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Benefits of natural moisturizers

Nov 09, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Benefits of natural moisturizers

Moisturization is an important step towards healthy skin care. Did you know adequate hydration is important for healthy skin functioning? Well, it's a must if you want healthy and beautiful skin. To ensure adequate hydration levels, it is important to choose the right moisturizer based on your skin type and skin concern. Today, in this blog we are going to highlight the importance and benefits of good hydration for the skin and why choosing natural moisturizer is a must for healthy glowing skin. 

The Importance Of Skin Hydration 

It is important to value your skin needs. When you are thirsty, you reach out for a glass of water. This provides adequate hydration to your body. Similarly, moisturization is important to nourish and improve your skin in many ways which are as follows- 

  1. It protects the natural skin barrier
  2. It enhances the skin's functioning
  3. It helps lock in moisture for healthy beautiful skin
  4. It helps defeat aging
  5. It helps maintain a balance of healthy natural oils for the skin
  6. It creates a layer of soothing protection and prevents external damage to the skin 

All these benefits work together to keep your skin happy and healthy all day. 

Finding The Perfect Moisturizer 

It is important to choose the perfect moisturizer for yourself to achieve the maximum benefits of hydration. Right from natural to conventional moisturizers, there are many kinds of moisturizing creams or lotions available in the beauty industry. While you have plenty of over-the-counter options available, it is important that you make a perfect choice and stick to it regularly for the long-term benefits of hydration. 

Which Moisturizer Is Best For The Skin? 

Here, the question arises - “Which Moisturizer Is Best For The Skin?” Well, the answer is simple- NATURAL MOISTURIZERS are best for the skin. 

Natural Moisturizer V/s Conventional Moisturizer 


Natural Skin Moisturizers

Conventional Skin Moisturizers


Derived from botanical extracts and herbal elements

Contains synthetic chemicals and other ingredients

Silicon content

Silicone -free

May have high silicon content


Safe gentle with low or no side effects

May cause side effects

Skin functioning

Helps enhance skin functioning i.e skin barrier protection

Disrupts skin functioning i.e damage to the skin barrier protection

Hydration levels

Gives an instant boost of hydration to the skin

May cause drying of skin after application

Natural oils

Helps maintain a healthy balance of natural oils

Strips of natural oils from the skin leading to over-drying effects at times, especially matt and gel-based moisturizers 

Absorption power

Works with better absorption level into the skin cells

Does not get absorbed into the skin cells. May form a thin residual film on the skin.

Effect on skin pores

Helps shrink pores and prevent fine lines

May clog the pores

Benefits Of Natural Moisturizers 

Choosing natural moisturizers with botanical extracts work wonders for the skin. Let us check out the essential ingredients of natural moisturizers which are beneficial for the skin. 

1. Vitamin E extracts 

Vitamin E extract is a potent antioxidant that helps prevent oxidative stress. It helps reduce the harmful effects of free radicals which may cause a negative impact on the skin. Vitamin E has great anti-aging benefits which is a must for healthy skin. 

2. Squalene 

With hydrating properties, squalene helps in improving the skin texture and overall appearance of the skin. It helps provide a smooth natural base to the skin. Using squalene-based rich moisturizers can work as great makeup primers which helps in shrinking pores with a skin-smoothing effect. 

3. Biomarine extracts 

Looking for a long-lasting hydration solution? Well, your search ends here by choosing a moisturizer enriched with bio-marine and seaweed extracts which are great for the skin.

4. Aloe Vera Gel 

Aloe Vera gel is one of the basic natural moisturizers which you must have for your skincare. This gel-based moisturizer helps in lightening the skin with an even skin tone and also provides adequate hydration. 

5. Natural oils like jojoba oil and coconut oil 

Choosing natural oils like virgin coconut oil and jojoba oil work great for extremely dry skin. It is great for providing extreme hydration for beautiful glowing skin naturally. 

6. Shea butter 

Shea butter is an all-purpose natural moisturizer. It is enriched with vitamins A & E which is great to soothe dry, inflamed, and dehydrated skin. It is considered non-comedogenic and does not block skin pores. 

These are some of the essential plant-based ingredients which are a must in your natural moisturizer for long-term effective results.