Natural Pigment Correction Serum

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Natural Pigment Correction  Serum - SavarnasMantra
Natural Pigment Correction  Serum - SavarnasMantra
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  • Are you fond of evenly bright skin tone? Most of us are!! A uniform fair complexion is considered a portrait of beauty, innocence and purity. Improving your skin tone is not an easy job and maintaining it is even difficult!! This is because the skin goes through constant stress, because of dirt, pollution, sun tan et al.

    Natural Pigment Correction Serum counteracts the complexion and fights the skin stresses and helps maintain that beautiful and healthy glow. Savarnas Mantra® Natural Pigment Correction Serum is a one of its kind whitening treatment that is hormone free and cruelty free. It uses the wonders of science and combines it with nature, thereby correcting age related pigment spots.

  • The serum helps inhibit the activity of tyrosinase thereby reducing melanin production. It further helps reduce and prevent hyper pigmentation in the skin. The serum uses natural plant derived ingredients that give your skin a natural look.

  • Morning and Evening

    Natural Pigment Correction Serum by Savarnas Mantra® has been manufactured in the USA by a FDA-Registered Facility. It is manufactured in cGMP compliant & accredited facility and is ISO 22716 certified. The product is Cruelty Free and has not been tested on animals. Besides it is also Paraben Free and Hormone Free. We ensure that our product has been made from the highest quality of natural ingredients. The active ingredients used in the product are purely plant based. We provide free shipping to all 48 contiguous US states.

  • Tyrosinase enzyme is responsible for controlling the skin’s production of melanin. Savarnas Mantra Natural Pigment Correction Serum uses a blend of plant extracts to specifically target tyrosinase enzyme without affecting the skin’s metabolic pathways that are not involved in pigmentation. By inhibiting the Tyrosinase enzyme, melanin formation is dramatically halted.

    Natural Pigment Correction Serum consists of Mallow Extract, Peppermint Leaf Extract, Cowslip Extract, Alchemilla extract, Speedwell, Lemon Balm, and Yarrow. It also consists of Skullcap root Extract, White Mulberry Extract, Saxifrage Extract, and Grape Extract.

    With such bountiful collection of natural extracts, this product holds highly valuable organic appeal.

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Natural Pigment Correction  Serum - SavarnasMantra
Natural Pigment Correction  Serum - SavarnasMantra

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