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How to repair a weak skin barrier?

Jun 12, 2022

Dr Rati Parwani

How to repair a weak skin barrier?

Do you have a damaged skin barrier? Well, a damaged skin barrier needs restoration. A damaged skin barrier means the skin is devoid of its protective mechanism and needs special care. You need to pay special attention in such cases to repair the skin barrier. This may cause breakouts, pigmentation, and excessive dryness of the skin which indicates the damage to the skin barrier.

If you have tried everything across the globe to fix the damaged skin barrier, do not go freaking trying every beauty product on the globe. Do not lose hope, you can easily nurse your damaged skin. All it takes is some willpower, knowledge, and a whole lot of patience.

How does the skin barrier work?

Your skin barrier is the outermost layer of the epidermis which is also called the acid mantle. Your skin is made up of different layers which help protect the skin. The skin barrier works in the following ways -

  • Protection of skin
  • Hydration of skin cells
  • Locks in moisture in the skin cells
  • Prevents the penetration of harmful elements into the skin
  • Protects the lipid and protein layer of the skin to maintain elasticity

How do I know if my skin barrier is damaged?

Your skin is slightly acidic and it maintains the acid mantle which acts as a buffer to protect the skin against bacteria, fungi, and other microbes. The acid mantle or the skin barrier may be damaged in case of the following conditions.

  1. Excessive dryness
  2. Skin infections like bacterial and fungal infection
  3. Chronic long-standing acne and breakout flareup
  4. Wrinkles and sagging skin
  5. Wounds on the skin
  6. Nutrient and protein deficiency
  7. Blocked and clogged pores

What are the major causes of weak skin barriers?

Many things can damage the weak skin barrier. It may comprise external and internal conditions which include-

Internal conditions

External conditions

Genetic factors

UV rays




Harmful free radicals

Hormonal imbalance

Harsh chemicals like harsh soaps

Intake of long term medicines like steroids

Over -exfoliation or over-cleansing

Autoimmune conditions like psoriasis, eczema

Toxic build-up due to not removing makeup

Lower skin immunity gives rise to skin infections

Lack of moisturization

Lack of nutrients and vitamins

Improper skin care routine with wrong skin care products


Can the skin barrier be damaged permanently? Is it possible to recover?

Yes, it is possible to recover from a damaged skin barrier. The recovery depends on the following factors

  • Extent and depth of damage
  • Type of skin affection
  • The chronic or acute problem
  • Relapse or flare-up of the skin condition
  • Healing care of the skin
  • Type of skin care products used like serum or moisturizer

How to repair a weak skin barrier?

It is advisable to be patient when it comes to healing the skin in case of a weak skin barrier or damaged skin barrier.

Apart from this, you can follow these tips to repair the skin barrier which is as follows-



  1. Follow a morning skincare routine before the day begin to protect skin from harmful pollutants
  2. Follow the night skincare ritual always which allows the skin barrier to heal and repair at night
  3. Eat a healthy diet full of nutrients and vitamins
  4. Maintain a healthy Gut- Skin Axis by keeping your gut clean
  5. Reduce stress levels with yoga and meditation
  6. Switch to natural skincare products full of botanical extracts for a boost of nutrients into the skin cells.
  7. Be a water baby by not just drinking water but splashing water on the face as well
  8. Moisturize and do not forget the serum to lock in moisture into the skin cells.