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How to improve dry skin

Jul 03, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

How to improve dry skin

Do you have dry flaky skin and find it difficult to deal with? Well, experts say moisturization is important for dry skin. The majority of us just moisturize the skin thinking it is merely enough to cure and heal dry skin. If your symptoms are not improving with moisturizers, it's time to take action and find some important solutions for dry skin.

Winning over dry skin will give you a healthy radiant shine and glow. Just moisturization is not enough. You need to get into the crux of dry skin and treat it from the real core.

Let us provide you some insights into dry skin with apt solutions to treat it.

What is dry skin?

Dry skin is a very common condition characterized by a lack of moisture in the superficial layers of the skin. The skin appears patchy, flaky, and lacks hydration.

What is the incidence of dry skin?

Dry skin is seen in both men and women. It is mostly seen in the elderly age group as skin loses hydration with aging. Skin cells also called melanocytes to start shrinking with age.

Why do elderly people have dry skin?

The skin in elderly people has a diminished amount of natural oils which lubricate the skin. This natural oil is called sebum which is secreted from sebaceous glands also known as oil glands.

Which areas are affected by dry skin?

The major affected areas which are prone to dryness are as follows-

  • Face especially the forehead and cheeks
  • Neck
  • Arms especially elbows
  • Legs especially knees and ankles

This suggests that bony surface areas are more likely to get affected first with dryness.

What are the triggering factors for dry skin?

Dry skin is very uncomfortable. It is important to know the causative factor and eliminate it for better recovery from dry skin. The causes of the dry skin are as follows-

  • Aging
  • Stress
  • Environmental conditions like dry climate and winter
  • Chronic medical conditions like thyroid
  • Long-term medications
  • Digestive issues like constipation
  • Kidney issues which may cause an increase in toxicity
  • Lifestyle issues like lack of water and dehydration
  • Quality of skin care products
  • Fragrance and alcohol-based beauty products
  • Harsh soaps and detergents
  • Lack of moisturization
  • Exposure to prolonged UV rays
  • Skin issues like dermatitis and eczema
  • Bathing with hot water for long hours
  • Vitamin Deficiency
  • Skin barrier dysfunction

How to improve dry skin?

Well, it's easy to improve and deal with dry skin. The major solution is to understand dry skin and its triggering factors to eliminate it by treating the root cause of the problem.

The solutions for dry skin are as follows-

Solutions for dry skin

Benefits for dry skin

Hydrating Serums

Lock and trap moisture in the skin cells


Hydrate it and replenish moisture

Vitamins supplement

Provide extra punch nutrient elements

Hyaluronic acid

Provides necessary hydration

Healthy omega 3 fatty acids

Boosts hydration levels in the skin

Natural coconut, olive, almond oil

To replenish the skin’s moisture

Petroleum jelly

To heal dryness with cuts and cracks

Antioxidant skin tonic

To helps with anti-aging solutions

Collagen-based serums & creams

To improve the firmness of the skin

Stem cell peptides

To reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Gentle rich face wash

To prevent dryness of skin post-wash

Regular skin detox

To help improve absorption of the nutrients

Gut and body detox

 For cleansing the stomach

Sound sleep

To repair the skin

Lip balm

To heal cracked lips and keep them supple


So , get started with these dry skin solutions right away. Take one step forward and beyond moisturization!!!