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How To Stick To Your Health & Skincare Goals In This New Year?

Jan 05, 2024

Bhavini Desai

How To Stick To Your Health & Skincare Goals In This New Year?

Table of Contents:

• Introduction

• New Year Goals

• How to Stick To Your New Year Goals?

- Define Your Health and Skincare Goals

- SMART Goals

- Create a Vision Board

- Savarnas Mantra's Role in Your Skincare Journey

- Build Healthy Habits

- Accountability Partners

- Track Your Progress

- Adapt and Evolve

• Conclusion



Hey beautiful souls, as we step into the freshness of the New Year, let's talk about setting and, more importantly, conquering those health and skincare goals. Whether it's glowing skin, a healthier lifestyle, or a little extra self-care, we're diving into the world of resolutions and how to make them stick. And hey, speaking of glow-ups, we've got our ride-or-die brand, Savarnas Mantra, right by your side, ready to elevate your skincare 2024 game throughout the journey! 

New Year Goals:

Let's start with the focal point of your journey – your new year goals. Your resolutions are like the roadmap guiding you toward a healthier, happier you. If you haven’t made them yet, here’s your chance to make them. In just 3 steps. 

1. Take a moment to reflect on what you genuinely desire. Is it the joy of having consistently radiant skin, embracing an active lifestyle, or simply cultivating a positive self-care routine?

2. Then list down individual goals, like a promise to yourself. You may or may not go into the details. But if you do, remember, it’s great because the devil lies in the details!

3. Once you’ve set your goals, it’s now time to build a roadmap to stick to them. We will be taking you through this step-in detail below. 

The beauty of setting goals is not just about reaching your destination. It’s about savoring the journey and bringing back trust and pride in your own ability to achieve something. Be it skincare or health resolutions, you can do it. 


How to Stick To Your New Year Goals?

1. Define Your Health and Skincare Goals

So, you're all pumped up for the New Year, but where to begin? First things first — let’s get crystal clear on what you want. Is it radiant skin, a fitness routine, or perhaps a revamped self-care ritual? Be specific and jot it down! Maybe you're eyeing that Savarnas Mantra glow – now's the time to name it as a resolution. Journal the hell out of it.


2. SMART Goals

Now that you've got your resolutions on paper, let's make them SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Instead of a vague "clear skin" goal, try "Achieve a radiant complexion by following a consistent Savarnas Mantra skincare routine every day for the next three months. This includes a natural cleanser, toner, and moisturizer routine. 

3. Create a Vision Board

You need to visualize your success. Get creative! A vision board is a fun and visual way to manifest your goals. Pinterest your future self — glowing skin, a happy home, a fit body. Print out some images of your dream skin, a snapshot of a fitness routine, or even a picture of your favorite Savarnas Mantra product. Place it somewhere you'll see daily, serving as a constant reminder of the fabulousness you're working towards. 

4. Savarnas Mantra's Role in Your Skincare Journey

Time to shout out our skincare superhero – Savarnas Mantra! Incorporate our natural, cruelty-free products into your routine. Our ultra-hydrating Rose Cleanser and glow-getting Vitamin C Serum


5. Build Healthy Habits

Small steps lead to long roads. All you have to do is take that first step. The biggest motivator is that it takes 18 days to convert a practice into a habit. Do it. Do something for 18 days without fail and it will turn into your next healthy habit.


6 Accountability Partners

Share your journey with a partner. A friend, a family member, or even an online pal. Don't go at it alone. Having someone to cheer you on and hold you accountable can make a world of difference to your health and skincare goals. 

7. Track Your Progress

Celebrate the wins and lament the losses. This keeps you in check and ascending on your own version of the success curve. It could be on a simple journal, or on your phone app. But marking small victories and celebrating them make you so happy on a daily basis! 

8. Adapt and Evolve

The new year goal of today on your list may not align with your lifestyle in a few months. Be flexible enough to adapt to a new goal or alter. Evolve with your intellect and put newer, more refined goals into practice. For example, today your goal is to achieve that flawless Savarnas Mantra glow. But in a few months when summer hits, you may need to work on breakouts or other hot-sun issues. Take that into account and alter your skincare routine. Your ultimate goal will still remain the same but with a tiny detour.



And there you have it, lovelies! A simple, achievable guide to setting, and then sticking to your health and skincare resolutions in 2024. Remember the journey is as important as the destination, and with Savarnas Mantra as your skincare companion, you're bound to shine. So, love yourselves, reward yourselves, and have a splendid 2024!