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Lash Care: Simple and Effective Tips

Aug 04, 2022

Rini Jose

Lash Care: Simple and Effective Tips

Lengthy lashes are something that almost every woman desires to have. Luckily, you have plenty of options to fake them look thick, long and luscious. Using lash extensions, curlers or mascara is a shortcut to mimic fuller and lengthy eyelashes. However, when used in the long run, these tools and products aren’t good for eyelashes as they may lead to damage and lash fall. Giving your lashes a little care and love can make a tremendous change on them- a complete makeover from dull and thin lashes to luscious and strong ones. A good lash care routine is the secret to boosting lash growth and achieving naturally healthy eyelashes; Read on to discover the easiest and most effective tips for achieving gorgeous-looking lashes; 

Importance of following a lash care routine 

Now, most of you might be thinking, why is it essential to care for these tiny little hairs around the eyes? It’s important to follow a lash care routine, to protect, nourish and hydrate the eyelashes. The lash care products are designed for the eyelashes to nourish, moisturize and condition them deeply. Moreover, it strengthens the eyelashes and prevents them from damage and lash fall.  

Likewise, if you are someone who uses lash extensions or mascara on a daily basis, there are chances for the eyelashes to become dry and brittle. Hence it’s important to follow a consistent lash care routine, like how you care for your skin.  

Lash Care: Best Tips to Nurture the Eyelashes 

Keep them clean 

We know how important it is to maintain clean skin, the same way keeping the lashes clean and free of makeup is essential to keep them healthy and free from infections, breakage and hair fall. You may use a natural makeup remover to eliminate the makeup from the eyelashes.  

Comb your eyelashes

Though it sounds silly, combing the lashes improves blood circulation, makes the lashes appear lengthy, and above all, it stimulates hair growth. That’s why makeup artists and professionals stress the importance of regularly combing eyelashes. You may use a lash brush/comb or an unused mascara wand to comb your lashes. 

Moisturize the lashes

According to beauty experts, moisturizing the skin is a vital step in skincare to keep them healthy; the same applies to the eyelashes too. Now to moisturize them, you can choose natural oils like coconut oil, castor oil or olive oil, as oils can be the best moisturizers loaded with vital nutrients. However, using formulated eyelash oil can take your lash care routine to the next level. Eyelash oils are bespoke using active ingredients and a blend of natural oils to nourish, hydrate and reinforce the lashes. When used regularly, the oil strengthens the eyelashes, protects them and even boosts hair growth. 

Use a lash serum

If your eyelashes are thin, dull and short, you may give a try the most trending lash care product-eyelash serum. Good quality and well-curated lash serums are infused with ingredients rich in vitamins and nutrients essential to nourish and replenish the lashes. Try incorporating a natural eyelash serum into your daily lash care routine to provide the best care for your lashes.  

Take a break from makeup.

Be it face, lashes or eyebrows, constantly using makeup products could harm them and cause irritation. And so, give them time to breathe by leaving them makeup-free. When it comes to eyelashes, using falsies and curlers continuously may also damage them.  

Watch your diet

It’s not only skin or hair that requires a healthy and balanced diet but for these little hairs too. Making healthy choices and including nutritious food can dramatically strengthen the lashes, eyebrows, hairs and skin. A diet containing healthy fats, proteins and vegetables, especially leafy greens, is a must to promote hair growth. 

Things to Avoid For Maintaining Healthy Lashes 

We all are aware of how to care for the eyelashes or what to do to make them healthy. At the same time, certain things are to be avoided to maintain healthy and strong lashes; 

  • Rubbing or scrubbing the lashes while cleansing or itching.
  • Not removing makeup, with a proper makeup remover
  • Using products containing harsh ingredients- both lash care and makeup products
  • Not cleansing the tools regularly
  • Using curlers frequently 
  • Sharing makeup cosmetics, especially eye makeup, with others. 

Best Lash Care Products to Include in Lash care Routine 

When it comes to lash care, you don’t need to stock many products; naturally formulated eyelash oil and a natural eyelash serum can provide you with lengthy and thick lashes. 

Savarnas Mantra® Nourishing Eyelash Oil

Nutrient-rich oil made with horsetail extracts, marshmallow root extracts, and natural oils like hempseed oil and meadowfoam seed oil helps soften the lashes, moisturize and strengthen the lashes. Using the eyelash oil regularly helps promote lash growth.  

Savarnas Mantra® Natural Eyelash Serum

A natural formula created to stimulate hair growth and condition the eyelashes. The effective natural composition of the serums nourishes, moisturizes and strengthens the eyelashes provided with voluminous, lengthy and sleek eyelashes. You can transform dull and sparse lashes through consistent usage to strong and beautiful ones.  

Incorporating the right lash care products with proper and regular care is all that is needed for the eyelashes to remain healthy and thick. If you want to say goodbye to those curlers and falsies, kick start your lash care routine today!