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How To Fight Aging With Healthy Foods?

Aug 10, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

How To Fight Aging With Healthy Foods?

“You are what you eat.” This quote holds quite true. Healthy food is a must for a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle helps you live longer by staying at your best. As we age, the nutrients tend to deplete in our body. During the aging process, there is a high demand for healthy foods by our body. Some foods are very important to meet this high demand of lack of nutrition. Lack of nourishment will accelerate the aging process. Today, with this blog, we will tell you some of the best foods to fight aging with healthy foods. 

Why do healthy foods help in aging? 

Aging is a normal process. When you age, it shows up on your skin first. Did you know that along with skin aging, your mind, gut, bones, joints and hair also age? Yes, that is true and the effects of aging are first seen on the skin. Remember, skin and hair are last to receive nutrients from the foods. It's your entire body which needs nutrients to survive and carry out the functioning for the body. You will need a good punch of healthy nutrients which is a must for every body before it gets into the state of aging. 

How do healthy foods help in the process of aging? 

Healthy foods help in delaying the process of aging. There are many factors which can affect aging. These involve-  

  • Stress
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Lack of exercise
  • Environmental factors like pollution
  • UV rays
  • Chronic infection or disorder
  • Long term medications 

These factors may accelerate the process of aging. This causes an increase in oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is a condition which goes hand in hand with metabolism. It is important to nullify the effects of oxidative stress with antioxidants. Antioxidants are potent nutrients which neutralize the harmful free radicals which cause aging. Eating healthy is important for any age. During the aging process, diet can play a major role in improving your longevity and vitality. 

Antioxidants present in healthy foods can work wonders in delaying the aging process. The science of food and nutrition along with aging is very important. So, let us dive and get started with healthy food to delay and fight the process of aging. 

Foods which can helps fight aging 

Let us check out some important foods enriched with antioxidants which can help fight aging. If you are on a mission to fight aging and have radiant skin, these are the best foods to be included in your diet. This can provide you a natural glow and all the necessary vitamins which are essential for the skin. 

  • Colorful fruits and vegetables 

Colorful fruits and vegetables such as spinach, carrot and beetroot are full of antioxidants and best for the skin. They contain natural active constituents which help fight oxidative stress. Neutralizing the harmful free radicals help fight off aging. Anti- oxidants can be great for the skin to fight off aging naturally and in the correct manner. 

  • High protein diet 

Protein is very important for collagen synthesis. It helps in improving skin elasticity and skin texture. Having a high protein diet can be good for not only skin but also for hair, joints and muscles. There are two types of protein - 

  1. Plant based protein which includes lentils, pulses and other cereals
  2. Animal based protein which includes chicken, lean meat and dairy products 

Choosing plant based protein is a better idea than animal based protein. 

  • High fiber diet 

High fiber diet is very important for glowing skin and a healthy body. It eliminates all the toxins from the body and keeps it healthy. It is important to consume a high fiber diet which helps in better cleansing of the gut and provides a healthy glow to the skin. Clean gut helps in absorption of the nutrients and keeps the skin radiant. 

  • Rich calcium sources 

Calcium is not only important for bones but also for the skin cells. It helps in formation of skin cells and skin barrier. Calcium has collagen stimulating elements which are great for the skin.

Low levels of calcium can cause dry and itchy skin. Calcium also regulates the functioning of the skin. 

  • Choose omega 3 fatty acids 

Omega 3 fatty acids have natural essential oils which help in moisturizing the skin and provide a radiant glow. Natural omega is present in fish and nuts along with some seeds which work great for the skin. 

Stay hydrated 

It is important to stay hydrated and keep moisture locked in. Choosing water, fruit juices and coconut water can be a great idea to hydrate the skin. 

  • Anti- inflammatory foods 

Anti- inflammatory foods can work wonders on the skin. They help in healing and repairing the skin. Choose natural herbs like curcumin extract from the turmeric which helps in fighting the aging process. 

It is important to select the best SUPERFOODS in the diet which can boost your vitality. These foods can help delay and slow down the process of aging.