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DIY Spa Day at Home: Pampering Yourself in January

Jan 26, 2024

Bhavini Desai

DIY Spa Day at Home: Pampering Yourself in January

Table of Contents:


What is a DIY Spa?

How Can You Make Your Own DIY Spa?

What Food & Drinks To Prep?

How To Make A Party Out Of It?

January Pampering Tips




January, the Monday of the year, is the perfect time to start some good habits. And what’s better than self-care? Because let’s face it, after the hustle and bustle of the holidays, you need to treat yourself to a spa day. But spas are expensive, especially those full-body spas. So how about we set you up with a foolproof plan to do your spa at home, completely DIY? 

Creating a spa-like experience doesn't require a trip to the salon – with a few simple steps, you can transform your abode into a sanctuary of tranquility. In this blog, we will sketch out the concept of a DIY spa, share tips on how to create your own spa day, suggest delicious food and drinks to enhance the experience, and even provide ideas on turning it into a spa party. Start taking notes in 3, 2, 1… 


What is a DIY Spa?

• A DIY spa is a budget-friendly and convenient way to indulge in self-care. And, you can do it without leaving the comfort of your home!

• It involves creating a serene atmosphere — some dim lights, a little aromatherapy, and bubble baths. Things you have at home are enough to make the mood.

• You don't need an extensive collection of spa equipment – just a few key items can turn your bathroom or living room into the spa center of your dreams.

• And the best part is, it’s completely private. You don't need to share it with anybody or spend a fortune to enjoy its benefits.


How Can You Make Your Own DIY Spa?

Creating your DIY spa day is simple, inexpensive, and requires very little prep. 

Step 1: Start by setting the mood – dim the lights, play soothing music, and light scented candles. You can also use essential oils to fill the air with calming aromas. 

Step 2: Next, gather your favorite skincare products, bath salts, and a cozy robe. 

Step 3: Consider incorporating relaxation activities while you massage your body with oil, soak in the tub, or just apply a face mask. Meditation or gentle yoga enhances the overall experience. 

Step 4: Plan your spa activities, whether it's a facial, a warm bath, or a manicure, and ensure you have all the necessary tools and products on hand.


What Food & Drinks To Prep?

Junk and takeaways may sound oh-so-relaxing at this point, but when you plan a spa day for your body and skin, make sure you plan a spa day for your stomach too. So, go for light snacks and mild drinks (if you plan on adding alcohol to the mix).

• Fresh fruit platters

• Yogurt parfaits

• Herbal teas

• Lemon or mint water

• Salads with fresh greens, nuts, and grilled meats

• Finger sandwiches or tiny wraps

• Smoothies


Basically, pick any foods or drinks that help you feel satiated but also leave you feeling light! If you wish to indulge in dessert, then dark chocolate, fresh strawberries, and blueberries make for an awesome treat.


How To Make A Party Out Of It?

Well, well, turns out, you can just as easily turn this party for one into a bash! You have the spa essentials in place, and the food planned, then all you need to do is expand the scale. We suggest hosting a spa day for yourself once and then making it a party for the next time.

• You can make DIY face masks at home by blending together ingredients from your kitchen.

• You can lay out your exfoliants, cleansers, and serums.

• Order or prep enough easy foods to last your munching.

• Set up nail art corners.

• Invite over friends or family and put on some soothing music.

• And there you have it, a January spa party in your house!


January Pampering Tips:

Jan’s winter brings a unique set of challenges, including cold weather and the post-holiday blues. Combat these with specific pampering tips tailored to the month.

• Incorporating warm elements into your spa day — cozy blankets and hot beverages.

• Focus on hydrating skincare to counter the effects of cold, dry air.

• Additionally, include mood-boosting activities like listening to uplifting music or practicing gratitude.

• Consider adding winter-specific treatments like a hydrating hair mask or a warming foot soak.



A DIY spa day in January is a great idea and an awesome way to kickstart the new year. Cue: self-love and lots of relaxation. By creating this calming vibe, incorporating great food and drinks, and tailoring the experience to your specific needs — you get to indulge like never before. Whether enjoyed solo or as a social event with loved ones, a DIY spa day is a simple yet effective way to prioritize self-care and set a positive tone for the months ahead. If you want to stock up on your skincare essentials before your spa day, order up from Savarnas Mantra.