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How To Lift Your Eyebrow Naturally?

Aug 01, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

How To Lift Your Eyebrow Naturally?

Raise your eyebrows with pride!!! It gives a sense of style and greatness. Many of us these days are attracted to lifting our eyebrows for a youthful and dramatic appearance. The fashion style statement of “Eyebrow Lifting” among Hollywood celebs is also creating some news on the internet these days. We no longer neglect the eyebrows and are always working towards it to make it a trending statement. If you are an eyebrow lover, this is a must-read blog for you. It is going to help you to create some beauty and style statements. So, be a trendsetter when it comes to EYEBROWS. 

Eyebrow lifting is the new trend-setting feature that will make a style statement for you. Let us check out the details on eyebrow lifting and how to naturally lift the brows. 

What is Eyebrow Lifting? 

Eyebrow Lifting is a cosmetic procedure to raise and lift brows. It is also called “Brow Lift.” A brow lift will give a youthful appearance to your forehead and eyebrows. This helps to enhance the better appearance of eyebrows and adds some weight to them to create a style. 

This is one of the facial sculpting methods to deliver good results with the anti-aging effect. 

Why is Brow Lift required? 

As we age, our skin starts losing collagen and tends to sag. This is especially seen on the forehead skin which is more prone to develop fine lines and wrinkles. During aging, the skin becomes less elastic and loses volume. Your face will lose muscle tone and firmness. This is the effect of aging. This will cause a drop-down effect on your skin which may result in sagging of skin. 

Brow Lift is required in case of the following - 

  • Droopy brows
  • Sagging skin of the face
  • Wrinkles on forehead
  • Fine lines and creases around the eyes 

Natural Brow Lift V/s Cosmetic Procedure Brow Lift- Which one should I choose? 

Well, Cosmetic Procedure Brow Lift is required in extreme cases of droopy and sagging brows. This may generally set in with aging. If you are 40+ 50+, there are higher chances of developing loose skin. But, do not worry!!! We have some solutions to prevent DROOPY BROWS with Natural Brow Lift. 

Let's talk about Natural Brow Lift Solutions

Top Natural Brow Lift Solutions 

  • Eyebrow Nourishing oil 

Brow nourishing oil can be a great start to ensure eyebrow growth. This can be a nourishing and natural healthy solution with a punch of vitamins and nutritive elements which can boost your brow growth. Start using a brow nourishing oil with some gentle massage on the eyebrows every night for healthy fuller natural and denser brows. 

  • Face serum and moisturizer 

Face serum is a must to lock in some hydration for the skin naturally. This will enhance your overall face and add some natural glow. Make sure to apply some serum before you moisturize the skin. This will energize and boost your skin to prevent dryness and aging of the skin. 

  • Facial exercises

Facial exercises are great solutions to improve facial muscle tone. It adds elasticity and firmness naturally to your skin. Regular facial exercises can work wonders for your face and brows. 

  • Yoga can help 

Yoga is a great option to relax and meditate. Meditation helps to destress you and keeps you relaxed. It also helps in controlling emotions like getting angry which may cause fine lines and wrinkles. 

  • Pinching exercise for eyebrow 

Pinching the eyebrows gently around the eyebrow arch can help in shaping the brow. It will also improve blood circulation and help in lifting the brows. 

  • Natural instant fix with makeup

A makeup fix is the best solution to take care of eyebrow lifting. Use nude or bold shades for eye make up which will accentuate your eye look. Use eyebrow highlights just underneath your brow bone which will help lift your brows. 

  • Fill the arch with Eyebrow powder 

Use eyebrow powder to fill the sparse brows and create a perfect arch which will help in lifting eyebrows. 

  • Use eyebrow tinted gel

Using eyebrow tinted gel will help in providing some eyebrow lift and help the eyebrow stay in place. 

  • Map and shape your eyebrows 

It is important to map and shape your eyebrows well before you start with makeup. Practice this as an art and you will be able to give your eyebrows some lift. 

  • Frame your brows with concealer 

After you map out or shape your brows, use some concealer as an outline around the brows. 

Get started with these amazing natural solutions for natural brow lifting to keep sagging and droopy eyebrows at bay. Stay young with a beautiful and healthy brow from today!!