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How do you make your eyes stand out without makeup?

Sep 14, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

How do you make your eyes stand out without makeup?

Eyes can capture the soul. The real and true beauty lies in them. We, at Savarnas Mantra®, believe that the eyes form the most important part of our beauty. The eyes are the first to get noticed before your skin. Making them prettier is very important. Now, the question arises, “Is it possible to have pretty eyes without makeup?” So, for all your wonderful beauties who would be glad to know that pretty eyes are very much possible without makeup? 

I am sure we all love the eyes with makeup. Some of us are crazy about eyeliner and just can't do without out. Just a typical eyeliner or black kohl works wonders to define the eyes. But, there are some other factors that can accentuate the eyes as well. So, if you want beautiful eyes, this is a must-read for you. Get ready to receive some compliments for beautiful eyes. 

Today, in this blog, we will talk about how to make eyes prettier and stand out without makeup. 

Pretty Eye Tips 

Let’s begin. The pretty eye tips are as follows- 

  • Know the importance of eyes 

It is important to know how essential your eyes are. It speaks volumes of words. It can never go unnoticed. At the same time, it is important to understand that eyes are delicate and precious in nature. 

  • Stay hydrated 

You must stay hydrated with plenty of water. Make sure to drink natural fruit juices along with coconut water which can keep you hydrated. This adds dual benefits of keeping the under-eye area hydrated and keeping energy levels high. 

  • Be gentle with your eyes 

It is important to be gentle with the eyes as they are very precious organs of the body. They are important and perform one of the major functions of sight. Under eye area is very fragile and prone to skin issues. That is why it is important to be gentle with your eyes. 

  • Facial and eye exercises 

Facial and eye exercises are a must to improve blood circulation. This helps in preventing darkness around the eye area and prevents pigmentation.

 Home remedies 

Home remedies such as cucumber and green tea work great for the skin. This is full of potent antioxidants which work best for the under-eye skin. 

  • Regular breaks 

If you are hooked in front of a computer for a long time, it can be stressful for the under-eye skin. Take a break and take a small walk every hour or may just look at a distance by enjoying greenery and nature. 

  • Protect from UV damage 

Here, sunscreen is not enough. You need to add more protectants. Get your sunglasses on with UV protection which can help protect your under-eye skin from pigmentation and dark circles. 

  • Use natural under-eye cream 

Natural under-eye cream is great for the skin. It helps boost collagen and keeps fine lines at bay. Use natural under-eye cream with anti-aging benefits. 

  • Use natural skincare products 

Natural skin care products are a must for healthy skin from within. They cause no side effects and work with nature to heal and revitalize the skin. 

  • Use antioxidants enriched products 

Vitamin A, C, and E are the most potent antioxidants. Use products enriched with botanical extracts which will work wonders for the skin. 

  • Start with eyebrow nourishing oil 

Eyebrow oil is great for brows. It helps in brow growth to make it look natural, fluffy, and healthy. Thicker and denser eyebrow with good shape adds some drama to the eyes. 

  • Use eyelash oil 

Full lengthy eyelashes help in defining the eyes. Use eyelash oil infused with natural extracts and Vitamin E oil which is great to boost eyelash growth. 

  • Use natural lash serum 

Can't get enough? Aim for well textured and healthy eyelashes by using natural lash serum and natural mascara. This can add volume to the eyes. 

  • Curl your lashes 

Hold your lash curler and apply a dash of natural lash mascara to make your eyes look pretty and beautiful. 

  • Get plenty of sleep 

An 8 hours sound sleep is a must for your eyes and skin glow. Make sure to have undisturbed and refreshing sleep for a natural glow in the morning. 

Does this seem like a task? Well, do not worry. Just start it as a regular routine and get used to it. Regular practice will make you perfect. 

This is a complete guide to make your eyes stand out and look prettier like never before. Get ready to capture some compliments which will bring a natural shine to your eyes with a fantastic lovely glow to the face.