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How Many Times Should I Wash My Face?

Jul 29, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

How Many Times Should I Wash My Face?

This is a basic question when it comes to a skincare routine. We tend to know the actual number to wash our face. Well, the correct answer is “Wash your face twice a day.” You got it right, This is recommended by experts as well. But, here it is important to listen to your skin as well. There may be possibilities where you can be exposed to pollution or smoke or dirt which may require you to clean your face. Sometimes, excessive sweating post-workout may also need some splashing of water. So, hold on before you stick to this magic number of washing your face twice. Learn to know what your skin needs and also know your skin type. 

Hold on and keep reading to get that perfect answer to your question for ”How Many Times Should I Wash My Face?” 

The correct way of washing your face 

Yes, maybe it's just that scorching heat of summer weather, which may feel like splashing some cold water on your skin to stay cool. Well, that is completely normal and you need to listen to your skin. If you feel sweaty and dirty, you can splash some water on your face or maybe cleanse your face as well. 

Before we dive deep into washing and cleansing your face, let us check the actual difference between the washing of the face and cleansing of the face. 

Sometimes, there is just a need to splash some water to make you feel refreshed. Yes, you can do so. Cleansing is required in case of dirt and impurities which stick on the skin. Different people have different things about minds in regards to face cleansing, washing, or merely just splashing water. 

Tips and Tricks to Wash Face in a Correct Manner 

Let us get started with tips and tricks to wash your face correctly. 

Wash your face twice a day 

Make sure to wash your face with cleanser twice daily. You can follow a morning and evening skincare routine for this. In the morning, your face is exposed to different kinds of impurities. So, cleansing skin at night can make a lot of difference. Also, it is important to wash your face in the morning, it wakes you up from sleep with a refreshing day and brings about a natural glow on the face. The top layer of the skin repairs and regenerates at night. So, it is advisable to keep it clean to unclog the pores. 

Use the right products 

Choose a natural cleanser that will be not only gentle on your skin but give you a power punch to the skin. A thorough cleansing is important. We agree to this, but you need to take care not to strip off all the moisture from your skin. Natural oils are very important to keep the skin healthy and maintain the skin barrier function. Choosing a natural cleanser over conventional cleansers is a great idea to revitalize the skin naturally. 

Take care not to go overboard with washing your face 

Follow the 30-second rule for the skin. Make sure to gently massage your skin in circular motions to remove all the dirt and dust collected on your skin. Gently massage the cleanser on your face and make sure you cover all the areas of the face. Wash off well not to leave any residue. Pat dry and do not rub vigorously. 

Be gentle while cleansing your face 

Gentle massage the cleanser. Use a hydrating natural cleanser that gives you squeaky clean skin without leaving any residue. Start gentle massaging from the forehead and work your way down slowly to the chin. Enjoy the mini facial massage which will also destress you. 

Double cleansing depends on the needs 

Heavy makeup or dusty smoky environment or maybe sweaty after the gym, double cleansing may be required to get your face clean and rid of impurities for crystal clear skin. Well, double cleansing should be gentle for the skin. Choose organic, non-comedogenic, gentle, and moisturizing cleansers for double cleansing the skin.  

Face cleansers and face washes are essential skincare items. These products should be chosen at their best and used wisely.