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How to Balance Makeup & Skincare on a Beach Day?

Jul 19, 2023

Bhavini Desai

How to Balance Makeup & Skincare on a Beach Day?

Summertime means beach time. Be it at home (if you are one of those uber-lucky fellows), or at a vacay destination. In any place, you need to look your best while strolling the shores, spreading a picnic, building sandcastles, and even taking a leisurely dip in the water. Planning your bikini looks meticulously and spraying a ton of hair product on your beach waves is not enough though. You need to manage your skin too — with skincare as well as makeup. On a sweaty, hot, humid beach day no less. It’s a feat, sure. But not impossible to achieve. Here’s how to balance your makeup and skincare on a beach day.  

2 Steps, 1 Routine 

The secret to perfect beach skin is nicely packed in these 2 simple steps. You make this a routine and stick to it through all your beach days, and rest assured, you will enjoy that beautiful, bright skin and the best selfies money can buy! 


  • Hydrate: Your skin is about to be exposed to direct sunlight, some physical excursion, and a lot of sand and sweat. It is imperative you do some prep and hydrate it beforehand. This can be achieved by at least a week’s worth of hydration with a hyaluronic acid moisturizer. Or you can start the night before with a really hydrating serum that soaks into your skin and nourishes it. The main agenda here is to not only hydrate the layers of your skin but strengthen the skin barrier so that it doesn’t lose all that precious moisture. Lightweight summer moisturizers like Savarnas Natural Skin Tonic become your saving grace in times like these. This product repairs and restores your skin’s lipid barrier, acts as an emollient, and deeply hydrates your skin to prepare it for the beach.  
  • Avoid AHAs & Retinoids: In your pre-beach skincare routine, this is something you must not do — exfoliate with AHAs or use retinoids. Scrubbing too hard is also not recommended. They each make your skin sensitive to the sun, and hence vulnerable to damage. Let your skin be for 3-4 days before your beach excursion.  


  • SPF: Have a huge breakfast, drink lots of fruit juices, and apply sunscreen with high SPF at least 15 minutes before running down to the shore. Sunscreen not only protects your skin from the harmful UV rays that may cause cancer but also keeps your skin from aging too fast. To glean the full benefits of sunscreen, make sure you replenish it every 30 minutes.  
  • Moisturizer: In terms of general day skincare, you may not need much more than your moisturizer. Apply it before your first coat of sunscreen, let it sink into your skin, and relax. If you are applying a lightweight formula like Natural Skin Tonic, then the absorption will be even faster. You can leave serums aside for beach days unless you need something protective like Vitamin C or E serum. Usually, serums are best applied at night after your beach shenanigans. The best ones for summer nights include Savarnas Natural Vitamin C Serum, Savarnas Vitamin E + Squalane Serum, and Savarnas Pigment Correction Serum.  
  • Water-Resistant Makeup: Finally, the part of your face that you anxiously want to get 'just right.’ For the selfies and TikToks, of course! But we recommend approaching it with the ‘less is more’ 
  • Base: Forego your foundations, heavy bases, contours, and highlighters in favor of some light BB or CC cream. This will give you coverage but let your natural skin shine. It will bring out any freckles or slight imperfections to the fore, making for authentic beach selfies.  
  • Lips: For your lips, instead of using a primer-color-gloss trio, just use a tinted lip balm. If you want a deeper shade, then use your favorite lip color, but instead of applying it in a layer over your mouth, use your fingers to dab it lightly until it looks dark enough. This way, you will get that natural ‘berry’ look with kissable beach lips.  
  • Eyes: The most important part of your beach makeup is how you do your eyes and your brows. To look polished but natural, go for a no-eyeliner, no-eye shadow look. Use voluminous mascara to pop your eyes out. The Savarnas 3D Mascara is one of the best products for length and volume, made just for a beach day like this one with its waterproof nature.  
  • Brows: Another feature you need to enhance for your beach is your pair of brows. Even if you got them threaded to within an inch of their life, you do need a water-resistant set of brow makeup. Instead of going all out with brow pencil, powder and gel, choose one or two products that work best with your eyebrows. Make sure the product you choose holds your brows up and also keeps it nicely pigmented, even after you have spent a sweaty day inside the sea.  

Here are our best picks for water-resistant beach brow makeup for you:

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