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Best moisturizer for Dry Skin in Summer According to savarnas mantra® Expert

Jul 27, 2020

Dan Singh

Best moisturizer for Dry Skin in Summer According to savarnas mantra Expert

You might be touching your skin every day and think you know everything about it, but experts will still come out ahead in terms of knowledge. This abundance of knowledge and education results in experts knowing skincare tips and tricks you haven’t even thought of. Expert tips, tricks, dos, and don’ts are especially handy if you are dealing with summertime dry skin that is peeling and cracking. The experts at Savarnas Mantra® also have access to advanced products created with natural ingredients and routinely incorporate them in skin care routines that quickly heal dry skin during the summer months. So if you are looking to update your skin care routine to combat dry skin during the summer months keep reading. 

What causes dry skin during summer?

What causes dry skin during summer? 

Winter might the season when you normally notice dry skin, but it can also happen during summer. Here is what you should know about summer dry skin causes. 

Exposure to the sun 

Dry skin happens during the summer as you sunbathe or if you spend a few hours outdoors every day. 


If you thought that sunburn was only temporary then you will surprised to know that it often causes dry skin. When you are sunburned the affected area automatically loses moisture becomes dry and sometimes starts to peel 

Air conditioning indoors 

During summer air conditioning it turned to the maximum to deal with the heat indoors. So you skin gets exposed to cold air at home, while driving and at the office. This repeated and prolonged exposure to chilly air that is stripped of humidity will result in your skin drying out.  

Chemicals in sprays and deodorants 

If you are using sprays to repel bugs and mosquitoes when you are gardening, camping or just use a different deodorant in the summer, you can end up with dry skin that itches and peels. 

Chlorinated water in swimming pools 

Chlorine added to pools impacts your skin adversely during the summer especially if you swim several times per week. If you take a hot shower several times a week with water that has chlorine, it can also result in worsening summertime dry skin. 

Secrets to creating a perfect summer dry skin treatment routine  

Leave your winter moisturizer in the dust 

Relying on a heavy moisturizer that was perfect for wintertime dry skin is not possible during the summer. Such heavy moisturizers add a thick layer on your skin and can cause you to sweat more. So using a light gel based moisturizer should be your number priority when creating a summer dry skin care routine 


Give your skin the benefits of serums and tonics created with natural ingredients  

Using naturally formulated serums and tonics is one way to reduce the amount of chemicals that your skin is exposed to. Serums and tonics have lightweight formulas, are created from natural ingredients that are absorbed into the skin at a faster pace and remain active for a longer duration.  

Use moisturizers during the day and night 

Dry skin can recur several times during the year. In fact some people notice that the same areas of their skin are dry during the summer and winter. So you should ideally use moisturizers 24x7 and apply a layer in the morning and night. When you use a moisturizer just before going to bed it will keep cold air from drying out your skin as your sleep. 

benefits of using a moisturizing serum or cream in the summer

The benefits of using a moisturizing serum or cream in the summer 

Helps prevent rosacea triggered by heat and acne 

Many people feel that their skin is normally oily during the summer and they tend to stop using moisturizer. By not using moisturizer you can trigger the oil producing glands of your skin to become hyperactive which can in turn lead to clogged pores and acne. Using a light moisturizer that is ideal for the summer is, therefore, an effective way to keep your skin’s pores free of excess oil, and even prevent rosacea that is triggered by excess heat. 

Prevents signs of premature aging 

Moisturizer keeps your skin from drying out which can in turn result in fine lines, peeling and you looking older.  

Prevents damage from harmful UV rays 

Whether you are using a serum or cream to moisturize your skin, if you use options created with natural ingredients you can get protection from the sun’s UV rays. 


The best natural products for moisturizing dry skin in the summer 

best natural products

These are the products Savarnas Mantra® experts recommend for combating dry skin in the summer. 

Natural Vitamin C Serum  

Using a hydrating serum for dry skin allows for damage such as fine lines and pigmentation to be healed faster. One such potent offering is the Savarnas Mantra® Natural Vitamin C Serum fortified with Age Defying Additives. It is created with naturally occurring hyaluronic acid that absorbs several times in weight in moisture. Also included in the serum’s formula are several skin friendly vitamins and Niacinamide that combats photo-damage of the skin and heals signs of premature aging. Among the serums other benefits is its ability to reduce inflammation caused by acne. Daily use of the serum will give you perfectly hydrated skin with youthful elasticity. 

Natural Revitalizing Mask 

With the Savarnas Mantra® Natural Revitalizing Mask you can give your skin a powerful boost of hydration within a few minutes. The natural ingredients in the mask include hyaluronic acid, copper, and seaweed extract. The hyaluronic acid in the mask causes moisture to be absorbed from the atmosphere and surrounding layers. As the mask stays on the skin, it delivers a potent hydration boost that seeps into areas that need it the most, and it helps heal dryness and fine lines faster. 

Natural BioMarine Moisturizer 

If your skin feels as dry as a desert then you need to give it a dose of powerful moisturization every day. It is also vital that such a moisturizer is not heavy as it will cause you to sweat more during the summer. This is where the  Savarnas Mantra Natural BioMarine Moisturizer delivers the best results, as it has hyaluronic acid that absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and surrounding layers of the skin to deliver long lasting hydration. Also included in the formulation of this dry skin hydrating cream is Squalane that provides the skin with a natural barrier that locks in hydration. The seaweed extracts in the summer dry skin moisturizer are an added benefit as they supply vital nutrients for the skin. 

Natural Skin Tonic 

Giving you skin the benefit of the  Savarnas Mantra® Natural Skin Tonic will help heal dryness faster. The lightweight formula of the tonic allows for it to be easily absorbed. Created with a blend of potent natural ingredients including Squalane and cutting-edge plant-based lipids, the tonic reinforces the outermost layer of the skin. As the tonic is absorbed it helps restructure and moisturize the skin and it also replenishes lipids that are lost due to aging and various environmental factors. The protective moisturizing tonic ensures that hydration within the skin’s cells is stabilized and keeps them from drying out. The tonic is beneficial during the summer months as it swiftly penetrates weathered skin that has been adversely impacted by sun and dry wind, and helps it develop a natural, youthful glow. 
 At Savarnas Mantra® we draw on ancient remedies outlined in Ayurveda, which are combined with innovative processes and technology to create our natural plant-based products. Our products are perfectly suited for a dry skin hydration routine in summer and give you a healthy and glowing complexion.