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Have dream brows with Savarnas Mantra® Brow Powder 

May 19, 2020

Nooreen Naqvi

Dream Brows

Are you a Brow enthusiast? Great! Then this is the perfect blog for you. The art of makeup can take some time, but it is certainly not rocket science. Here is a small reading on how to have your oh so perfect brows with the Savarnas Mantra® eyebrow powders


Make sure that you first wax or thread your eyebrows before filling them. The filling then becomes easier and more convenient, besides giving your brows the perfect shape. 


Eyebrow pencil, powders, and gels are a few of the many options that you can use to fill in your brows and give them the tamed and perfect shape. You should try and figure out which one suits you the best!! In our opinion, eyebrow powders are one of the most preferred makeup product because they give a very soft and natural look as opposed to pencils that might look very harsh and artificial. 


You should also make note of which eyebrow shade you are using!! You should use a shade lighter than your hair color, this will compliment your look. It will help make your eyebrow color look more natural and effortlessly perfect. 


Sometimes, when people have minimal eyebrows, they tend to overuse the eyebrow powder. “One of the most common mistakes that people make is using way too much product when they don’t need to. I always like to say that less is more, and a little bit goes a long way with any product that you use,” says Giselle Soto of Giselle Soto Brows. It is best to concentrate the product strokes more on sparse areas.  


For getting your perfectly shaped, beautiful brows, you should try Savarnas Mantra® Natural Brow Powders. Savarnas Mantra® Brow Powder is micro fine and a water resistant powder and contains no mineral oil. This brow powder uses the latest technology and makes the brows look so natural that it won’t give anyone an impression that you have put on any cosmetic. This has been possible because of the rich formulation of the brow powder. As a result it provides a very soft and subtle finish to the brow. Our brow powder is quite a favorite among the makeup lovers.