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Top 14 Reasons You Should Never Sleep With Makeup On

Sep 29, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Top 14 Reasons You Should Never Sleep With Makeup On

Top 14 Reasons You Should Never Sleep With Makeup On

1.     Clogging of skin pores

It is scientifically proven that going to bed with makeup on will cause clogged pores. Clogged pores will affect your complexion and may cause uneven skin surface.

2.   Premature aging

Sleeping with makeup on can accelerate the aging process. It is always advisable to remove makeup no matter how exhausted you are. It is important to note that a few extra minutes in front of the mirror and spending quality time removing makeup would save you from the acceleration of aging. 

3.   Inflammation of skin

Sleeping with makeup will cause inflamed skin. This gives rise to oxidative stress and formation of the free radicals which leads to inflammation of the skin. Makeup contains parabens and fragrances which can cause the release of inflammatory mediators from the skin cells and cause more damage to the skin.

4.   Skin dryness

Not removing makeup at night can suck in all the moisture from the skin. This can lead to dehydrated skin.

5.   Falling of lashes and brows

The long-term wearing of eye makeup such as eyeliner and brow powder overnight can damage the hair follicles of lashes and brows. Ensure to clean them before hitting the bed with natural makeup remover and cleansing them well. You can also apply nourishing oil and lash oil to strengthen your lashes.

6.   Acne and breakouts formation

If you are too lazy to remove makeup, it can turn into a breeding ground for bacteria-causing acne. Neglecting your skincare routine which results in cropping up of acne in the morning.

7.   Dullness of skin

Dirt and grime along with sweat will take away all the natural glow from the skin. This may cause dull skin.

8.   Eye irritation

Wearing eyeliners for a long time overnight may cause itching of the lash line and watering, redness, or may be inflammation of the eyes. Ensure to remove all the eye makeup before you hit the bed.

9.   Prone to skin infections

Leaving makeup on all night may cause serious skin infections which may be difficult to deal with. It may weaken your skin barrier and cause cross-contamination from the pillow to the skin.

10. Chapped lips

Do not forget the lip while removing makeup! Traces of lipstick will cause excessive dryness of lips. Just take a few seconds at night to dab in coconut oil and remove all the traces of lipstick before you hit the bed.

11. Hampering normal skin function

Keeping makeup overnight will hamper the normal skin function of protection. The makeup will disrupt the skin barrier and hamper its function of cell turnover. Remember, the skin has a natural tendency to regenerate. Sleeping with makeup on may cause hindrance to this regeneration process. 

12. Prone to damage with external pollutants

Disruption of the normal skin barrier may increase the chances of damage from pollutants and UV damage. This may cause repeated chain reactions which will further stress out the skin. So act wisely and remove makeup regularly before going to sleep.

13. Affects skin immunity

Keeping makeup overnight can affect your skin's immune system. Lower skin immunity can affect the defensive mechanism of the skin.

14. Affects the hormonal balance of the skin

Body and skin hormones work round the clock to maintain homeostasis for healthy living. Skin cells also known as melanocytes stimulate MSH (Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone) to secrete melanin which gives skin color. Long-term makeup overnight can hamper the skin pigments causing uneven skin tone. 

So, this is the golden rule “Never sleep with Makeup ON.” Even if you are super tired, never forget to remove your makeup. Remember, makeup removal is a must for flawless and super smooth skin. This will keep your future-ready for makeup application the next day. Give utmost importance to makeup removal in your night skincare routine for healthy rejuvenated skin in the morning. For best results, use a natural makeup remover which will help to achieve super healthy skin.