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Best Practices to Follow Before Applying Makeup

Jul 01, 2022

Rini Jose

Best Practices to Follow Before Applying Makeup

We take a lot of effort into choosing makeup products. But do you think makeup is the only factor in achieving flawless skin? Quality makeup products can indeed provide outstanding results; however, it isn’t the only criteria to make your makeup look perfect all day. Though you take much time to blend your foundations and apply the blush perfectly, there are times when you notice that your skin looks dull, blotchy, and smudged. Do you know why it’s happening so? It is because you haven’t prepped your skin well before your makeup routine. Want to know the right ways to prepare your skin for makeup? Read on;

Importance of Prepping your Skin before Makeup:

Brushing on a smooth canvas is a lot easier and looks beautiful as it allows the pigments to show their actual colors. The same is applicable to the skin as well. If the skin is clean, smooth, and moisturized, it will ease the makeup application process and provide a smoother and perfect finish. On the contrary, if you haven’t prepped your skin well before applying makeup, you may end up with large pores, dry patches, uneven coverage, etc. Let’s see how prepping the skin prior to makeup benefits the skin;

Ease the makeup application process: When the skin is prepped well, it looks clean, soft, and smooth. When you apply the makeup after the skincare routine, you can achieve the perfect look effortlessly as the makeup glide on smoothly, providing radiant and beautiful skin without giving way to the pores or dry patches. 

A perfect-looking skin: Even though you use expensive makeup products on your skin, you may not find your makeup look attractive. But at the same time, if the skin is naturally smooth and glowing while applying makeup; it will enhance your look with a perfect-looking skin.

Your makeup lasts longer: You would have probably noticed that, even after using waterproof makeup products on the skin, the makeup is wearing off in between, or the foundation is cracking. The reason for this is nothing but not cleansing the skin in the right way. When your skin is already covered with impurities, oil, and other buildups, the makeup you use on the skin doesn’t stick to it. Besides, if the skin isn’t moisturized well before makeup, it tends to dry up, causing the makeup to crack. Instead, a well-prepped skin can help hold the makeup to last longer.

5 Easiest Steps to Prep Your Skin before applying makeup

Following a skincare routine before a makeup routine isn’t an arduous task; instead, just a few simple steps can make a tremendous change on your skin;

Step#1: Cleansing: 

Cleansing is not only the first step in a skincare routine but also the first one before applying makeup to the skin. Use a mild and gentle cleanser that provides hydrated and smooth skin. Natural Facial cleansers are one of the best options that can be considered as its mild, hydrating, and highly nourishing, leaving you with clean, soft, and smooth skin. When your skin is clean, soft, and hydrated, it helps the makeup glide quickly and evenly and makes them last throughout the day. 

Step#2: Use ice on your skin:

It is one of the easiest yet most effective steps to prep your skin to create a smoother canvas for the makeup, especially the foundation. After the cleansing process, gently rub ice cubes on your face. It can benefit your skin in several ways, including shrinking the pores, improving blood circulation, soothing tired eyes, and providing fresh and radiant skin. 

Step#3: Splash a toner:

If you are worried about the large pores after applying makeup, toners can help you out. It gives instant hydration to the skin, seals the pores, and softens the skin. Choose an alcohol-free and non-drying toner; preferably, a natural facial toner serves the best. 

Step#4: Moisturize your Skin

After using a toner, moisturizing is the next step in your pre-makeup skincare list. Apply a hydrating moisturizer to the face and neck when the skin is damp after using a toner. Looking for a perfect moisturizer to prep the skin? Try Our Natural Ultimate Nourishing Hyaluronic Moisturizer, made with a blend of natural ingredients to provide you with smooth and glowing skin.  

Step# 5: Use a Primer 

Once your skin is moisturized, use a primer to create a smooth, flawless base for the makeup application. Not only that, using a primer helps the makeup products like foundation, bronzer, and blush last longer. Besides, it fills in the large pores and lessens the appearance of blemishes on the skin. 

Tips to Help You Create A Perfect Makeup Look

  • Exfoliate your skin once a week to eliminate those dead skin cells and impurities and smoothen the skin.
  • Do not forget to consider your lips in your pre-makeup routine. Use a hydrating lip balm before using your favorite lip tint.
  • Use an eye cream under your eye area to keep them moisturized and to even out the uneven skin tone around the under-eye area.
  • You may consider using a makeup setting spray to keep the makeup look fresh for the entire day.

It is essential to follow a pre-makeup routine if you want your makeup to look perfect on your skin. Whenever you choose makeup products or skincare products for your skin, remember to choose those that are made specifically for your skin type.