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How To Apply Mascara Perfectly Like A PRO?

Mar 01, 2023

Dr Rati Parwani

How To Apply Mascara Perfectly Like A PRO?

Flaunt and flutter your eyelashes with the best lash mascara. Many of us indulge in volumizing mascaras to add drama and intensity to the eyes. Apart from choosing the best lash mascara, it is also important to know how to apply lash mascara perfectly like a PRO! In this article, we are going to provide you with insights into the right mascara application to achieve dramatic eyes effortlessly.

Why is mascara important for beautiful eyelashes?

 Eyes are the first to get noticed. Makeup experts and enthusiasts suggest that a swipe or two of the lash mascara can give you a stunning appearance. So, let us help you to add a dash of mascara to your lashes.        

Scroll down to know more about the evolution of mascara and how to choose the best eyelash mascara!

Existence and Evolution of Lash Mascara

The first mascara was formulated and designed by Victorian women at home by using lampblack or ash and natural extracts of elderberry juice. The first commercial mascara evolution took place in the 19th century with petroleum jelly as a primary ingredient.  Since then, there has been major innovations and revolutionary transformation of eyelash mascaras in the beauty industry to accentuate the eyes.

Perfect mascara for your eyelash

In spite of major revolutionary eyelash essentials, lash mascara still continues to be the best choice of millions for instant volumizing lashes. Choosing cruelty-free eyelash mascara and sticking to the traditional roots of the existence of mascara can work wonders for eyelash health in the future. Apart from a good lash mascara, you should also invest in eyelash essentials such as eyelash oil and lash serum for beautiful lashes to boost your overall look. 

If you are a beginner for the lash mascara application, let us provide you with some guidance with the application process. Scroll down to know.

How to apply eyelash mascara like a PRO?

Here are simple and easy steps on the perfect application of eyelash mascara like a PRO-

Step 1- Start with clean eyelashes

Cleanse your face with a good gentle cleanser and ensure working on a clean face by removing all traces or residues of makeup, dirt, grime, or oil. This will help in smooth application and prevent clumping of lashes.

Step 2 -Brush your lashes

Use a clean mascara spoolie or wand to brush your lashes. Ensure to brush them upwards gently. This will not only tame your lashes before applying mascara application but will also help improve blood circulation and stimulate lash follicles for volumizing growth.

Step 3- Curl your lashes

Get hold of a perfect eyelash curler. Look straight in the center and position the lash curler at the base of the eyelashes and slightly away from the eyelids. Look down and gently press the lashes for a perfect curl. Do it thrice as you move upwards to the tip of your lashes.

Step 4- Lash Mascara Application

Shake your mascara tube well before use. Open the mascara tube and wipe off excess product from the applicator. Look into the mirror and place the eyelash mascara applicator at the base of the eyelashes. Move slowly upwards to coat your lashes from base to tip. Wiggle the mascara wand slightly to ensure uniform applications for the lashes.

Step 5- Control the grip and movement of the mascara wand

Always start at the middle and base of the eyelashes slowly running through the corner in an upward direction. Twist the mascara applicator slightly for an even and smooth application. Avoid pumping the applicator in and out of the tube multiple times which may cause drying out of the mascara product leading to clumping of lashes.

Step 6- Brush your lashes with a clean spoolie post-mascara application

Brush or comb your lashes with a clean spoolie post-mascara application. You can also use a lash comb. This will prevent clumping of lashes with a smooth application coat at the corners to cover each and every lash.

Step 7- Apply mascara on lower lashes

The lower lashes are shorter and sparse. You need to know the right technique to apply lash mascara on lower lashes for perfect smudge-free application. Here are some tricks which you can follow for lower lash applications. 

  • Place a tissue under the eyes
  • Take the minimal product and remove the excess product
  • Start mascara application from the middle and gradually run through the corners
  • Hold the wand vertically and use the top to coat the corner of the eyelashes
  • Coat lashes evenly

Step 8- Get ready for a second coat of mascara

Allow the mascara to dry and get absorbed into the lashes for a perfectly natural look but you get started with the second coat of mascara to redefine your eyelashes. 

So, follow these steps for applying mascara and achieve beautiful eyes instantly. 

Do not forget to include eyelash oil and serum to stimulate lash health. It is important to follow an eyelash routine to keep lashes beautiful and healthy while using lash mascara. 

Precision is the key to the application of eyelash mascara. Remember, makeup is an art and requires patience and practice to ace it. Be ready to turn into a PRO for perfect beautiful lashes!