How to get beautiful eyelashes? – SavarnasMantra

How to get beautiful eyelashes?

May 26, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

How to get beautiful eyelashes? - SavarnasMantra

Long lashes instantly grab everyone’s eyes. It takes your beauty quotient to another level. We do not give much importance to our lashes and tend to ignore them. Just a little care for your lashes can add to your beauty and create wonders. We generally just apply a dash of mascara and think it's mere enough for on-the-go eye makeup. A little change in your eyecare beauty routine can bring about a revolution in your entire look. Today, with this blog we are going to share some eyelash beauty secrets and important tips on how to take care of your lashes. 

How do eyelashes add to your beauty? 

Eyelashes are very mesmerizing and you can make them look more voluminous by following some hacks and beauty tips. Eyelashes add drama to your eyes. It's truly fascinating when your lashes look fuller and voluminous and gives a beautiful look to your inner soul.  

How to get beautiful eyelashes? 

These are the eye beauty solutions for pretty eyelashes 

  • Brush your eyelashes gently
  • Massage your eyelids
  • Apply eyelash serum for growth
  • Curl your lashes
  • Temporary lash mascara hack
  • Use natural oils for growth
  • Increase blood circulation with eye exercises
  • Optimal nutrition for eyes with high vitamin A-rich foods 


Do eyelashes grow back thicker? 

Yes, eyelashes grow back thicker depending on the age of the person and maintenance of eyelids. It also depends on the facts whether there are any eyelid issues or permanent loss of hair. If you have thin and scanty lashes, there are good chances to make them thicker and healthier by following the above-mentioned tips. 

Can you actually grow your eyelashes? 

Yes, certain measures need to be taken care of while growing your lashes. One needs to take care of eyelids and be gentle with them. 

  • Use eyelash growth serum and natural oils to stimulate growth
  • Keep your lashes moisturized with a serum to prevent breakage of lashes
  • Use natural eye products as eyelids have sensitive skin
  • Apply good quality eye beauty products
  • Keep your eyelids healthy
  • Avoid scratching your lids
  • Avoid touching your eyes too often
  • Avoid rubbing your eyelids
  • Be careful and gentle while removing eye makeup
  • Avoid splashing water into eyes which can make eyes dry out and itchy
  • Close your eyes properly while washing your face
  • Use a gentle cleanser for the face and eyes
  • Pat dry your eyes and skin around your eyes gently after wash 

Ensure that you follow all this properly for your eyes. Take these precautions so that you avoid damage to your eyelids and this will keep eyelashes and their follicles healthy 

What helps you to get beautiful eyes? 

It is advisable to follow the recommended tips above and maintain healthy lashes with recommended products specifically designed and formulated for the growth of lashes. It is recommended to use some eyelash oil before your go to bed with the botanical extract. The eyelash oil should be highly absorbable and nutritious for the lashes.  You can also use eyelash serum which is lightweight and completely potent with nutrients elements for rich and fuller growth. 

What are quick hacks for beautiful eyelashes? 

Some quick hacks for beautiful eyelashes are as follows- 

  • Choose the right formula for a mascara that is smudge-proof, waterproof, and non-clumpy.
  • Use a vitamin E primer before starting with eye makeup. A lash serum can be used as a primer for eyelashes before applying mascara. This will ensure smooth application of mascara and favor thicker lash growth. We would recommend a healthy eyelash serum with botanical extracts.
  • Make the best choice for eyelash mascara, as the majority of them dry out your lashes.
  • Choose the best suitable eyelash wand with a perfect grip and slightly bent at an angle while applying. The way you hold the mascara want makes a lot of difference. Do not worry- Practice makes a man perfect.
  • Coat both the sides of eyelashes for thicker lashes
  • Use a natural makeup remover that suits your sensitive eyes and does not damage the lashes. Plus, removes the eye makeup completely. 

You are all set with those dramatic and voluminous beautiful lashes which will attract everyone’s attention without a second thought.