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How do eye creams work?

Apr 10, 2023

Dr Rati Parwani

How do eye creams work?

Eye creams work wonders for the skin around the eyes. It is worth investing in the best eye cream for beautiful eyes. Battle aging and win over it by focusing on the skin around the eyes and using a good eye cream.

Importance of eye cream.

The truth is that most of us tend to ignore our under-eye skin area, thinking it is entirely okay not to use eye cream. But, the skin around the eyes needs special attention. It is quite different and delicate than your facial skin. 

Did you know that your eyes and lips are the first to show signs of aging? Yes, the eye and lip area are prone to aging due to the easy appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You can enjoy eye beauty with the best makeup, but a skincare routine with eye cream is necessary. 

Eye cream is not only important as a beauty essential but also a skincare essential for beautiful eyes. It is crucial to use under-eye cream to hydrate the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles. 

Let's take a deep dive to check more details on the benefits of eye creams and how eye creams work. Here’s what you need to know more about what an eye cream can do, and which is the best eye cream to opt for. Let’s begin!

What is eye cream?

Eye cream is a moisturizer specifically formulated for the skin around the eyes, as it requires special care. The skin around the eyes comprises delicate skin tissues and cells. An eye cream provides focused target-based solutions for under-eye skin to provide hydration and moisturization. 

Wondering how eye creams work? Let us check it out in the next part of the article.

Benefits of eye cream.

Knowing about the benefits of eye cream can help you choose the suitable eye cream with the best results. Here are the top benefits of eye cream. 

  • Boosts the skin hydration of the area around the eyes
  • It helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Prevents puffy eyes
  • It helps eliminate dark circles
  • Helps in even and smooth application of eye makeup

Choosing the right eye cream

Choosing the right eye cream is very important. The eyes and vision are the essential elements for living, it is crucial to focus on the safety of the eyes. 

Let us check out how to choose the best eye cream, which is a great investment for your beauty.

Key features of eye cream

Even if you use a daily moisturizer, an eye cream is worth investing in. You must start using eye cream in your late 20s or early 30s. Most tend to use just a moisturizer for the entire face thinking it is just enough for the skin's hydration around the eyes. 

Let us discover some secrets to investing in the correct eye cream. Here are some of the unique key features you must look for in your eye cream. 

  1. Formulated with natural ingredients like Vitamin E.
  2. Quick, easy absorption with no stickiness and lightweight eye creams.
  3. Locks in moisture for a longer period.
  4. Target-specific results with intense hydration.
  5. Enriched with nutritional elements of botanical extracts.
  6. Enriched with the brightening effects of natural Vitamin C.
  7. Safe for the skin around the eyes and dermatologist tested.
  8. Choose cruelty-free, skin-friendly, and clean beauty eye creams over conventional ones.
  9. Avoid silicone-based eye creams or serums.
  10. Choose eye creams with high collagen synthesis activity containing hyaluronic acid.
  11. Invest in stem cell peptide-enriched eye creams which are great for skin regeneration.
  12. Choose natural elements of Vitamin A and Retinol derivatives which help boost skin cells' functioning.

Eye cream application

Choosing the right technique, area, and time is essential for eye cream application. Let's check how, when, and where you should use eye cream. 

Eye cream application area 

The eye cream application areas are as follows- 

  • Skin around the eyes - medial (inner angle) and lateral (outer angle) of the eyes
  • Under eye skin
  • Around temples and eyelids 

All the areas mentioned above are very sensitive. Choosing a safe eye cream product is very important. The right application of eye cream is also essential for the best results. 

Eye cream application technique

Here are the simple steps to follow for eye cream application. 

  • Start with a clear, and cleansed face.
  • Focus only on the eye areas.
  • Take a dim amount of under-eye cream of the ringer finger pulp.
  • Gently dab the eye cream by tapping around the skin near the eyes.
  • Massage it gently by tapping the eye cream around the eyes in a circular motion.
  • Do not apply pressure while applying.
  • Be minimalist in usage and gentlest in approach.
  • Allow the cream to get absorbed entirely for 60 secs.
  • Take care to avoid getting the cream into the eye. 

Eye cream application time. 

Morning skincare routine- Applying the eye cream in the morning before makeup is recommended, and allowing it to get absorbed on cleansed face. 

Evening skincare routine- It is advisable to apply eye cream before bedtime and allow some time to get absorbed completely for 60 seconds before you hit the bed.

The final takeaway

Eye cream brings radiance and glow to the eyes by moisturizing the skin around the eyes. Daily application of your eye cream with your skincare routine can give you natural, long-lasting beauty.