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Customer Success Stories: Transformative Beauty Journeys

Jan 30, 2024

Bhavini Desai

Customer Success Stories: Transformative Beauty Journeys

Table of Contents:


Our Transformative Skincare 

Beauty Stories from Our Brow & Lash Care

Beauty Stories From Instagram




Savarnas Mantra has been crafting natural skincare and pioneering brow and lash care for all. Our inclusive, natural, and cruelty-free products are perfect for those who want to live ethical and conscious beauty. If you are one of those, then it’s time you upgrade your vanity. But before you do that, read these success stories from our customers’ transformative beauty journeys.  


Our Transformative Skincare:

  1. Vitamin C Serum


Go for it!

ireland baker

“My neck is very wrinkled, and nothing seemed to be working for it. I have deep lines around my mouth too. This natural vitamin c serum has worked wonders on all the above. It’s not like magic tightening, but my skin looks very fresh and supple. Including the neck area.”


I recommend it for all ages.


“I am in my 30s and already using this vitamin c serum as a preemptive strike against aging. My fine lines are almost faded in 2 months and there were some spots around my nose that are also lightened. I recommend it.”


Excellent Vitamin C serum!


“The natural Vitamin C serum is truly the best serum I’ve ever used on my skin. Highly recommend.” 


  1. Biomarine Moisturizer


My skin just loves it!


“I must say, this is the best moisturizer that I’ve used on my skin so far. Truly amazing.” 

Best Natural Moisturizer!

Camila John

“My skin is super dry, but this moisturizer does wonders to keep them moisturized. Perfect formula for my skin.” 


  1. Natural Polisher Exfoliant


Tighter skin and gentle exfoliation


“I like how natural polisher exfoliant is effective as well as gentle. I can safely say that my skin feels a lot smoother and tighter since I started using it.”


Perfect Exfoliator!


“Though I've tried different exfoliators from various brands, this is my absolute favorite. It's gentle but very effective in sloughing off the dead skin. I highly recommend it.”


Great product for all skin types

Maya B.

“Amazing results when used regularly. I think 2-3 times a week is perfect for most skin types.” 


  1. Natural Lip Plumper


Very good plumper


“I’m usually wary about such products as they may be harmful. But natural lip plumper had all the ingredients that were usually found in any other moisturizer. Like hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and peptides. It worked well for me.”


Helped me with lines around my mouth

Henna Adams

“Indeed, a surprise. I wanted to use instant lip plumper for plumping my thin lips, but in addition it also helped smooth out the lines around my mouth.”


Such a natural-looking pout


“I’ll be honest, you cannot expect a bee-stung pout with this natural instant lip plumper. But with regular use, I did see that my lips were hydrated, supple and there was a pout that was noticeable.” 


Beauty Stories from Our Brow & Lash Care


  1. Brow Powder 

Doubled up as eyeshadow too!


“It’s funny how I sometimes use this auburn brow powder as my eyeshadow. It’s great in both roles!”


Vere natural-looking


“Unlike most brow powders I have used so far, savarnasmantra eyebrow powder is a natural texture. It doesn’t look like makeup when applied with the right strokes, I bought myself the auburn shade to add some depth to my dark brown brows and haven’t looked back.”


Finally a brow powder for grey hair!


“I am so thrilled to use this, and so proud that Savarnas Mantra thought about women like us who have grey eyebrows. The texture, color and feel are all so good that even though I bought this moonstone brow powder for special occasions, I am using it every day. Best investment.” 


  1. Lash Mascara 

Too waterproof


“I loved the look this mascara gives. But it is very difficult to wash it off. Needed two soaked cotton balls of makeup remover and a lot of patience to get it off. But definitely worth the purchase as my lashes look amazing!”


never knew 3D mascara could be so good!


“I always thought 3D mascara would be like putting falsies, but this lash mascara proved me wrong. Such a lovely product to make my lashes really stand out with length, curl, and thickness.”


Amazing mascara

Hayat Jones

“Everything is perfect. My lashes look like falsies!”


  1. Eyelash Oil 

Miraculous oil!


“I was often worried about my thin and dull lashes. Trust me! This eyelash oil transformed my lashes into thick and lengthy ones. I am so happy with your product.”


Best eyelash oil!


“I have used many lash oils to boost hair growth, but nothing worked. This one is something different. It worked wonders on my lashes.” 


Beauty Stories From the Gram


  1. Tiffany Michelle Horace:

My experience has been great with their Rose Cleanser, Biomarine Moisturizer and Natural Lip Plumper. And must I add, the lip plumper has definitely been a hit for me because it’s all-natural and I don’t have to go get lip injections for fuller, plumper lips. This stuff is amazing, and my lips are so perfect now.” 


  1. Alena:

This is one of the best Vitamin C serums that I have tried. I’m shocked that this company isn’t more well-known. I noticed a difference in my skin in as little as a week. This is my go-to vitamin C serum! If you haven’t tried this brand, you are definitely missing out! 


Since starting their natural skin tonic, I have noticed less redness and much healthier plump looking skin. It has also started to diminish some of my fine lines. It is fragrance-free and perfect for dry, sensitive skin but can be used for all skin types. I am really pleased with the results and can't wait to use this in the winter when my skin gets extremely dry.” 


  1. Nini Petrova:

My skin feels so fresh and hydrated after using Hyaluronic Serum by Savarnas Mantra.

This natural 100% pure hyaluronic serum instantly satisfies the quench of a thirsty skin when applied. It delivers intense hydration in those areas where my skin needs it most. 

Natural 100% Pure Hyaluronic has the unique ability to tailor itself to serve the hydration needs of all skin types. This is possible because it attracts the precise amount of moisture depending on individual needs.” 



To conclude, we are proud of the smiles we bring to our clan. We are proud and humbled by our Customer Testimonials, and we hope to make you smile just as bright! Check out our Savarnas Mantra online store and pick your favorites today.