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6 Questions To Ask Your Beauty Expert

Jun 30, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

6 Questions To Ask Your Beauty Expert

Have a beauty query? Don't worry, Savarnas Mantra Beauty Experts are there to help you. Well, if you want your skin to glow, radiate and shine, it's time to consult a beauty expert right away who can help you with this. Your beauty expert is the best professional who can provide you with detailed beauty consultations and follow-ups to let your skin glow. 

What is a professional beauty consultation? 

Professional beauty consultation is an expert opinion that you get from a qualified beautician and aesthetician. We understand that there are many skin treatments and beauty procedures which require expertise. Let us not forget the important suggestions for the right skin treatment which will be best suited for your skin is also very essential. This requires expertise in the forms of skills, qualifications, experience, and credentials. 

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A professional beauty consult is beyond this. This consultation is not just limited to beauty procedures and skin treatment but also covers knowing more about your skin. This covers questions like- 

Sr. No

Questions To Ask

Question #1

What is my skin type?

Question #2

Which products have to be used?

Question #3

When is the best time to use skincare products?

Question #4

Which diet should I follow with skincare?

Question #5

What can I expect after 1 month of regular skincare routine?

Question #6

Can I use makeup?

Let us have a look into each question and why there is a need to ask these questions to your beauty expert 

Question #1 What is my skin type? 

Judging your skin type is not easy. You need to be sure of your skin type to choose the right skincare products. Many of us do not know our skin type correctly and we tend to dive directly to choose skincare products. 

You can be sure of your skin type through an expert consultation with your beauty expert. 

Question #2 Which products have to be used? 

There is a range of beauty and skincare products available. From conventional to natural beauty products, the list is endless. Your beauty care expert will let you know after a detailed analysis which skin care product will work best for you. 

Half of your battle against the skin concern is won if you know what suits you best. Knowing your skin concern with proper skincare diagnosis will help provide a perfect solution. 

For newbies who are finding it difficult to choose the best skin care product can turn to natural skin care products. We recommend you to use Savarnas Mantra Natural Skincare Products which are best in providing expert holistic skin wellness. 

Question #3 When is the best time to use skincare products? 

It is advisable to use skin care products in the morning and night and follow a daily 15 min skincare ritual. Morning time energizes your skin with a natural glow so that you can radiate. Night skincare routine allows the skin to repair and heal from within. 

Question #4 Which diet should I follow with skincare? 

To make your skincare routine and products show wonder, it is recommended to follow a healthy diet for your skin. Eat foods rich in vitamins, minerals, nutritive elements, and antioxidants. This will help your skin radiate from within. Avoid any skin of unhealthy processed and junk food which can cause lipid peroxidation and can give rise to many skin problems. 

Question #5 What can I expect after 1 month of a regular skincare routine? 

Being regular with your skincare routine will help you rejuvenate and revitalize the skin. It is important to follow skincare rituals regularly for a long period for better-desired results. 

Question #6 Can I use makeup? 

Yes, you can use good-quality makeup. However, avoid overlaying it. Keep it minimal to let your natural glow overpower you. This will give you immense confidence. 

Get ready to shine. Consult your beauty expert today!!!