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What are tadpole eyebrows?

Apr 05, 2023

Dr Rati Parwani

What are tadpole eyebrows?

Do you hate tadpole brows? Most of us do not like the shape and look of tadpole brows. But, sometimes, you cannot avoid it. Yes, if you are dealing with eyebrow issues, tadpole brows may tend to occur, which can have a negative impact. Majority of us tend to link tadpole eyebrows as one of the dreading-looking eyebrows. But the good news is that you can reverse tadpole eyebrows and get fuller-looking amazing, beautiful eyebrows with simple tricks and tips. 

It's time to get inspired to prevent tadpole eyebrows. Let us take a deep dive into what exactly tadpole brows are and how to avoid them.

What are tadpole eyebrows?

As the name suggests, “tadpole eyebrows” are tadpole-shaped brows that depict thinning of brows. Tadpole eyebrow is a term used to describe brows with too much weight at the start of brows, followed by a pencil-thin tail at the end. The tadpole eyebrows do not look attractive, resulting in an unpleasant look.

Incidence of tadpole brows

If you are heading towards a salon to achieve the best shape, it's time to look closely into the body of the brows. Professional threading and waxing at the salons are a must to keep tadpole brows at bay. Tadpole brows have a higher incidence in people prone to over-tweezing, over-plucking at home, and lack of brow growth, causing brow thinning.

Causes of tadpole brow. 

There are many causes of tadpole brows. Some of them are as follows- 

1. Over-plucking or over-tweezing. 

Tadpole brow shape typically resembles a frog or toad-like shape seen in over-pluckers who frequently tend to tweeze brows. In a quest for the perfect shape, you may tend to cut your brows short or go overboard with tweezing or plucking, damaging the natural body, tail, or arch of the brows. If your brows are far apart, you should stop over-plucking at the center.

2. Thinning of eyebrows due to eyebrow loss. 

Thinning of eyebrows may occur in cases of eyebrow loss or madarosis. It can be problematic in case of internal health issues such as autoimmune disorders like alopecia, eyebrow psoriasis, or eczema. Hormonal disturbances like thyroid issues can also cause thinning of brows.

3. Aging. 

Aging can affect brow growth. It is important to age gracefully by taking all preventative measures to keep your body functioning at its best. It is essential to indulge in anti-aging brow solutions for beautiful and healthy brows.

4. Stress. 

Stress can cause a major impact on brow growth. The chronic build-up of stress can release cortisol or stress hormone which can damage the brow and scalp follicles causing hair loss. Coping with stress in the right manner with healthy lifestyle strategies can help prevent brow loss and stimulate hormones for brow growth.

5. Genetics. 

Genetics plays a very important role in the occurrence of tadpole eyebrows. If you have sparse-looking  or pointed arch brows, it may depict a tadpole-like shape. The best solution is to grab eyebrow pencils along with eyebrow makeup to prevent tadpole brows. Moreover, you can focus on an eyebrow care routine to grow fuller, denser, and more beautiful brows. 

How do you prevent tadpole eyebrows? 

Eyebrow mistakes can result in tadpole brows. It is important to pay closer attention to brows while dealing with them as they are composed of short, fine, and delicate hair. The best ways to prevent tadpole eyebrows are as follows- 

  1. Get involved in brow mapping.
  2. Stay away from tweezers.
  3. Start with an eyebrow care routine.
  4. Use the right brow essentials.
  5. Choose eyebrow powder to fill brows.
  6. Ensure to trim your brows once a month for healthy growth.
  7. Choose the best eyebrow makeup.
  8. Ensure to remove eye, brow, and face makeup before bedtime.
  9. Brow soaps give fuller-looking beautiful brows.
  10. Massage your brows for healthy blood circulation.
  11. Hit an eyebrow spa for pampering brows.
  12. Speak to your brow specialist. 

Which eyebrow essentials should I use to get rid of tadpole brows? 

Here are the best eyebrow essentials which you can opt for to prevent tadpole brows and achieve beautiful brows. 

Instant eyebrow essentials. 

These show up instant quick results to prevent tadpole brows. These are as follows- 

Long-lasting eyebrow essentials for eyebrow care. 

Along with instant brow essentials, you will also need long-lasting eyebrow essentials for healthy brows and to keep tadpole brows at bay. These are as follows- 

  • Eyebrow nourishing oil.
  • Eyebrow serum.
  • Eyebrow brush or spoolie.
  • Eyebrow scissors and tools to trim brows. 

Before you start online shopping for brow essentials, choosing the right product for your eyebrows is crucial. Focus on high-quality based eyebrow essentials with natural elements. Choose vegan brows soaps and natural botanical extract-enriched eyebrow oil, serums, or gel over the conventional silicone-based eyebrow essentials. 

So, following these simple tips and tricks can work wonders for your brows and enhance your overall beauty. Pamper your brows with Savarnas Mantra Eyebrow Essentials to enjoy beautiful eyebrows always! Remember, healthy brows are a sign of beauty. Start indulging in love and care for brows.