How to Grow Your Eyebrows Thicker? Easiest Ways to Follow! – SavarnasMantra

How to Grow Your Eyebrows Thicker? Easiest Ways to Follow!

Nov 06, 2021

Dan Singh

How to Grow Your Eyebrows Thicker?  Easiest Ways to Follow! - SavarnasMantra

The obsession for thicker eyebrows is never-ending because of the depth it gives to the entire face. It is why most of us try different techniques and makeup products to make them look attractive. Sadly, we must admit the fact that some products and techniques have even interrupted the growth of eyebrows badly. If you are searching for a great option to make your brows thicker and beautiful, we have the best remedy to offer you. If you want your eyebrows to be thicker permanently, you must stick to certain healthy habits and get hold of some powerful products. Let’s see what all are they; 

Do You Want Thicker Eyebrows? 

Makeup trends are ever-changing. Previously, thin eyebrows were the trend, whereas now it’s thicker and fuller looking ones. No matter what the trend is, embracing natural eyebrows that are beautiful will frame the look of your face. If the eyebrows are healthy, they look full and thick. Whereas if they are weak, there will be hair fall leading to patches or sparse areas on the eyebrows. So, the first task is to provide the eyebrows with proper nourishments and nutrients, which can help in hair growth. It’s not only nutrients but also some healthy habits, and making some changes in the current skincare routine can bring in amazing results. 

Previously, people used natural oils to nourish the eyebrows and believed that it helped in hair growth. What if you get oil that is specifically crafted for eyebrows? That sounds great! Isn’t it? I’ am talking about eyebrow nourishing oil. Most of you would have heard about it, but for a few, it may sound new. Let’s have a look at the best eyebrow nourishing oil and its benefits; 

Savarnas Mantra® Eyebrow Nourishing Oil: 

The eyebrow nourishing oil is an excellent nourishing oil that aids in hair strengthening and hair growth. The nourishing oil is formulated with a natural blend of seed oils and plant extracts to provide ample nutrients to the eyebrows. It also contains plenteous natural ingredients, which are best for hair growth according to the ancient formulae. Regular application of this oil provides you with fuller, longer, and attractive eyebrows within a few weeks of usage. When looking at the ingredients list, this effective oil is infused with Omega-6 fatty acids, hemp oil, and marshmallow root extracts. These unique ingredients are highly rich in antioxidants that strengthen the hair follicles and protect them from environmental damages and pollutants. The nourishing oil can soothe the skin under the eyebrows, thus stimulating hair growth. Get to know more about the various benefits of eyebrow nourishing oil. 

  • Moisturizes the eyebrow hairs
  • Softens the hairs 
  • Aids in hair growth
  • Renew the patches on the brows, making them look fuller and thicker.
  • Can be easily used along with a skincare routine. 
  • Possesses anti-inflammatory properties
  • Comes with a roll-on applicator which helps to disperse the product evenly. 

How to Use it?

Before using any product, the first task is to cleanse the skin well. So, let’s start with cleansing the eyebrows. 

Once it’s clean, grab Savarnas Mantra® Eyebrow Nourishing Oil and apply it to your eyebrows using the roll-on applicator. Now it’s time to give a good massage for about three to five minutes. After massaging, leave it on the skin overnight for the best results. 

Be Consistent:

As with any other skincare product, the eyebrow nourishing oil also takes some time to show visible results. And so, patience is the key to achieving the best results out of this product. Be it any product; the results completely depend on how regularly you use the product. On the bright side, Savarnas Mantra® Eyebrow Nourishing Oil will give you visibly fuller and healthier eyebrows within three to four weeks. 

Care Your Brows in The Best Way: 

Whether it's your skin or hair, how you care for them says it all. It is the same for eyebrows as well, from a healthy diet to the products you use on the skin matters a lot in the growth and health of the eyebrows.  

  • Follow a balanced diet: Ensure that you include the right amount of proteins in your daily diet as it helps a lot in hair growth. Similarly, look for food rich in vitamins like A, B, C, and D. Iron plays a vital role in keeping the hair healthy. If there is an iron deficiency, it can lead to hair fall. Many studies show that biotin has a greater part in hair growth. Adding biotin-rich food will be a wiser option.  
  • Include eyebrows in your skincare routine: Eyebrows are often left out in the cold when it comes to a skincare routine. If you want the brows to be healthy, include your eyebrows while cleansing and moisturizing. Following a specific skincare routine for eyebrows with the best products will greatly help you with fuller eyebrows. 
  • Do not forget to remove the makeup: People love trying different makeup looks, and filling in brows is a passion for many. Cool, you can try the products as you wish but ensure that you remove them well before bedtime.  
  • Stop Waxing and Tweezing: If your aim is to achieve thicker eyebrows, it's best to stop these hair removal procedures for some time. Even once it's grown well, be cautious while grooming. Avoid over-plucking or over-tweezing the brows as you will lose the shape of your brows and can lead to sparse eyebrows.  

Following these helpful tips and using the eyebrow nourishing oil regularly can guarantee you amazing results. Are you excited to try our nourishing oil? Hurry up! It's time to place an order.