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Lash Care Routine: Best Ways to Show Some Love to Your Natural Lashes

Sep 30, 2022

Rini Jose

Lash Care Routine: Best Ways to Show Some Love to Your Natural Lashes

For any woman, it’s a matter of pride to have lengthy and luscious eyelashes. For strong and healthy eyelashes, there is nothing so effective than a good lash care routine. Though we get many lash enhancements in the market to mimic fuller and lengthy lashes, they aren’t safe in the long run. It can damage the lashes, cause lash fall or even restrain lash growth. Therefore, it’s wise to use these falsies or extensions occasionally just to enhance the lashes instead of using them daily. Instead, it’s best to follow a lash care routine to nurture your eyelashes for longer, healthy, and fuller lashes; Read on for our best advice on how to care for your natural lashes to protect and strengthen your lashes; 

Why Should You Follow a Lash Care Routine? 

We are probably aware of how important eyelashes are for protecting our eyes. These lashes act as a protective shield to the eyes to safeguard them from dust and other small particles. As healthy lashes are necessary to protect the eyes, it’s much crucial to embrace natural lashes. Furthermore, these tiny little hairs are one of the most attractive features of our face that can enhance the eyes and entire face.  

Lash Care: The Complete Guide and Tips to Care the Lashes 

Keep them clean: While cleansing the face, do not ignore your eyelashes. Be gentle and give extra care to the lashes while cleansing them as they are gentle. Before following a cleansing routine at night, ensure that the makeup is completely removed from the lashes.  

Lashes need to be moisturized: Moisturizing the eyelashes is equally important as the way you do it for your skin and hair. Apply nourishing lash oil, such as castor oil, jojoba oil, or formulated eyelash oil, which will help nurture, moisturize, and boost hair growth. 

Invest in a lash serum: It’s evident that facial serums help address numerous skin concerns. Similarly, a lash serum is bespoke for eyelashes to treat, hydrate, and reinforce the eyelashes. Investing in a lash serum made with natural ingredients will be a safer option. 

Ensure you pick the right products: Whether to care for the eyelashes or to enhance them make sure to reach out to the right products with safer and skin-loving ingredients. Avoid products containing harmful ingredients like fragrances, parabens, phthalates, etc. 


Avoid using mascara regularly: It’s okay to use good quality mascara to uplift your eyelashes during special occasions. But using them regularly can make them brittle and lead to hair fall and damage. Similarly, apply only a tiny amount of mascara on your lashes; use only as much as needed.  

Keep the tools clean: This is not only applicable for the eyelashes but any tools that you use on your eyebrows or face. Especially while using a curler, be sure they are clean and sanitized before using on your lashes, as these little hairs are very delicate and prone to get infected fast from bacteria. 

Diet matters a lot: Like the skin and hair, the lash growth and nourishments start from the inside. Vitamin C, E, B3 (Niacin), and Biotin (Vitamin H) are some of the essential vitamins beneficial for the eyelashes. Including these essential vitamins in your diet helps reinforce the lashes and promotes lash growth. To incorporate them into your diet, you either take multivitamin supplements (after consulting your medical practitioner) or consume foods rich in these vitamins. 

How to Care for Your Natural Eyelashes? 

Caring for eyelashes is not as complicated as you think. You can either rely on natural home remedies or try naturally formulated lash care products to maintain healthy lashes and promote hair growth.  

Home Remedies to Grow Your Eyelashes 

The ultimate aim of following a lash care routine is to strengthen the eyelashes, protect them and promote hair growth. Here are some natural remedies that provide you with fuller and healthy eyelashes.  

Castor Oil

Applying castor oil to clean eyelashes every day will help moisturize the lashes and prevent lash fall. Castor oil is good to use directly on the lashes, or you may even mix it with coconut oil for better results. Apply castor oil onto the lashes before bedtime, and you may wash them off the next day. 

Green Tea

It has become the favorite drink for many who love to be healthy. The beauty benefits of this beverage make it an unavoidable drink for beauty lovers too. When it comes to eyelashes, consuming green tea and topical application equally helps improve lash health and promote lash growth. Placing a cold green tea bag on the eyelids relaxes the eyes and under the eye area. You may even dab the green tea using a cotton pad on the lashes daily for healthy eyelashes.  

Best Lash Care Products to Protect Your Eyelashes 

The two best lash care products to incorporate into your lash care routine are eyelash oil and eyelash serum.  

Savarnas Mantra® Nourishing Eyelash Oil

Made with a blend of nutrient-rich oils, the natural eyelash oil provides essential nutrients to the lashes.  


  • Nourishes and moisturizes the lashes
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Make the eyelashes soft and sleek.  

Savarnas Mantra® Natural Eyelash Serum

Crafted with excellent natural ingredients, the natural lash serum is an ideal solution for all your lash concerns.  


  • Nourishes the lashes
  • Keep them moisturized for longer
  • Stimulates hair growth.
  • Improve the texture of the lashes
  • Prevents damage and lash fall. 

Stop wishing for longer and fuller lashes and kick-start a lash care routine with Savarnas Mantra® to accomplish your dream eyelashes.