How to protect your skin from UV rays? – SavarnasMantra

How to protect your skin from UV rays?

Mar 29, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

How to protect your skin from UV rays? - SavarnasMantra

We are going to hit the month of April 2022 and welcome the summer with a burst of golden sunshine. When we think of summer sunshine, the first thing that comes to our mind is vacation and of course cool beachy waves with summer drinks. It’s good that you look at the brighter side of everything. Apart from teh sunny side, let’s not forget the heat sun and sweat which can damage your skin. When you have exposed the skin, skin is the first thing to get affected. 

Sun rays are directly related to tanning and dark skin. We get too conscious about our skin when it comes to sun rays. Did you know sun rays can cause more harm than just tanning?

Yes, that’s true!! 

From skin cancers to skin pigmentation, sun rays can cause great damage to your skin which can be difficult to deal with. It is important to know that you can safeguard yourself with the right skincare products. 

Today we are going to tell your about some skincare products which will help you protect your skin. Be sun smart and get all these summer essentials. 

What time to step out in the sun to be safe? 

We need some sun exposure, especially for vitamin D. You need to know the right time when to take a sunbath for better absorption of Vitamin D. The best time for sun exposure is 6 am to 10 am in the morning and avoid the sun during the day between 10 am to 4 am. 

Sun exposure for 15- 20 mins in the morning is considered safe. However, in case if you are exposed for a long period of time, you need to protect yourself from the sun. 

How do UV rays cause skin damage? 

The sun radiates light to the earth and part of this consists of UV rays. When these UV rays reach the sun, it causes tanning, burning, and skin damage. Other damages may include premature aging and wrinkles on the skin. 

The skin contains cells known as melanocytes which secrete pigment melanin. This pigment melanin gives color to the skin. UV rays react with skin pigment, melanin which causes more skin darkening and damage. A tan or pigmentation itself is a sign of damage to the skin. The lighter the skin color, the lesser is the ability of the skin to absorb the UV rays. All skin types need to be protected from the UV rays of the sun. 

How to protect your skin from UV rays? 

Here are some quick tips to protect yourself from UV rays-

Use sunscreen

  • Avoid strong sun rays of the day
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes
  • Apply moisturizing cream
  • Cover up
  • Use natural antioxidants for skin
  • Wear a hat
  • Check the medicines you are taking 

Use sunscreen 

This is a very important factor when it comes to protecting from sun rays. Use sunscreen with good SPF (Sun Protection Factor). The higher the SPF, the better. Before you step out, make sure that you apply the sunscreen generously and protect yourself from UV rays. Sunscreen acts as a shield which works as a best-protecting factor. A broad-spectrum sunscreen with a water-resistant effect and high SPF 30 works best for skin in summers. 

When applying sunscreen, do not forget your neck, arms, and legs which need protection from the sun too. The weather keeps on changing, it may be cloudy or sunny at times. Ensure to apply sunscreen during the day as well. 

Avoid strong sun rays of the day 

Choose the correct time of the day to step out in the sun. Choose early mornings or evenings after 4 pm to step out in the day. Avoid stepping out when harsh sun rays are at the peak between 10 - 4 pm. So, take care and avoid the UV rays during the prime hours of the day. 

Wear sunglasses to protect the eyes 

Wearing UV-protected polarized sunglasses is just a perfect choice to keep the harmful effects of sun radiation at bay. These summers make sure to invest in protecting your delicate eyes from the UV rays. Invest in the best quality shades which will provide you protection for your eyes. 

Apply Moisturizing Cream 

Use Moisturizing Cream to prevent dryness and dehydrated look for your skin. UV rays can cause heat sensations along with burning of the skin. A good-quality moisturizer provides a protective shield to your skin against UV rays. 

Cover Up

Wear full sleeves clothing and avoid skin exposure when out in the sun. Along with sunglasses and a hat, you can also add a scarf to cover up your face. Not to forget, these days, post-pandemic we are wearing facemasks against the virus as well.


If possible, wear dark-colored clothes which help in the absorption of sun rays. 

Use natural antioxidants for skin 

Natural antioxidants can help reduce the harmful effects of free radicals from the UV rays and other pollutants in the skin. Rich plant-based elements and extracts can work great for the skin. You can opt for skin detox and skin tonics with natural elements which work as a great antioxidant. 

Wear a hat

 A hat can protect your head and face from the sun. Hat also works great to protect your skin from the hair from the sun. 

Check the medicines you are taking 

Be cautious to check the medicines you are taking. Some medicines will make you more sensitive to the sun. These may include antibiotics, inflammatory, anti-fungal, antihypertensive, and chemotherapies. 

Professional tip from Savarnas Mantra 

Check out the chemical skincare products which you are applying to the skin. They may affect your skin by causing some interaction of UV rays and these skin chemicals. One best example, which we would like to share with you, is the effect of chemical peeling. This can certainly be an eye-opener for you. After a glycolic peel treatment, it is recommended to avoid stepping in the sun. This may lead to irritation and skin peeling. So, one must be cautious before opting for any chemical-based skin care products. 

“Mother Nature” is very powerful and one cannot predict the supreme authority. Weather changes are part of mother nature. Your skin and body must be future-ready to face the sunrays, winters and rainy season. Gift yourself the power of nature with natural skincare products that work at its best. Get started with natural skincare products with Savarnas Mantra.