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Best Tips and Products to Prep Yourself for a Big Day

Mar 20, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Best Tips and Products to Prep Yourself for a Big Day

It's a FINAL COUNTDOWN !!! Big event coming up? We all wanna look gorgeous. Be it parties, weddings, or gatherings, we all wish to capture everyone’s eyes and look super glamorous. With this blog, at Savarnas Manta, our main aim is to help you look super attractive at the big event. “How do I prep my skin for a big day?” This question comes to every girl’s mind. Relax on your couch and be ready to prep your skin for a big event.

Every day is special but some days are extra special. We tend to focus on these days but do not neglect the normal days. These normal days are considered as initial ”prep days''. Instead of focusing on the “big event”, spend your time enjoying the days before the event. Prep your skin for the big event to look gorgeous.

How do I prep my skin for a big day?

Pull up your socks for the event. Follow these tips to get ready and look super gorgeous for the “D- Day.”Here are some tips and must-have skincare products which you can't miss while heading towards the big event.

Thinking about how to start !!! Start from basics skincare. Don't worry!! Not again telling you to buy this or that. But instead of buying, it's time to invest in skincare.

Once you read these tips and plan to prep your skin for the big day, you will definitely look forward to investing in natural skincare.

Important Tip #1 Invest time in skincare

Schedule your skin care plan while the days are going by. Invest in morning and night skincare routine. Practice daily. “Practice makes a man perfect.” Isn't it??? But - “Practice makes a woman beautiful to get that perfect flawless skin.” When you decide to invest time in skincare, it's not just the big day but also future skincare.

Taking out time from our busy schedules is quite hectic. Sometimes, due to lack of time, we tend to ignore skincare and hastily just finish up quickly, maybe in a messy way and it's all done !!! and good to go !!. Change it now as the countdown begins to prep your skin for the big day coming up.

Important Tip # 2 Sweat it OUT !!! 

Hit the gym regularly for that natural glowing skin. Sweating is a natural process of adding a natural glow to your skin. Working out in the gym is a good idea to prep your skin as well as body. If you cannot work out in the gym, go for a walk or do yoga whichever suits you best. Remember to choose morning exercise over evening for better-desired results. A good walk is also a great idea for some as it provides great quality of sound sleep.

Important Tip # 3 Sound quality of sleep

Sleep tight and right !!! Your skin repairs well during sleep. Give your skin quality time and a sound environment to naturally heal itself. A night of good sleep will help you with a healthy mind which will control all the body hormones and maintain your skin health. This will prep your skin for the big day to help you look calm and composed with a pleasant smile. I am sure- Nobody wants to look irritable and moody on the big day.  

Important Tip # 4 Get addicted to Night Skincare Routine

This is very important. Do not skip the night skincare routine, no matter how tired you are. Get addicted to it and get used to it. It's your daily ritual and you can't miss it. It is as important as brushing your teeth, taking bath and next is “Night Skincare Routine”

Night Skincare Routine is very important to prep your skin for the big event. Know why??

Skin repair and healing itself are natural. Here we are including some skincare products to prep your skin for the big day.

Here is one quick tip- Make sure to invest in Natural Skincare Night Routine which can rejuvenate your skin and stimulate the skin cells naturally at night. Using conventional chemical-laden products can harm your skin at night while sleeping for long hours with creams and serums on the face.

Follow our Beauty Mantra of Natural Holistic Skin Care Routine to Prep Your Skin for the Big Day

Basic 6 skincare products for Daily Night Skin Care Routine to PrepTour SKin

  • Natural Makeup remover
  • Natural Gentle Cleanser
  • Natural Exfoliant
  • Herbal Toner
  • Vitamin C serum
  • Natural Moisturizer

Follow the same sequence of usage at night daily to prep your skin. This should take a maximum of 20 - 30 mins.

Can't think of investing soo much time? We will make it easy for you to prep your skin Pre & Post Shower which is quick and hassle-free to prep yourself.

Let's get started with these natural skincare products to prep your skin for the big day

Natural Makeup Remover

Women love makeup during the day. We too understand that makeup enhances your beauty. I am sure you have many makeup products in your kitty right from mascara to lipstick and foundation. These have chemicals. Do not worry we are not taking you over the chemical gaga. But, it is essential to use natural makeup remover to eliminate these chemicals and colors from the skin naturally.

Savarnas Mantra Natural Makeup Remover has a natural extract of radish root which removes stubborn makeup gently and effortlessly. Do not forget that eye makeup which we love to the core includes your waterproof mascara. The skin around the eyes needs gentle care. Natural Makeup Remover is best to prep your skin.

Natural Gentle Cleanser

Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing are important. Follow the CTM routine, but naturally.

For better results, do this daily at night to prep your skin

Use Savarnas Mantra products for healthy natural skin to prep your skin for the big day.

Natural Exfoliant

Want that special flow for the big day? Do not forget to Exfoliate at night.  You have started selecting outfits, your matching heels, hair updos isn't it? Make sure to include this natural skin polisher as well to prep your skin for the big day. It's not just ordinary exfoliant big natural polish for that special glow. Savarnas Mantra Natural Polisher Exfoliant is a designed and formulated natural skincare product to prep your skin for the big day.

Once you start using Savarnas Mantra Natural Polisher Exfoliant I am sure you would like to look this special and radiant for all the days of your life.

Vitamin C serum

Do not forget the vitamin C serum. Get hold of a natural one and make sure to get the best benefits by applying at night before moisturizing.

The best serum gets absorbed in 30 secs into your skin.

Thinking Is this enough ??? Well, you can prep your skin with a dash of lash serum, brow gel, and of course, some natural lip balm. Make sure you use natural products as eyes and skin are very sensitive.

Start your day with a healthy smile and live a healthy lifestyle. Prepping your skin is a great idea for the big day. Healthy radiant glowing skin can help you boost your confidence. Add a dash of style every day while grooming yourself for the big day.