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Are You Obsessed With Your Skin?

Jun 28, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

Are You Obsessed With Your Skin?

We love our skin and give it a top priority. We all want to be perfect. Most are concerned about our looks. Do you get up in the morning to have a look at your skin in the mirror? Well, that is common, the majority of us do that to check our skin daily. The mirror is a reflection of your skin. It gives a true idea of your inner and outer self. 

Another age spot?

A blemish on the skin?

Dark Pigmented lips?

Uneven skin tone?

Well, these questions are very common early in the morning

 Yes, we all love our beauty mirrors. The mirror is the best judge of true beauty. The question arises, why are you obsessed with your skin? If you are continually scrutinizing your face, you are probably obsessed with your skin or perfection and this needs special attention. This is not just about checking your face or hair and leaving the house. This is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) - where you have created an obsession with your skin. 

What is skin obsession or skin checking? 

Skin checking refers to any behavior that involves close monitoring or examining specific parts of the face. We all look in the mirror to check our appearance. It's something everyone does at any age. This is mainly to check that we are “socially acceptable.” 

However, skin obsession can be a habitual and continuous pull toward the mirror. Here, you might be scanning your skin in the mirror whether it’s right or wrong. 

Why do people become obsessed with the skin? 

Before we dive into some of the ways you can check for skin tendencies, we need to understand what keeps skin checking or skin obsession in place. In other words, we need to get into the core aspect of the issue- Why do we engage in skin checking, and what is the purpose?

Let us get into the details 

We understand that skin is a major attraction. It becomes important to ensure that you are accepted as a whole. Instead of a quick check in the mirror before moving on with the day, some of us get hooked on skin obsession by checking every little detail. This may result in hypersensitivity of the mind and hyper-vigilant behavior. This results in being and focusing on getting flawless skin. 

Instead of a fast check, some people believe in zooming in with magnifying glass for their skin. They are more focused on detecting every minute detail through the reflective surface of the body. 

4 ways to reduce skin obsession 

  1. It's time to get curious 

The next time you get inclined to run towards the mirror and check your skin, it's time to pause and think about why this is happening. Ask yourself a question in regards to this skin obsession. 

  1.  Halt and divert attention 

Skin checking draws attention to those parts of the face about which you are insecure. Divert your attention to other things instead of the mirror. 

  1. Stay positive 

Be positive in thinking about your skin. Having negative feelings can cause a great impact on your mind. 

  1. Stay occupied 

This is the best way to kill skin obsession. Skin needs time to heal and repair. In the meantime, learn to stay occupied. 

Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning. Embrace yourself with pride. You will see a major difference in yourself.