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Best Natural Ingredients For Your Eye Makeup

Aug 04, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Best Natural Ingredients For Your Eye Makeup

The eyes are the most precious and delicate part of our body. The skin around the eyes is also very sensitive. Yes, we completely understand that you love eye makeup. Why not? The eyes are the first to capture the sight of the beholder. Apart from eye makeup, you need to ensure that you take the best care of your eyes and the skin around the eyes. 

Before you start with makeup, you need to keep your eyes in the best state of health to check what suits your eye health best. Eye health is very important while choosing skin and beauty products for - 

  • Eyelashes
  • Eyebrows
  • Eyelids 

So, let's get started right away to check what is in the ingredient list for you which is safe and gentle for your eyes. 

Why choose natural ingredients for your eyes? 

You might have heard on the internet about keeping your eyes healthy all the time. Yes, we tend to eat healthy vitamin A-loaded foods too. To keep the skin around the eyes healthy and glowing, you just need to follow one main important tip. This tip will not only help with the skin under the eyes but also help improve circulation around the eyes. 

Let us unlead how to improve your eyesight and what is this important tip which you must always follow. 

The first main important tip is to check the ingredient list and the composition of the skincare and beauty product for the eyes. Yes, we all are attracted to beauty products and skincare products for the eyes. We always try to accentuate your eyes with the best makeup products right from the following- 

  • Eyeshadow
  • Eyebrow powder
  • Eyelashes mascara
  • Eyebrow gel
  • Eyeliner 

Well, if you are an eye makeup lover, you would agree to this. We cannot do without these eye makeup essentials. Here, it is important to choose natural ingredients for eye makeup that are safe, gentle, effective, and work great for your eyes too. 

Now, I am sure you are eager to know which natural ingredients you should choose for your eyes. Before we dive into this, let us check which skin care products we need for the eyes. 

Which beauty products are necessary for the skin around the eyes? 

The important beauty products important for the skin around the eyes are as follows- 

  • Under eye cream
  • Under eye serum
  • Eyebrow Nourishing Oil
  • Eyelash Oil
  • Eyelash Serum
  • Eyelash Natural Mascara 

Why are natural eye beauty products important? 

Natural Eye Beauty Products are important to take care of the following- 

  • Prevent dark circles
  • Prevent puffy eyes
  • Prevent wrinkle around eyes
  • Prevent Aging effect
  • Youth full appearance
  • Help grow dense fuller brows
  • Help grow lashes strong
  • Improve blood circulation around the eyes
  • Soothe and relax eyes with a gentle massage
  • Give a natural shine and sparkle to eyes 

Which natural ingredients should I choose for my eyes? 

Ensure to choose natural botanical extracts which give a natural glow to the eyes from within. 

  1. Nutritive elements of vitamins and Minerals 

Vitamins and minerals nutritive punch can be great for the skin around the eyes. This can help improve blood circulation around the eyes and provide natural shine to the eyes. 

  1. Potent natural anti-oxidants 

Oxidative stress is part and parcel of our metabolism. You need loaded eye makeup products that are enriched with antioxidants to neutralize the effects of harmful free radicals. 

  1. Cucumber extracts 

Cooling cucumber is great for the eyes.  It contains vitamin C and relaxation minerals which help improve the dark circles and prevents puffiness around the eyes. 

  1. Natural omega 3 fatty acids 

These are healthy fats and very important for the eyes. This will treat dry eyes and help prevent itchiness around the eyes. 

  1. Vitamin E-enriched natural oils 

Moisturization for the skin around the eyes is a must. Vitamin E oil is best for hydration for the skin around the eyes. Check out your beauty product for the eye with this ingredient which is highly moisturizing. 

  1. Horsetail extract for healthy eyelash growth 

Before you apply all the eyebrow and eyelash makeup, it is important to take off it and prevent hair from falling out by nourishing it with nutritive elements. Horsetail extract contains silica as the natural element which helps with eyelash and eyebrow growth. 

  1. Marshmallow extract 

It is anti-inflammatory in nature with thick gummy consistency called mucilage which is highly moisturizing for eyelash and eyebrow growth. 

  1. Hemp Seed oil extract 

It is rich in amino acids and helps stimulate the hair follicles to strengthen the eyelash and eyebrow growth. 

  1. Meadowfoam oil extract 

It is an antioxidant-rich nutritive extract that helps in boosting eyelash and eyebrow growth. It has long chain fatty acid which is great for longer, thicker eyelashes. 

  1. Natural Neem Extracts 

It is bactericidal, fungicidal, and antimicrobial in nature. It contains the active ingredient azadirachtin which helps keep the eyelash and eyebrow hair healthy. 

  1. Squalene 

Squalene is a terpenoid that has been isolated from shark liver oil. 

  1. Natural elements of Hyaluronic acid 

This helps in drawing moisture from the air and increases hydration levels. 

  1. Collagen peptides 

Protein is important for the skin. Protein synthesis is important for collagen production. Collagen is made up of amino acids which is very important for the skin. 

  1. Stem cell extracts 

Stem cell extracts have anti-aging benefits and help in improving the blood circulation of the vessels. 

These are the best ingredients you can choose for under-eye skin problems which will help you give a healthy glow. An additional benefit would be if your eye makeup contains benefits of these botanical extracts which can add more value to eye makeup.