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Chocolate and Skincare: Does It Benefit Your Skin?

Oct 17, 2022

Rini Jose

Chocolate and Skincare: Does It Benefit Your Skin?

Any celebration or event is incomplete without chocolates. Maybe that's why most of us are ardent lovers of these mood boosters. Luckily, chocolates are becoming more popular for their health benefits nowadays. Besides, it is also recognized and considered a powerful ingredient in skincare. Many have even started including it in their skincare routine lately. Want to explore the benefits of chocolate on the skin? Or wanna know which type of chocolate to consume or choose for topical usage? We've rounded up some of the most exciting facts about chocolate and skincare and the best ways to include them in your beauty routine to keep your skin glowing. 

Is Chocolate Good or Bad for the Skin? 

There is always confusion about consuming chocolates and their after-effects on the skin. Because in most skincare tips, one point frequently highlighted is to avoid "consuming more sweets and chocolates." Well, let's clarify; eating the purest form of chocolate with rich cocoa content benefits your health and skin because it's rich in antioxidants and nutrients. However, consuming chocolates with added sugar, artificial ingredients, and fats isn't a healthy choice for your health and skin.   

When topically used, chocolate helps repair the skin damage caused by environmental factors. Besides, it is incredibly moisturizing for the skin. The catechins present in the chocolates help to revive dull skin.  

Which Chocolate Is Best for the Skin? 

Though chocolates are a healthy choice for skin and health, not all of them are the same and created equal. The sugar content, fat, and calories added to each one vary.  

Dark Chocolate 

Among the chocolates, dark chocolates are rich in cocoa solids. It comes with a rich chocolate flavor and a chalky texture. The sugar content in dark chocolate is comparatively less, so it tastes slightly bitter.  

Milk Chocolate

It contains milk and sugar, in addition to cocoa butter. It is most loved by many because of its sweet and creamy taste.  

White Chocolate

Sugar, milk, and cocoa butter are used in white chocolate. The cocoa content in white chocolates is less as they are made with cocoa butter, an edible vegetable fat that is just a part of the cocoa bean. 

Chocolates with the highest cocoa percentages are the best for skin or overall health. 

How Does Chocolate Benefit the Skin?  

Chocolates, especially dark chocolates, can offer amazing benefits to our skin. It's rich in fatty acids, zinc, and flavonoids, which are beneficial for the skin in numerous ways. Some of the benefits include; 

Protects against sun damage

The high content of flavonoids in chocolate has the power to protect the skin from sun damage. Flavonoids possess rich antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.   

Great exfoliant for the skin

Cocoa powder is an excellent exfoliant for the skin. It aids in improving blood circulation and sloughs off dead skin cells, thereby providing naturally radiant skin.  

Nourishes the skin: 

Chocolates are full of nutrients. It's rich in vitamins E, B, K, calcium, iron, etc. When used on the skin, all these nutrients get absorbed into the skin and keep them healthy. 

Firms the skin: 

Chocolates are rich in caffeine and theobromine, which are best for keeping your skin firm. They work by reducing fluid retention in the skin by breaking down fats. However, you can't expect this result using white or milk chocolate.  

Prevents premature aging: 

Chocolates, especially dark chocolates, can contribute a lot to maintaining healthy and glowing skin by reducing pigmentation and dark spots on the skin. Moreover, it also prevents fine lines and wrinkles by keeping the skin moisturized and retaining its moisture. It also improves collagen production and boosts blood circulation.  

Soothes the skin:

Chocolates are known for their high anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, using it on the skin aids in reducing inflammation and redness on the skin caused by acne.  

Best Ways to Include Chocolate in Skincare 

Chocolate can be incorporated into skincare in the form of DIY face packs or scrubs, or you may even try skincare products enriched with cocoa powder. Similarly, eating one to two ounces of dark chocolate benefits your skin and health.  

Chocolate and Coffee Face Mask 

In a bowl, add a tablespoon of cocoa powder and coffee powder. Add two tablespoons of milk and blend them well. Apply the chocolate and coffee mask to your face and neck. Leave it on the skin for eight to ten minutes and wash it off using fresh water. Apply the face mask twice a week for bright and youthful skin. 

Excited to try on chocolate on the skin for glowing and soft skin? Get started without delay!! Stay in touch with Savarnas Mantra® for the best natural skincare products and beauty tips to help you keep your skin healthy and youthful.