose

7 Ways to Increase Skincare Penetration - SavarnasMantra

Skincare products are key investments to maintaining healthy, youthful skin. While they may be expensive, they are a worthwhile investment for your skin, but you need to ensure that the skincare products absorb correctly for them to work effectively. Applying skincare products and getting them to penetrate deep enough into the skin is not a one-step process; it takes time and perseverance. Even though it's essential to choose the right products for your specific skincare needs, there are other things you have to do to make them work well on your skin. This article goes through seven different methods you can use to make sure your skincare products will reach your skin cells and stay there. Let's get started; 

Have you ever wondered why there is no visible change on your skin after using good quality and expensive skincare products? If yes, the reason is nothing but the products you use on your skin aren't absorbed well by your skin. There is nothing worse than using expensive and excellent quality skincare products and not receiving the best out of them. However, it's isn't a difficult task to increase skincare penetration. Some small changes and little effort before using and applying skincare products can make a world of difference. 

Importance of Skincare Penetration: 

Why is it important to increase skin penetration? The answer is simple, if the skincare products that you use on your skin absorb well, you can reap the maximum benefits out of the products. Thereby, your skin receives essential nutrients directly without any hindrances, and the skin issues that your skin is undergoing will be effectively treated. 

Want your skincare products to absorb better? Check out these tips for making your skincare routine more efficient. 

Start on a clean skin 

In a skincare routine, cleansing the skin is the first and most important step. Unfortunately, there are times when you aren’t doing it right. When you have layered the skin with makeup or products like SPF, you need to use a potent facial cleanser to get rid of the dirt, grime and impurities completely off the skin.

A great natural cleanser that can actively eliminate anything that you put on your skin without stripping off the natural moisture or drying out the skin is the Savarnas Mantra Wheat Germ Oil Cleanser. It uses extracts from the wheat crop that are power-packed with vitamins and antioxidants needed for the skin. 

Exfoliate the skin

 Our natural skin is exposed to various pollutants, sweat, impurities and makeup residues; these form a layer on the skin known as the dead skin cells. This, in turn, hinders the skincare products from entering the skin. When we exfoliate, the dead skin cells are removed, hence soft, smooth and fresh skin is revealed. Exfoliating the skin with a natural exfoliant, like Savarnas Mantra Natural Fruit Exfoliant, can make your skin clearer and smooth, prepping them to penetrate the skincare products that you add to your skin.  

Use them on damp skin:

This golden rule not only applies to moisturizers but all skincare products. The skin turns more absorbent when it’s damp. Hence, the products applied to it penetrate quicker, delivering excellent results.  

Massaging works wonders:

We’ve heard a lot of benefits about facial massage. But did you know that facial massage can significantly increase skincare penetration? You may use facial massager, rollers, or even your fingertips to massage the face. Facial massage helps the skincare products to reach deeper and quickly. 

Try to warm it up:

We might have noted that when we visit a professional salon for a facial, there is a process of either steaming the face or using a hot towel before beginning the actual process. Ever thought of the reason for this? The skin is all set to absorb anything you put on it when the humidity is high. And so, if you want the skincare products to work well, try steaming your face at least twice a week. Similarly, using lukewarm water to wash the face is also effective. 

Layer them correctly

Though we pick the right skincare products, the one common mistake most of us tend to make is not using them right or not following the proper order. To make it easy, always layer the products based on their consistency, i.e. from lightest to the heaviest. If we use the heaviest (oil-based) products prior to the lighter ones, there are chances of getting blocked, hence hindering the skincare products from penetrating the skin. 

Let it absorb

Routine skincare involves many steps, including cleansing, toning, moisturizing etc. The main tip to follow while using skin care products is “LESS IS MORE,” be it your moisturizer or serum; use small amounts on the skin. Similarly, it is equally important to give time for the products to absorb after using each product. 

When choosing skincare products for your daily routine, make sure they meet your skincare concerns and type. If you‘re a newbie, try starting with the traditional method, i.e. cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Similarly, investing in tools like cleansing brush, face massager, derma roller or jade roller will make your task easy and useful in making the skincare products penetrate deeper and faster.  

Hope these methods will help you make your skincare effective and provide glowing and healthy skin.