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Beauty Benefits of Eggs for Your Skin

Oct 11, 2022

Rini Jose

Beauty Benefits of Eggs for Your Skin

We all know that eggs are a great addition to our daily diet as they contain proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients essential for the body. Most importantly, eggs are low in carbs, making them the favorite option for many trying to shed some excess pounds. But did you know that eggs are good for your skin and hair? Eggs provide excellent benefits to the skin when incorporated into the diet or applied topically. However, there are certain misconceptions that consuming eggs can cause acne on the skin. If you are in a dilemma on the same, read on to know about the benefits of eggs for your skin in detail through today's blog post. 

Is Egg Beneficial for the Skin? 

They are often known as the superfood for your skin as they are high in proteins and multivitamins. It also contains lutein, which hydrates and maintains the skin's suppleness. The egg whites include albumin, a protein that helps tighten the skin, remove excess oil and rejuvenate the skin. Besides, eggs also improve blood circulation, providing naturally glowing skin.  

Do Eggs Cause Acne? 

Many are skeptical about including eggs in the diet, as there is a misconception that they cause acne on the skin. In reality, eggs are one of the best foods for nourishing your skin. However, as with other foods, eggs don't cause problems like acne or blemishes on the skin unless you are allergic to any micro-nutrients. Besides, eggs are proven to be a cure for acne. Similarly, if you are allergic to any components of eggs, it may cause acne on the skin. If you notice that the acne remains stubborn for a couple of weeks, it's best to seek advice from a dermatologist.  

Another factor that can be the reason behind the bad breakouts on the skin after consuming eggs is caused by the eggs bred from cheaply fed chickens. These eggs are of low quality with high toxins that can lead to numerous skin problems, including acne. Eggs are a great way to nourish your skin, body, and hair, as long as you choose high-quality, organic-fed chicken eggs. 

Beauty Benefits of Eggs 

The beauty benefits of eggs are several that egg whites and yolks have distinct benefits for the skin. And so, eggs are one of the best natural sources that can benefit the skin when consumed or topically applied. Let's look at how topical use of eggs helps out your skin. 

Hydrates skin

Eggs, especially egg yolks, are rich in fatty acids which add moisture to the skin. The other nutrients in the egg deeply nourish the skin and prevent it from getting dry.  

Brighter complexion

The multivitamins in eggs nourish and improve dry skin. Besides, when used on the skin, the egg whites are effective in lessening hyperpigmentation and discoloration and hence provide a brighter complexion to the skin.  


Being a powerhouse of nutrients, eggs can be relied on to tackle various skin problems. It's rich in vitamin D and antioxidants that can greatly help prevent the formation of pimples. The vitamin A in the eggs helps in the skin repair process. Vitamin E controls free radicals, thus preventing cellular damage. Above all, the collagen in the egg improves the skin's elasticity. 

Treats acne

The enzymes in the egg improve skin health, reduce dark spots and prevent pimples. Egg whites can be used on the skin with other natural ingredients like orange juice for skin lightening. It is also an effective remedy for fading suntan too. 

Tightens the pores

The astringent properties of egg whites are great for oily skin. Indeed, they are one of the best pore-tightening products for the skin. A face mask with egg white greatly aids in minimizing large pores. 

Eggs: How to Make Them Beneficial for the Skin 

  • Including eggs in your diet

One of the easiest ways to get the best out of this superfood is by including it in your daily diet. The best part is that eggs can be consumed in different forms, like boiled, scrambled, or even as an omelet. 

  • Topical use of eggs on skin

For topical usage, egg whites are the best, with numerous advantages for the skin. You may try different face masks with egg whites by adding other ingredients like yogurt, lime juice, or honey to target skin problems like acne, blackheads, suntan, dark spots, sagging, etc. 

Best Egg Mask for Skin

The egg and honey face mask is one of the most popular masks that can be prepared easily. 

Egg Face Mask Recipe

Add a tablespoon of honey with one egg white and a few drops of citrus drops of your choice. Blend it well and apply the mixture to your face. Leave the egg and honey mask on the skin for about ten to fifteen minutes. Wash it off (lukewarm water is the best) and gently pat dry your face with a soft towel. Using the face mask once or twice a week helps tighten the pores and clear excess sebum from the follicles, providing bright, clear, and glowing skin.  

Eggs are great add-ons to your skin's health when consumed or topically applied in the right way. One thing to remember is that, for consumption or topical application, only select quality eggs from organically fed chickens. Trying these natural options indeed provides you with better skin, but the benefits offered by natural and cruelty-free skincare products are way more than you imagine. Want to experience it? Check out the natural skincare line by Savarnas Mantra®.