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Benefits Of A Lip Plumper

Oct 10, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Benefits Of A Lip Plumper

Are you a lip makeup fan? Well, lipstick is an excellent lip enhancing product for many beauties who love makeup. Wait! That’s not ALL. There is good news for all lovely ladies who love lip makeup. Now, you can add more OOMPH factor to your lips with a LIP PLUMPER. So, let us check some more benefits of lip plumper and many new reasons to add this to your beauty kit. 

Before we get started, let us know what lip plumper is and how it works for you. In this blog post, we shall share everything you need to know about it. We shall also tell you which is the best lip plumper and the steps to use it effectively. Stay tuned to learn more about NATURAL LIP PLUMPER.

What Is A Lip Plumper?

Lip plumper is a lip enhancer that adds extra plump and hydration to your lips instantly. 

It adds more definition to your pout to make them look beautiful with eye-captivating effects. It mesmerizes your lips completely with a hydrating plump effect. 

So, if you want voluptuous lips like your favorite celeb Angeline Jolie style, keep reading. Yes, we will unleash which lip plumper works best for you naturally and instantly.

Benefits Of A Lip Plumper

The benefits of a lip plumper are as follows- 

  • Moisturizes and nourish lips
  • Enhances natural lip color
  • Makes lips voluptuous
  • Seals in moisture with long-lasting effects
  • Gives hydration to lips with natural shine
  • Adds youthful appearance to the lips
  • Rejuvenates dry and cracked lips
  • Adds a glamorous look to your pout
  • Boosts lipstick and lip makeup

Conventional Lip Plumper V/s Natural Lip Plumper

Which Lip Plumper Should I Choose? 

The answer is simple- Choose a Natural Lip Plumper as it is more effective in providing the best results. 

There are many lip plumpers available to choose from the beauty industry. Right from natural to conventional products, many lip plumpers are trending. However, it is known that Natural Lip Plumpers are creating a new buzz. So, let us check out why you should choose them.                 

            Natural Lip Plumper V/s Conventional Lip Plumper 



Natural Lip Plumper

Conventional Lip Plumper


Enriched with natural seed oils & natural ingredients

Contains silicone-based elements

Hyaluronic acid

It has hyaluronic acid elements from botanical extracts

It has hyaluronic acid elements derived chemically

Plumping effect

Infused with natural plumping peptides

It may have additional elements for the illusion of a plumping effect

Absorption levels

Gets easily absorbed


Does not get absorbed

Level of stickiness

Non-sticky in nature

Sticky gloss effect

Hydration levels

Boost hydration naturally

Does not give natural hydration


Long term results

Short term results

How To Use A Lip Plumper?

It is advisable to use a lip plumper on clean and moisturized lips before you apply your favorite lipstick. Here are some steps to remember while applying it.

9 Simple Steps For Using A Lip Plumper

Step #1 Cleanse your lips

Step #2 Moisturize with natural lip balm

Step #3 Allow it to get absorbed for 30 secs

Step #4 Meanwhile, Outline your lips with a lip liner pencil

Step #5 Apply the lip plumper

Step #6 Use minimal product on the inside of the lip outline

Step #7 Wait for 30 secs and apply lipstick

Step #8 Ensure to exfoliate your lips twice weekly for smooth application

Step #9 Practice a healthy lip care routine by keeping it moisturize regularly

Are Lip Plumpers Safe To Use?

Check for the ingredients before you dive into purchasing a lip plumper. Ensure natural ingredients which are safe and do not cause any side effects after long-term use like darkening or burning of lips. Remember, the lip area is very sensitive. So, you need to be extra careful while choosing the correct lip care products. Choose lip care products that enhance your beauty. 

So, if you have still not included a lip plumper in your beauty kit, it's time to think again. Add some glamour and shine to your lip care routine with a Natural Lip Plumper.