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Best Ways To Remove Stubborn Waterproof Mascara Safely

Nov 07, 2022

Rini Jose

Best Ways To Remove Stubborn Waterproof Mascara Safely

Who doesn't love those lengthy and dense-looking eyelashes, especially when you are on a party look? Those stunning eyelashes are definitely a game-changer in any makeup look. Now, if you aren't blessed with naturally lengthy and thick lashes, the next best option that's handy is using mascara. Good quality mascara can indeed enhance the look of the lashes in a trice. But once all that fun is over, removing that tough waterproof mascara from the lashes is a nightmare for many. Especially when you want to do it without damaging the natural lashes, it seems like an arduous task. But relax! Some tricks can get things right for you, making the task easier. Want to explore them? Read on; 

How to Gently Remove Waterproof Mascara from Your Lashes? 

Many often rely on waterproof mascara, especially during the summer, as it lasts almost all day. This type of mascara is designed to be long-lasting, so removing it from the lashes can be challenging. It is where people end up pulling and rubbing harshly, damaging their natural eyelashes. Luckily, certain tricks can help you effortlessly remove those waterproof mascara stains from the lashes

Here are some of the best tips and methods from beauty experts to remove waterproof mascara from the lashes

Use an eye makeup Remover to Free Your Eyelashes  

Rather than using a normal makeup remover that contains chemicals, using an eye makeup remover is safe. However, using a natural makeup remover with safe and gentle ingredients would be a great pick. You may try Savarnas Mantra® Natural Makeup Remover; it's oil-free and made with natural ingredients that are mild and safe to use on the skin. Once you have decided on the makeup remover, you may need some cotton pads to begin the process. 

Step-By-Step Process to Remove Waterproof Mascara 

  • Prefer soaking to rubbing

Using the cotton pad soaked in eye makeup remover, gently press it on the eyelids. Saturate the eyelashes thoroughly using the remover. Keep your eyelids closed, and rest the cotton pad for about twenty to thirty seconds. This helps to dissolve the mascara used on the lashes, making it easier to wipe off the eyelashes easily. 

  • Slide the cotton pad over the lashes 

It's time to swipe the pad downwards and away gently. It helps to dissolve the mascara and remove the makeup gently from the lashes. Now, fold the cotton pad and slide it beneath the eyelashes to completely remove the mascara from the lashes. As a final step, swipe the cotton pad gently around the edges of the eyes; this helps remove any residue stuck on the lashes. 

  • Repeat the process

After removing the makeup with a saturated cotton pad, repeat the process with a fresh cotton pad until you are sure that the product has been thoroughly removed from the lashes. 

Choose Natural Oils to Remove Stubborn Waterproof Mascara Safely 

You may even use coconut oil, olive oil, and almond oil to remove stubborn mascara from the lashes. Using natural oils helps remove the makeup effortlessly and moisturizes and nourishes the lashes. Besides, these oils are abundant in nutrients and provide dark and healthy lashes.  

Aftercare for Eyelashes 

We are all particular about following post-makeup skincare, especially after using heavy makeup. The lashes, too, deserve the same care after using waterproof mascara for the entire day. When compared to regular mascara, waterproof mascara can make your lashes brittle. The best aftercare options for eyelashes are eyelash oil and lash serums. Naturally formulated lash oil like Savarnas Mantra® Nourishing Eyelash Oil is a great way to pamper and care for your lashes post-makeup.  

If you want to nourish and reinforce the eyelashes deeply, there is no better product than a naturally formulated lash serum. Using an eyelash serum promotes lash growth; hence, you get naturally thick and attractive lashes through consistent use. Savarnas Mantra® Natural Eyelash Serum is formulated with peptides and grape stem cell extracts to strengthen the lashes and boost hair growth.  

Removing Waterproof Mascara: Dos and Don'ts 

  • It's a known fact that waterproof mascara stains are tough to remove, but never be harsh while removing them. Rigidly handling the lashes can damage them, scratch your eyelids and cause irritation.
  • Remember to wash your face with your regular facial cleanser after using the remover.
  • While choosing makeup removers, choose a product free from alcohol, fragrances, and other irritants. 
  • While removing the lash makeup, close your eyes to prevent irritation or discomfort. 

After using waterproof mascara, it's a must to ensure that the makeup stains are fully removed from the lashes and provided with proper aftercare to maintain healthy lashes and prevent lash fall. Hope these tips and methods will help you effortlessly remove the waterproof mascara from your lashes.  


Is it safe to use waterproof mascara regularly?No. Though it is safe on lashes, using waterproof mascara, in the long run, can weaken and damage your eyelashes. Regular mascara with lash-nourishing ingredients will be a better choice for daily use.  

Which is the best product that can remove stubborn waterproof mascara from the lashes?

Though plenty of makeup removers and eye makeup removers are available on the market, it's safe to choose a natural makeup remover as it's mild and safe.