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How To Prevent Hyperpigmentation Of The Skin?

Oct 17, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

How To Prevent Hyperpigmentation Of The Skin?

Are you upset with a small brown patch on your cheek right under your eye? Well, this brownish discoloration of the skin is called “Hyperpigmentation.” There could be various reasons for this which might be ranging from age spots to sunspots. This leads to uneven skin tone and takes away your beauty. Today, with this blog, we shall give you insights into the causes, solutions, and prevention of hyperpigmentation. 

Let us face the fact- “Once you get hyperpigmentation of the skin, it takes time to lighten up and get rid of uneven skin tone.” Yes, most of us agree with this. Thus, the best solution is to prevent hyperpigmentation.

What Is Hyperpigmentation?

The color of the skin depends on the pigment which is known as melanin. This melanin (skin pigment) is secreted by the MSH (Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone)  which is produced by the melanocytes (skin cells). Controlled melanin is maintained internally by the hormonal balance and externally by taking preventive measures for pigmentation.

How Does Hyperpigmentation Occur?

The skin has the capacity to regenerate. New skin cells are produced in the lower layers of the epidermis and gradually migrate towards the skin surface where they eventually get sloughed off as dead skin and this gets gradually exfoliated. 

Melanocytes are located in deeper layers of the epidermis. Melanin production completely depends on melanocyte stimulation. This gives color to the skin due to the secretion of melanin (skin pigment). 

This melanin stimulation occurs due to - 

Internal Factors

External Factors


Unhealthy diet

Aging & Medical condition

Sedentary lifestyle

Hormonal Imbalance

UV rays & Pollutants

These factors produce inflammation of the skin cells which may lead to hyperpigmentation or brownish discoloration of the skin.

What Are The Common Types Of Hyperpigmentation?

The common types of hyperpigmentation are as follows - 

  • Age Spots - This mainly occurs as we age or on exposure to sun
  • Melasma -This is commonly seen in hormonal issues like menopause and thyroid
  • Drug-induced hyperpigmentation - This is especially linked with hormonal medicines or oral contraceptives.
  • Pregnancy Mask - Melasma- This is mainly due to fluctuation in pregnancy hormones
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation - This often occurs after skin issues such as acne or eczema

How To Prevent Hyperpigmentation?

Here are some effective measures to prevent hyperpigmentation- 

  • Wear sunscreen with SPF to protect your skin from harsh rays
  • Avoid harsh rays between 10 am to 4 pm
  • Ensure protective covering like full sleeves, hat, and scarf
  • Use natural skincare solutions with anti-oxidant effects
  • Use natural anti-aging elements like hyaluronic acid and glycolic peels
  • Use serums enriched with pure Vitamin C 

Why Should You Prevent Hyperpigmentation Of The Skin?

Hyperpigmentation can cause distress and affect self-confidence. It can affect your social life which causes more stress and hormonal balance making it a recurrent and complex process. Let us break the cycle today to deal with hyperpigmentation. It's better to think ahead and before time in order to stop developing pigmentation in the first place. 

But, the good news is there is a solution to hyperpigmentation due to the natural renewal tendency of the skin. We just need to stimulate and accelerate skin functioning at its best with the right skin care practices. 

Looking after your skin is not a tough task. You just need to get it right. Prevention of hyperpigmentation is very important for flawless and crystal clear skin. Following preventive measures for the skin right from a young age can work wonders on the skin. Remember, the skin has a tendency to regenerate. So, even if you are already dealing with hyperpigmentation, practicing these measures with the right skincare products can help in eliminating it faster and quickly.