How to Make Most Out of Your Facial Serums? – SavarnasMantra

How to Make Most Out of Your Facial Serums?

Mar 30, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

How to Make Most Out of Your Facial Serums? - SavarnasMantra

Serums are creating a new BUZZ !! Right from hair serums to facial serums, people are investing in it to look gorgeous. Why stay behind? Start using a facial serum right away!!! Before you get hold of a skin serum for yourself, invest some time by doing research on “How to use a facial serum?” Let us tell you the real reason behind it. Using the facial serum in the right way will help you make the most out of it.

How to use the Facial Serum? 

As per research, the right way to use the serum will help boost your skin the correct way. Well, you no longer need to search over google or the internet about “How to use a facial serum?” 

Don’t worry, you do not need help or other suggestions to use the facial serums. Your search on  “How to use a facial serum?” ENDS  HERE AT SAVARNAS MANTRA from the experts in skincare and eye makeup. 

Here is the secret for using face serums, LESS IS MORE 

Yes, The lesser the better when it comes to facial serum. When the facial serum is natural, it's worth millions of benefits for the skin. Now, it's easier for you to invest in your favorite serum. 

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What is Facial Serum?

Facial Serum is a skincare product with the formulation of high concentrated active constituents which can help boost skin cells. They are very quick and high in absorption. With regular use, it gives a natural glow to the skin and helps in trapping moisture for your skin. 

Here is the catch!!! Choose natural-based facial serums instead of conventional silicone-based facial serums. Conventional silicone-based facial serums can cause toxic buildup. It does not get absorbed well. 

How to choose the right Facial Serum? 

The best way to check the top quality facial serum is by its potential power to absorb. Once you get the right product, you can go ahead and invest about 15 - 30 days to check the efficacy of the product. Monitor the progress of the skin and check the skin texture, glow, and radiance. Additional benefits of good quality facial serum are keeping skin problems at bay. 

Here are some important quick tips to help you choose a good facial serum-

  • Check for absorption power
  • Good quality product
  • Natural facial serum 

How to use the facial serum in the right way to maximize its benefits? 

Once you choose the best product, the next important step is to use it the right way. Some of us fail to do so. Using the facial serum the right way will help you to yield more benefits for your skin. It will boost your skin to its maximum potential. 


Step # 1 Use face serum on a clean face. 

This is a very important thing. Make sure to use the facial serum on a clean face. The face should be washed with a gentle cleanser. Make sure to remove all makeup before applying the serum. 

Remove all the toxic build up on the skiing by cleansing it well. 

Step # 2 Exfoliate the face before using the serum for maximum benefits. 

Exfoliating the face with a gentle and natural exfoliant can help in giving clearer skin. The debris and clogged particles are eliminated from the skin. Exfoliation also removes the dead skin cells from the face and helps the new skin regeneration. 

Exfoliation also helps to open pores which helps in good absorption of the facial serum. 

Step# 3  Use Face Serum before moisturizer 

Heavy cream-based moisturizers can clog the skin. Make sure to use the facial serum before the moisturizer. This will trap the natural moisture content of the skin without making the skin dry. We understand that dry skin needs excessive moisturization. Facial serums are the best way to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay. 

Step# 4 Right time to use the facial serum 

Depending on the type of serum, it is advisable to use the serum preferably at night after cleansing and exfoliating the face. Usage of facial serum at night allows you to repair your skin overnight and you wake up with a soft supple and dewy glow on the face in the morning.

Step# 5

Some beauty lovers like to use their facial serum in the daytime as well. It is advisable to check the content of the serum before using it in the morning. You should make an important note about exposure to the sun while applying facial serum. 

Here is a professional skin tip for all beauty lovers. Using a natural facial serum is hassle-free and can be used at any time of day. Here is a wide range of exclusive collections of natural scientifically formulated serums at Savarans Mantra Serum Collection. 


Name of Savarnas Mantra Serum

Preferred time to use for maximum benefits

Best suited for



All age groups

Acne-prone skin

Oily skin

Tanned skin


Before makeup, or Bedtime

Teens and adults

Blemished skin

Tanned skin


Age spots


Daytime before stepping out in sun

All age groups


Bedtime or before makeup

All age groups


Bedtime and Daytime both

(twice a day)

Adults and elderly groups



Above 30+ group

Thinking of including serum for daytime and nighttime too. Make sure to include it in your everyday makeup routine which will give you a natural radiant glow. 

Before you switch to the Savarans Mantra Serum Collection, here is a quick tip to apply the serum in the right way- 

-Pour pea-size serum on the palm

-Apply on clean skin

-Gently tap it in a circular motion

-Do not rub the serum

-Do not forget to apply on the neck

-Wait for 30 sec to absorb 

Yes, you are all set to go ahead and get ready to use facial serums SAVARNAS MANTRA