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Benefits of squalane for glowing skin

Apr 07, 2023

Dr Rati Parwani

Benefits of squalane for glowing skin

Hydration is the key to glowing skin. Dehydrated skin is a big no! Even if your skin is super-oily, you need your daily dose of hydration. Thinking about which moisturizer to opt for? Well, you are on the right page with us. Let's discover squalane which is considered a skincare gem for moisturization. 

Today, in this article, we will discuss intense hydration with the best moisturization from Squalane and its benefits.

Importance of Squalane

Many moisturizers are available in the beauty industry with attractive ingredients that may take your attention. But, it is vital to choose the right moisturizer for the perfect balanced condition of the skin. Squalane is one of the best moisturizing ingredients in the beauty industry. Let us take a closer look at why you should choose squalane for moisturization. 

Apart from squalene trending these days, there are many benefits of squalene. Let us not forget that the skin has an in-built system for moisturization with natural oils and sebum secretion. However, as we get older, the skin cells turn to die or may get dehydrated. This is why most of us switch over to moisturizers for intense hydration. One moisturizing ingredient which is worth a million for your skin is squalane. Thanks to its natural mimicking properties with skin’s natural oils, it is considered an excellent emollient. 

Squalane is a natural skin oil or lipid produced by your skin cells. This amount of squalane tends to decline with age. Squalane has the highest and peak production in the early 20s or 30s. This natural element, squalene, helps the skin to be more supple and dewy. Aging causes dehydration of the skin as we lose natural oils. Moreover, using many beauty or makeup products can strip off the natural oils from the skin or may tend to damage the skin barrier. It is essential to substitute your skin with squalane-based moisturizer to prevent the depletion of natural oils, which helps in maintaining healthy skin balance. 

Before we take a deep dive into the benefits of squalane, let us give you some insights on squalane.

What is Squalane?

Squalane is one of the natural oils secreted from skin cells. It is also derived from many plant-based and animal-based sources, which are as follows- 

  • Plant-based sources of Squalane- Olives, rice bran, and sugarcane.
  • Animal-based sources of Squalane - Derived from fish oils, sharks, and liver. 

Animal and plant-based sources of squalane are available in the crude form in the natural state, which is quite unstable. In crude form, it tends to turn rancid as it undergoes the oxygenation process. In such cases, it is advisable to choose squalane extracted from natural plant and animal based sources which is considered as a stable molecule allowing quick absorption into the skin. Squalane is a skin-friendly moisturizer, but it should be derived naturally from animal and plant sources with the best extraction methods for positive potential effects. 

Read ahead to learn more about squalane and why you incorporate it into your daily skin routine.

Benefits for Squalane.

Here are the top benefits of squalane.

Excellent natural emollient properties.

Squalane has excellent emollient properties as it is produced naturally from plant and animal based sources. It has positive effects for softening and soothing the skin effectively.

Locks in moisture.

Squalane helps in replenishing the moisturizing layer of the skin to keep it plumpier, dewy and soft. It has natural properties to lock and trap moisture into the skin cells for fantastic radiance.

Glowing and luminous look.

Hydration helps in providing a bright and radiant look to the skin. A natural glow of the skin with intense hydration and moisturization is considered the best glow rather than using silicone-based products for an artificial brightening effect. Squalane helps in providia ng luminous glow for beautiful radiant skin naturally.

Prevents signs of aging.

Dry skin may cause wrinkles and fine lines. It is important to moisturize skin and maintain a healthy barrier to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay. You can battle aging with squalane-based moisturizers for intense hydration. This keeps fine lines and wrinkles at bay. 

Maintain a healthy skin barrier.

Skin nourishment is essential for a healthy skin barrier. Squalane-based moisturizers are natural and help in deeper absorption of the skin nutrients to nourish skin and keep it healthy.  This helps maintain a protective barrier to keep skin problems at bay.

Helps in faster skin recovery.

The skin has the property of regeneration. Squalane helps boost the regenerative properties of the skin cells, which is essential for faster recovery. If you are battling skin inflammation, natural squalane-based moisturizers are considered excellent for overall skin health.  


As the squalane production natural skin care capacity tends to decline with age, dry skin is a normal occurrence. It is important to choose natural skin care essentials enriched with squalane to help boost hydration and retain moisture for longer. Squalane can help achieve healthy skin and keep skin problems at bay.