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How to deal with acne due to dandruff?

Jan 18, 2023

Dr Rati Parwani 

How to deal with acne due to dandruff?

Are you tired of dealing with recurrent acne? Acne is one of the common skin problems with pesky bumps that can occur at any point in time. It can occur anywhere in the body ranging from the face, arms, neck, back, chest, and shoulders. Severe and chronic acne does not spare any part of the body. It makes us feel uncomfortable resulting in a loss of confidence. 

There could be various reasons for acne and pimples. These could be hereditary, PCOS, oily skin, unhealthy diet, and much more. We are pretty familiar with these reasons. However, one such reason that we are going to discuss today is acne due to dandruff. Yes, acne and dandruff are related to each other. Let us check out the connection between acne and dandruff with effective solutions to treat acne due to dandruff. 

The connection between acne and dandruff

Dandruff is well-known as a flaky scalp. When it becomes severe, it is medically termed “Seborrheic dermatitis.” Dandruff may be in the dry or wet form present on the scalp. This causes white or yellow flakes along with itching of the scalp. This can get complicated resulting in rashes along with acne forming boils on the scalp, and hairline,  and spreading to the forehead which may be painful to touch. 

When the situation of dandruff worsens, pimples begin to occur on the forehead and may spread to the different parts of the face.  This is indicative of acne due to dandruff

The good news? Most cases of acne related to dandruff can be managed effectively with natural and preventive lifestyle solutions. 

Risk Factors of Acne Due To Dandruff

Let us give you some insights into the risk factors of acne resulting from dandruff. 

High incidence of acne due to dandruff

This is particularly seen in teenagers and people with oily skin. 

High sebum or oil production of scalp

There is a lot of sebum and oil production that takes place in sebaceous glands. This sebum gets excreted on the skin through the opening of pores on the oil glands. The sebaceous glands are not only present on the face but also on the scalp. This causes excessive oily scalp and skin. Excess sebum production may trigger dandruff.

Fungus - Malassezia

The excess sebum production may trigger the formation and spread of fungus which causes dandruff. This fungus is called Malezzia. This causes itchy and dry white or sticky yellow flakes on the scalp

Faster skin renewal and regeneration- accelerated skin cycle

The skin on the scalp tends to regenerate and self-renew. The presence of the fungus can accelerate the regeneration of the skin on the scalp causing white flakes or dandruff with dead skin cells. This may trigger the skin cycle at a faster pace disrupting the skin metabolism of the scalp and face.

Acne on forehead due to dandruff

The scalp and forehead are connected. Dandruff may fall off in form of white flakes due to itching of the scalp which may affect the forehead and shoulder causing acne.

How to get rid of acne due to dandruff?

The best ways to get rid of acne due to dandruff are as follows- 

Hair and scalp care 

  • Take care of your scalp environment to fight dandruff
  • Use a good natural anti-dandruff shampoo to prevent dandruff
  • Use good quality hair and scalp care products
  • Do warm oil massage with natural oils to keep dandruff at bay
  • Keep your hair off the face - Quick fix for dandruff


 Healthy lifestyle practices 

  • Sanitize hands regularly before handling skincare and makeup products
  • Avoid touching your face frequently
  • Avoid being in a humid climate which can damage the scalp and hair
  • Eat a healthy balanced diet full of nutrients
  • Consume your healthy diet enriched with vitamins and minerals
  • Keep stress at bay to prevent acne
  • Avoid picking pimple
  • Avoid rubbing your face instead pat dry
  • Do not use harsh exfoliants in case of active acne
  • Ensure to exercise daily
  • Maintain a healthy gut
  • Keep yourself hydrated with water
  • Sound sleep for 8 hours daily is a must
  • Weekly pamper yourself with hair and skincare
  • Use natural skincare and haircare products that are paraben free 

So, get started with these healthy solutions to deal with acne related to dandruff. Keeping dandruff at bay is very important for a healthy scalp, hair, and skin.